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  1. Hello again! Thank you for your very helpful reply, Powelll, & sorry for not having replied sooner. I will be looking into things further & will have a think about whether to add a 'Notice of Correction'. Kind regards & thanks again.
  2. Hello! Just wanted to check this out. Husband has loan with A&L & for first time ever, did not take out payment insurance. In 2005, out of the blue, husband was rushed into hospital for emergency op - no previous illness & totally unexpected. Following a further op, eventually went back to work 13 months later. During this period he had an arrangement with A&L to make reduced monthly payments which he made religiously. On returning to work he resumed normal payments with an arrangement to pay an extra amount each month to pay off the arrears accrued whilst paying the reduced payments. Again, he has paid this as agreed, every month on the dot. In the meantime, his credit card co. slashed his credit limit, his bank will not give him an overdraft - despite having had one for the last 25 years! - & we cannot even take advantage of special offers with cable tv which would reduce the amount we currently pay! All have said they can't do anything because of credit ref. so got copy of credit report & despite paying A&L as agreed, they have 'black listed' him. This seems very harsh considering the circumstances. If I borrowed money to pay off the amount of arrears remaining, would this then be removed from his credit rating? Or will it stay there for a certain period? He has always paid everything properly until this episode & it seems unfair that he is now penalised so much for an unexpected but genuine health problem which he has now completely recovered from. Any advice?
  3. THANKS TO THIS SUPERB WEB SITE, I'VE JUST HAD A CHEQUE FOR £3062!! If anyone is thinking of quitting the fight...DON'T!! If you need help, you'll find it on this site ~ & quickly, too!! Originally requested statements from bank end of November, sent first refund request to bank in early January, sent '14 day deadline to court action' letter in mid-February, started court action on 8th March, they acknowledged & filed defence on the 28th day !! I received their request for further info via the local court, which put me on the verge of giving it all up until I followed the advice on this site & sent the 'Claimants Response' letter. Was really suprised to have a hearing date through for just a fortnight later!! Should have been going to hearing this coming Wednesday but received a cheque on Saturday which was just £28 short of my total claim for charges, interest & court fees . I'm not going to argue about that!! They really dragged it all out to the bitter end, only responding to everything at the last possible moment! & leaving me very little time to notify the court with the weekend & bank holiday:mad:!! Anyway, it was all worth it in the end!! I really couldn't have done it without your site & will be giving a donation to say thank you as soon as the cheque is in my account!! Keep up your good work!! I'm sure there are plenty of others like me out there who need all the help they can get!! Thanks again. xxx (I'm sorry, I can't even find my thread to ask for it to be moved!! Please could someone do the honours for me, if poss!! :o )
  4. Thanks for replying, Fendy! I'll have a good read through & see how I get on with it! Hope all goes well for you. Thanks again - it's very much appreciated. Bluebaloo xxx
  5. I'm really sorry about this. I know all the info I need is on the site somewhere but the more I look, the more confused I'm getting! My brain is so addled it's just going blank when I try to make sense of anything! I've already wasted 8 of my 14 day response time trying to suss things out & am still as confused as when I started! I'm at the stage where Nat West have filed a defence to my on line-claim & have received a Notice of Transfer of Proceedings to my local court. On the Notice letter, the line regarding the AQ has been crossed out & a letter attached saying 'IT IS ORDERED THAT THE FILING OF AN AQ BE DISPENSED WITH UNLESS etc.'. Then there are 7 pages of Defence on behalf of Nat West, then a Request for Further Info & Clarification. I don't even understand the first line which says 1. 'This request is served pursuant to CPR part 18 alternatively with regard to CPR Rule 27.2(3)' ?????? It continues.. the reasons it has been served are set out in the defence......Asked to provide response to request in accordance with CPR part 18 by 24/4 etc. .... if you don't provide the info the defendant can request an order striking out the claim. Then 'THE REQUEST'. A/C details... details of charges (even though I've already sent these to the bank & copies to both Cobbetts & the Northampton court)... THEN 'in relation to each charge, please clarify the following: a. is it the case of the claimant the same should not have been charged? b. if yes, explain why the claimant contends that the same should not have been charged? c. if no, is it the case of the claimant that the same should not have been charged in this amount? d. if yes, please explain why claimant contends that the same should not have been charged in this amount & identify the sum the claimant contends should have been charged e. if no, please state the claimants case.' WHAT??? It goes on ....'In your claim you state 'the charges constitute an unfair penalty' please provide the following in support of your claim: 1. specify clause pursuant to which charges were applied 2. specify whether charges applied were due to breach of contract by claimant 3. identify in each case the particular breach of contract (by ref to appropriate terms of the contract) that the charge related to. AGAIN, WHAT???? & finally, 'you stated the charges constitute an unfair penalty under the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999 - specify all of the facts relied on by the claimant in support of the contentions in paragraph above, & in particular identify the contractual provisions that the claimant alleges are invalid by reference to the regulations' That's it!! I don't understand anything & am on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I can't afford to blow this as £3k is a huge amount of money to me. I work in retail & just don't understand all this nonsense!!! Can anyone guide me through this step by step? I would be so grateful for any help. Many thanks.
  6. Brilliant! Thanks a lot! I'm so glad I asked as I had more-or-less convinced myself not to send anything else (unless asked to) but there was still a little bit of doubt!! That's a weight off my mind! I'll get on to it straight away. Thanks again!
  7. Hello! Please can anyone tell me if I should have notified the bank that the amount of my claim has changed before I started my MCOL? I originally sent my claim letter to NatWest asking for £2400 (excluding interest) & apart from their initial response (& despite me sending a further letter) I heard no more from them so did my on-line claim on Wed night. Having checked various details on this wonderful web site before registering my claim, I realised I had included the monthly account charges so amended the figures accordingly. The amount of the charges is now less than I originally asked for but, with the interest added, the total claim is now more (£3000 & court fees). Should I send another break-down of the figures to the bank as only the total was entered on the MCOL? or does that come later with the court proceedings? Typically enough, when I came home from work on Thurs, there was a letter - posted 2nd class - with an offer from them!!! First response since January!! It could possibly have saved them the expense of court fees if they had only sent it 1st class!! Anyway, as it was for only just over half the amount of my claim, I have rejected it.
  8. Thanks very much for the links! Have finally sorted out the amount of interest to add to my claim! It really shocked me :o to see how much it added up to!! Going to submit MCOL tomorrow when my brain isn't so addled !! This court stuff really scares me but, fingers crossed, I'll do it all correctly & fit it all in!! Still haven't heard anything more from the bank!! Hopefully they'll keep ignoring me & I'll win by default !! Will let you know when something/anything happens!
  9. CONGRATULATIONS! You deserve a medal as well as the money after all you've been through!!! I only registered on this site tonight & found myself totally engrossed in your ordeal!! Amazing! I'm so glad for you. You're my hero!! Enjoy your incredibly well-earned holiday!! Relax & enjoy the victory (& the money!) Just starting my battle with NatWest & will think of your determination if & when the going gets tough!! Best wishes to you.
  10. Hello, fellow Bank-Battlers! New to the site & very keen to look for info to see if I've done everything correctly so far!! It's a claim against NatWest. Are you sitting comfortably?... Sent for statements, listed what I hope are all the relevent charges, sent letter asking for refund (along with a list of charges/dates/reasons) & received reply stating it had been passed on to their Customer Relations unit. It said they usually make contact within 7 days or could be slightly longer if complaint is more complex. That letter was dated 17/1/07 & despite sending a further letter to the customer relations manager on 9/2/07 stating I would commence court action in 14 days if my claim wasn't resolved, I haven't heard a thing from them!! Not so much as a acknowledgement or to say they are looking into it!! The 14 day period has now passed so should I start court action straight away? I was told I shouldn't show any interest charged on the fees until registering a claim with the court so can I now add the interest to my claim even though I didn't include it in the amount I asked for in my letter to the bank, or have I lost this amount? I would be grateful for any advice or if anyone has been in the same position, on what I should do next!! I'm determined to go through with this as the amount I have been charged is an awful lot of money to me & they have put me through hell over the last 6 years!! I'm going to continue checking through this wonderful site now for more info & wish everyone 'good luck' with their claims! Many thanks for being there! xx
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