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  1. Best of luck with the appeal mate. I wonder how that affects the Y/B claimants who have evidence via the "whistleblower" program and videos of the actual accounting system. Sorry if this has already been mentiond as i'v just logged on and not upto speed yet
  2. My partners son (A student) was charged £100 by A/L. After sending them a template letter asking for it back last week, he got a reply today telling him they have put £75 back into his account. The charges came out within the last two months so no interest was made. Would it be viable to pursue the other £25. and if so should he NOT touch the money the A/L have credited to his account. In the letter from A/L it states that The money is a "gesture of goodwill, However, please note that any further fees raised in the future will stand He thinks that more charges are due this month. Would a polite refusal be in order?
  3. If Y.B gave an english address whats to stop them having their mail re-directed to bypass it?
  4. C'mon Becky cheer up, there a great set of chaps, and chapesseses on here and they'll help you with anything. Go get Y.B girl, were all in the same boat, and we'll ALL get our money back.
  5. WOW!!! I wish I'd known this 2 years ago when the Y.B started to take all my income support in charges and STILL left me overdrawn with not enough money to buy gas and electric, never mind food. Martin, your a star. P.S Why do the DWP not tell you this when you have to go on benefits??:-?
  6. Hang on a mo!!! When I win my charges back I can afford to buy shares. Anyone know a "good" bank I can get shares in?
  7. Nice to see that shareholders are top of their list!!!! NOT:mad:
  8. Is that a good thing, or what???? Zoot, I sent you p.m, I know your busy just thought I'd let you know. Thanks Sparky:)
  9. Hi Zoot, I just got my letter transferring my claim to Bury County Court and it says, "Quote" The filing of an allocation questionnaire be dispensed with in this case unless the District Judge at the court of transfer orders otherwise."Unquote" Is this normal ???
  10. Anyone know where I can get an original copy of Y.B's conditions dating around 1998,? It would be interesting to see where the word "Fee" crops up in relation to the charges. Or maybe it does:confused:
  11. Yes Zoot. Item7 states "Quote". It is denied that the Charges or any of them were a disproportionate penalty and unenforcable as alledged in the Particulars of Claim. The charges were a fee for the service provided by the Bank and the claimant. Further and in any event, the Charges were a genuine pre-estimate of cost resulting from the Customers' failure to keep within the agreed overdraft limit on the account. "Unquote."
  12. Hi Zoot. Right the yorkshire have sent me a copy of their "Defence". Do I need to do anything now, or will the court transfer the case automatically to a court near myself? Thanks, Sparky
  13. Just an update. YB have until the 3rd of April to submit a defence. Q. Is this when the fun starts?
  14. No mate I actually used the template from Martin's site. Sorry to say I had no idea this forum existed:oops: \but to make amends I'v reccomended it to all I know and put the link on some fishing forums I am on with a very good response
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