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  1. Me too. I paid off a debt for £460 last month and it was showing as 'settled' on noddle within 10days. Yet to be updated on equifax and experian.
  2. Thank you. As I am looking into getting a morgage in the future I am trying to work out if I should pay off the debt or add the funds to a house deposit. Long term I am not looking for a way of avoiding paying the debt, it is my responsability. Thanks, J
  3. Tesco CC defaulted me in May 2008 at £2000 . There is £1300 left to pay, having paid off £700 since the default. The debt is still with Tesco but being managed by 'Robinson's Way DC', I am paying £1 per month. I am trying to work out the best way of getting rid of this debt and concidering the impact on my credit report. I am saving for a house deposit, it is going to be 2 years before I will have a deposit big enough. After reading many posts and articals I am even more confused... Am I to understand that the entire Tesco debt is removed from my file 6 years from the default date (May 2014) regardless of it being settled or not? So as of May 2014 there will be no trace whatsoever of this debt or Default, even if there is still a debt of around £1300? If so, I have lived with this Default for 4 1/2 years, I may as well not pay it off and just wait for it to naturaly fall off my credit file and apply for a morgage in June 2014!?! Or have I missed somthing???????
  4. Quick question... I am formulating a letter to request a copy of the Default Notice and Notice of Intention. But who do I send it to? The debt was origionaly with Vanquis but then passed to various debt collectors ending with Cabot whom I settled. The default (acording to my file at call credit and Equifax) was made in April 2010 at which time it belonged to Vanquis. My credit file doe not mention Vanquis by name though, it only mentions Cabot. Cabot report the account as still in Default in Feb 2012 and then shows a settled default the next month when I reached an agreement with them. Do I chalenge the default with Vanquis? Or Cabot?. Thanks!
  5. Cheers James. I will be sending the request over the weekend and update this thread. Thanks again, the advise I am reciving here is priceless to me. J
  6. Thank you James. Am I to understand the basic principal is............. if the organisation e.g. RBS, cannot prove that they sent a 'Default Notice' in the manner section 41 outlines you can chalenge the default. Sorry if I am asking an obvious question. The world of the default is a complex one. J
  7. Consider the cheque in the post bigshoes! But seriously, £10 for the SAR plus postage for recorded mail at around £2-£3. Hard way of making back around £13 back. However HSBC charged me around £800 in fees and Lloyds around £300. After the test case I gave up hope of getting it back. I may re-look into this. Thanks, J
  8. Thank you for your replies. I will SAR once more as I have found the account number, the account was a bank overdraft opened 2001. What am I hoping to see on the SAR? There was just one charge for £25 on the account if my memory serves and no PPI. Given this is it still worth asking for it? J
  9. Hi there big shoes. I tried to SAR the RBS account ages ago, but RBS sent back my request saying I needed to provide them with the account number, not just my name and address. I never chased it up. I never paid PPI and the penalty charges were small.
  10. I have two outstanding debts, both defaulted. 1) £1000 to RBS (being managed by debt collectors Fredrickson International) Default 11/09 2) £1200 to Tesco Credit Card (beng managed by debt collectors Robinson Way) Default 05/08 I am currently making £1 token payments per month on both accounts. However I am in a better financial situation now and want to be rid of them. I can probably aford paying off £100 from each debt per month (new job). What is the best way to go about this regarding the impact on my credit rating, as I may want a morgage in next couple of years? Is it:- A) Pay off both debts at by £100 per month? Or do I try and save some cash and:- B) Save up around 70% of the full payments and make Full and Final offers on condition that my credit report is maked fully satisfied? Many thanks for your reading this and thanks to the people who answered my questions to my other thread. You are Stars!
  11. Sorry another quick question as I dont want to start another thread.... Looking through my paperwork I found a letter dated July 2009 from RBS, it is a follow up to a default notice they served against my account. They say 'You have failed to comply with the requirments set out in the resent Default Notice served on you under Section 87(1) of the consumer credit Act 1974'. BUT they did not default my account untill 30th November 2009 four months later? Is it worth raising this as an issue in order to get the default removed? Surely the default should have been issued within 28days of the default notice being served? J
  12. hi stopthetheives.... I started to miss payments in about june 2008. So the default falls off in 6 years for the date it was issued. It was issued in 2010 so will fall off in 2016. Does the whole account disapear in 2016 including missed payments after the default? Thanks!
  13. Thanks all. The origional debt was with Vanquis (opened march 2007), they inflated the debt to £870 from £400 with charges when I was out of work. They finaly sold the debt to Carbot in March 2012, Carbot Contacted me and agreed to settle for £350 in the same month. I re-checked my credit file and discovered that Vanquis must have defaulted me as the default was in April 2010 and is due to drop off April 2016. Carbot did not issue the default as I thought at first, but on payment of the £350 they list the settlment as 'The account has been satisfied. The payment status has been reported as in default.'...??? I stupidly did not word the Full and final with any demands regarding my credit file. I only requested that it was regarded as Full and Final. I am lost as to what actualy my credit file will say after the 2010 vanquis default drops off in 2016? Will the fact 'The payment status has been reported as in default' meen that I have to wait even longer for the partial settlement I made earlier in 2012 to drop off in 2018? Sorry if I am confusing anyone. A default should be a simple concept but it seems to get very complicated!
  14. My credit file is a total wreck that includes 5 defaults:- Tesco May 2014 Apex April 2014 Egg April 2014 RBS Nov 2015 Cabot April 2016 I can live with the first 3 as they will drop off in under two years. My issue is with Cabot Debt Collectors, they offered my making a full and final of £350. They assured that they would 'report to the relevant credit bureau's to advise then that this account has been satisfied with us'However Carbot registered a default the same month I paid the £350, they never notified me of the default being issued? Do I have cause to raise this issue with them in an effort to having the defaut removed? Thanks for reading. J
  15. Teaboy, thanks. I will get a letter in the post offering the £1 and using your advice. They have got the right person I am afraid, just a little typo error. Thanks again. Alf. You are right. Fredrickson were the ones chasing me, but they said that RBS was their Client and I checked my credit report and RBS are still listed as the ones owning the debt. Fredrickson don't actualy own the debt , as far as I can tell???, but they have been enlisted to chase it. Cheers to you both, J
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