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  1. Good news...... I got a letter last week offering the total value of my claim!!! I didn't quite believe it, but the cheque arrived yesterday. I'm over the moon. Thanks to everyone on this site for their advice and support. Could a mod please move me to the 'won' section? Happy Easter!!!!
  2. No more letters or calls since my last post. So far so good.
  3. Hello All I just had a quick query which I was hoping somebody would be able to answer.... I have an ongoing bank charges claim with LTSB, but I haven't yet submitted my claim form as i'm awaiting the outcome of the test case. I still have an outstanding balance on this account, but it is less than the value of my claim! So when they wrote to me recently saying that my repayment 'special arrangement' had come to an end, and demanding full payment of the outstanding balance, I wrote to them and said that I wasn't going to make any more payments until my bank charges claim was resolved. They have completely ignored my letter and since then I have been getting several calls to my home and mobile every day - even on Sundays! I have just spoken to someone in collections and pointed out my letter, but he said they have every right to keep contacting me in this way when I owe them money. I asked to be put through to somebody with more seniority, but he just put me on hold for 15 mins until I hung up. Any ideas what I can do. Its the calls that are annoying as they come quite late at night too. Do I have to just put up with them until this is all resolved? Should I just start paying them a minimal amount until the OFT case is finished and my claim is resolved? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you!
  4. Great, thanks Noomill. Fax sent today.
  5. Update... Yesterday I received notice that Barclaycard will be filing a defence. However, today I've received a letter offering £500 short of my entire claim in full and final settlement. I'm very tempted to accept as this will more than clear my Barclaycard balance, but i'm also inclined to hold out for the full amount. The thing that troubles me about rejecting their offer is having to fill out more court forms and documents, and it being a long drawn out process? Can anyone tell me what they think might happen next if I reject? Thanks
  6. UPDATE: I sent the LBA on 28 August for refund of charges plus contractual interest of 26.9% in the total sum of £183.98 PLUS default removal. We then received a cheque for £32 which they said was their offer in full and final settlement. I then wrote and offered them a without prejudice counter offer in full and final settlement, that we would accept a refund of all of the charges without interest PLUS default removal. They responded by saying that they are not prepared to remove the default. We are now considering going to Court but are confused about what to put for the default removal on the claim form. Will update this thread when we make any progress.
  7. Good news! I've received the following from Kays: "The company believes that contractual charges applied to your account are justified and that they do not constitute penalties. That said, in light of the modest value of the claim, the company has agreed to pay it. Accordingly, please find enclose a cheque for £153.50." Lol i'm very happy and the amount is not so modest for me - in fact it clears my catalogue balance!! I'm just a bit confused about what I have to do with the Notice of Issue. Do I ignore that because they have paid the full amount of my claim, and just write a letter to the Court letting them now that the matter is settled?
  8. Received Notice of Issue today. Barclaycard have to respond by 25 Feb. Fingers crossed that they don't!
  9. Have now submitted a complaint with the Information Commissioner's Office. Fingers crossed this works as I really want that default removed! I will keep you updated... PS: would a mod kindly change my thread title to "NatWest - CCA issues and default removal" - thanks!
  10. Just to update you guys on this one..... We heard nothing further after I sent the S-A-R in July last year. That is until November, when we started getting threatening letters from BLS Collections (seems to be an in-house debt collection department of LTSB). We ignored their letters for a while as we knew they didn't have a leg to stand on, but then it got a bit much as they were sending some hefty threats about once a week. On 15 Jan I sent them a quick letter reminding them that the debt is in dispute and that their continued harassment is unlawful. Then we get a letter from IQOR (formerly Legal & Trade) threatening a bailiff visit. So I wrote to them on 1 Feb, basically stating the same as before, and demanding that they cease contacting us until such time as we have been supplied with a copy of the signed credit agreement. We have received a reply from them that they have placed the account on hold and are reverting back to their client. And then we received another letter from another debt collection agency, Apex Credit Management Ltd (formerly BCW Group PLC), and I basically just sent the same letter as before to them. Haven't heard back yet. I get the feeling that LTSB are just not going to give up on this one!! But then, thanks to some great advice from this forum, neither are we.. Will keep you posted.
  11. That would be nice! I've been waiting since August 2007 for the FOS to deal with mine. I think I will send a further LBA to HFC (as a final attempt to appeal to their better nature) and then take this one to Court. I really need the defaults removed.
  12. Do people generally think i'd be better off making a Court claim bearing in mind that I really want the defaults removed? Am I right in thinking that loan accounts are not stayed because of the OFT case?
  13. Nothing to report as yet. Each month I get a letter from the FOS saying that they are dealing with a large volume of cases and they are not in a position to allocate my complaint to a caseworker. Anyone else recently been in a similar position? If so, how long did it take for someone to deal with your complaint?
  14. Have received the Notice of Issue. Kays have until 21 Feb to respond.
  15. Hi Steven - I think you jinxed me! I prepared my claim form and remembered to print out 3 copies and sign them. But I forgot to put my cheque in the envelope!! :o But there was no problem. I called the Court the next morning and they had received my claim. I just got someone to take the cheque in by hand. Does anyone know what happens next? I know the defendant will get either 14 or 28 days to respond, but will I get some sort of acknowledgement from the Court that a claim has been filed? Scary stuff. I've got so many claims I could file, but I wanted to start with my smallest one first to get the hang of it.
  16. Its about £1,000 difference. I think I will stay with the contractual. Didn't take me long to think about it did it? Wish me luck!
  17. Oh I see. Thanks for making it clear for me. I will work out the difference and have a think about it...
  18. Hi Alphageek - are you claiming contractual interest or the 8%? Am ready to submit my N1 in the next day or so and i've been claiming contractual interest from the start, but i've noticed that the template POC doesn't mention contractual and i'm therefore a bit worried that we should not be claiming this now Thanks in advance...
  19. Thanks Slick. The POC template doesn't mention contractual interest. Can that not be claimed now? Sorry if i've missed anything major, I haven't been keeping up with the news on here for a while.
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