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  1. hi skint.. might be on holiday then so will try and be there.....i got settlement last week
  2. ok pink will do..thats strange thing filing fee included and no strings attached..no keep yer mouth shut or dont claim against us again
  3. Hi guys today recieved offer from hsbc and to be honest i would be a fool to turn this down as not far off amount i was trying to extract from them just need to ask the following:- mcol claim done and acknowledged by hsbc..just been waiting for dg to put defence in, can i still accecpt this offer from hsbc i assume i carry on with court claim until money paid many thanks guys
  4. many thanks lats...i got woman solicitor..now does the 28 days start from nocice of issue for them to put a defence in
  5. recieved today from mcol Acknowledgment of Service has been filed...so do i now send copy of schedule of charges to dg..also do i just address to dg..or or to the named defendant`s solicitor..many thanks
  6. many thanks lats.will wait for copy of acknowledgement , then send breakdown to dg. after all whats a couple of days between friends
  7. status of claim now showing acknowledged with mcol, do i send copy of schedule of charges to dg now, or will i get a letter of mcol to confirm this then send schedule charges..many thanks guys
  8. status of claim now showing acknowledged..so i now send copy of soc to dg with covering letter..changing date of computer to date issued so all figures the same..getting hang this.....oh freaky is the black faced ones you gotta be careful with
  9. notice of issue came today, will deemed served on 1st july.they have until 15th july to reply..whats next guys
  10. so now its all down to ..The Laalfella, DG, The court..and of course this wonderfull motley crew
  11. now have to dash out..need A4 envelopes cant fold up and send
  12. ah thanks pd..just one more thing for the moment..in the letter to mcol with attached 2 copies of charges is the total...charges. plus 8% and court fee..or just charges and interest..giggle ..chuckle...laffin
  13. mcol served today..under heading judgment it says start...when i click on this page comes up about judgment by default or admission..what i do here guys..not clicking nowt yet
  14. mcol done..when clicked submit was more of a damp squid then a big bang..well earth didnt move for mcol..
  15. just me humour lats..laffin when i send 2 copies schedule of charges..do i put claim number anywhere or is there a set place
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