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  1. I have emailed the Gym without success, apparently, there is nobody working in Customer Services at present due to Covid-19.. I shall check what the signage says when I pass tomorrow
  2. Update.. Hi All, Sent the letter that was in the comments above as edited and received a reply stating :- Thank you for your correspondence and we can confirm that this matter has been passed to our privacy team. Please note that if your enquiry relates to an appeal, the case will be placed on hold whilst your request is reviewed. ParkingEye Team Anything I need to do now other than wait and see? Toni x
  3. I wasn't present at the time, so maybe I'll reword it to take that suggestion away
  4. Right folks, How will this do as a draft snottogram? Dear Sirs, Thank you for the letter entitled 'Letter Before County Court Claim' which I have received xxx date, the contents of which are duly noted. I will not be paying the your demand for payment as I owe you nothing. You will be fully aware there is no contract formed between the vehicle keeper and ParkingEye and there is no evidence suggested of any damage the driver caused whilst legitimately using this car park to attend the DW Gym i attended the DW Gym legitimately at the times stated in your correspondence, that does not justify your outrageous PARKING CHARGE of £100 for a mere administrative error on the drivers part (possibly inputted wrong registration due to dyslexia). I can prove (in court should it be necessary) that the driver was in the Gym of which this car park is used at the times stated by yourself both arriving and leaving. If your ANPR system is so useless that it can't correlate a mystery payment for a car registration not catured for the same time period as one that was but shows no payment, that is your problem not mine. You however have broken the law by lying to the DVLA to get my details. I am entitled to sue you for the Breach of the GDPR for unlawfully processing my details. Should any legal action be taken against myself on this matter, it will be vociferously defended by my companies legal team. I trust this will be the end of the matter and I will receive no further correspondence from yourself other than to confirm the end of the matter. Should I continue to receive letters about this matter, then I will no alternative than to press harassment charges against ParkingEye. Yours Sincerely The Vehicle Keeper Kind Regards
  5. Hi Bankfodder, As the gym is currently shut due to Covid-19, we cannot get access to 'evidence' - I was thinking that showing the Missus had attended a booked class there would be enough for them...but cannot get this info at present...
  6. Hi, Thanks for the above info... I'll get on it in the morning. This was also at 5.31am in the morning and she was the only car on the car park! Should I identify my missus as being the driver in my letter to them? Would that give us more time?
  7. Hi all, Just received a 'Letter Before County Claim' from Parking Eye. This is the 1st contact i've had from them... The other letters were 'disposed of' by my missus as she didn't want me to know and thought it would go away! She attended a New Gym (as hers was closed in the early Covid shutdown but another branch was open so she used this) and did a class but didn't entered her own registration into the system and not mine! As the gym is no longer open, we cannot appeal to them to cancel the ticket until it does. Is there anything I can do? I, or my missus have had no contact with Parking Eye at this point.... I cannot answer the questionnaire as I don't have any of the letters other than this one... Thanks for any help you could give...
  8. HB, His manager asked him to work overtime to cover a staff members sickness...he was told he'd be paid overtime so he did a few shifts covering....
  9. Hi HB, The agreement is time and a half for all overtime worked as laid out in his contract - It does not mention additional annual leave as an alternative
  10. Hi, My son has worked a significant amount of overtime for his company in order to pay for a new car - when he got his wages this month, they have not paid him any overtime but have instead told him he will receive additional annual leave instead of the payment... Is this even legal? There is nothing stated in his contract or has been agreed with him for them to do this... Would this be classed as Unlawful Deduction of Earnings? Any help appreciated...
  11. UPDATE - It seems it is a massive error by the court although how the hell they've done this remains to be seen. I've just received a letter revoking the order after their enquiries revealed they'd put the attachment on the wrong person. Do you think it would be wise to speak to a solicitor? I'm out of pocket because of this....
  12. Hi all, When I got my payslip for October, there was an Attachment Order on it which took a significant amount of money from my wage. I knew nothing about this attachment order prior to receiving my payslip. I spoke to our payroll provider who told me it was put on by the County Magistrates. The payroll eventually provided me with the paperwork sent to them by the court. This appertains to a person with the same name, D.O.B and had my N.I. number and payroll number on it - the only thing that didn't match was the address which is in a town some 20 miles away that I have never had any association with. I have spoken to the Court in question, who are currently looking into it although they were very sure they had the right person. The court say the attachment order letter was sent to the address in question and was returned as 'not know at this address'. I have been told the matter is for a court case in 2017 which was for 'Failure to Comply With an Environmental Order'. This is something I have definitely not been involved in. I'm being made to feel like I have to prove my own innocence but am struggling at how I can do that as they seem to have all my details. EIther somebody has been completely brazen and gone to court pretending to be me or somewhere in the court system, there has been an enormous clerical error... I'm going to consult a Solicitor on Monday morning to discuss my options as this is definately nothing to do with me and because of this, I have been unable to meet my monthly financial obligations. Does anybody have any ideas where I can go with this?? I'm at my wits end...
  13. Hi Guys - Just wanted to give you an update on this - He signed the contract on provision the 12 months covenant was reduced to 6 and the notice period to 3 months...this was accepted. His Company car was returned, not by request but he wanted no ties with the company when his notice goes in. Got a verbal bill off the company for nearly £1000 for 'damage' to the car 10 minutes before leaving work to go on holiday (slightly kerbed wheels)!!! There was no damage other than this! Disputed this via email and asked for a copy of the relevant policy where it states individuals had to pay for damage to company cars and also asked via email for a copy of the damage report (still awaiting these). Several contracts taken off him by the bullying senior manager because my friend says they were earning large amounts of commission... All in all, he has decided to put his notice in at the end of this month when he gets paid his commission up to date (as he feels they would not pay it if he put his notice in prior) and the likelihood is they will put him on gardening leave for the 3 months. Should they still pay any commission on the wages for this period? His contract says commission is paid at managerial discretion.... Following on from all this, he has become depressed and has sought help from a mental health charity and his GP... A sad state of affairs in the 21st century to a loyal employee of 20+ years who just wouldn't/couldn't accept the companies managerial responsibilities.... Toni
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