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  1. Hope someone can help me...I've made a massive balls up!!! I am currently one stage ahead in taking barclays to court and today recieved defence papers from Barclaycard. In their defence they want the whole case to be struck out because the particulars of claim were rubbish (they were...it was my first attempt at everything and i cocked it up!!) i've rung the court this morning and the lovely lady said i need to send a form in amending the particulars of claim. has anyone got a link to this form because i can't find it on their website!! also do i wait until the judge strikes it out (as i'm sure he will!) or go staight in with amending it??? Please help....it was all going so well!!!!
  2. No idea how to start my own thread!!! my allocation quetionnaire was dispensed with and i just got ths straight away....but with no court date! the judge decided without hearing that it was going to the small claims. what they have asked me for is 113 pages!!! Does this sound right?? also shall i include letters barclays have sent saying they have terminated the account??? Purely cos of us trying to claim what is rightfully ours!!!
  3. Sorry if this has already been addressed but I just wanna make sure it's relavant to mine....we have had a letter asking us to send to the court and barclays a)schedule setting out each harge, b)copies of any statements, c) statement of evidence, d), copies of all decided and other legal materials to be relied upon. what i'm confused about is.....is this the "court bundle"??? and if it isn't what is it and what IS a court bundle??? this seems enough stuff that they've requsted so what more would they want after this????? Also, what is a "Draft Order of Directions "???? as i keep seeing this phrase 2!!! Hope someone can help me, i'm all confused!!!
  4. Mine must be different to yours, as the judge in my case has dispensed with the allocation questionnaire, then 2 days later I got a form requesting me to send several parts inc. schedule of charges, my bank statements, a statement of evidence and any other material that i will be relying on for my case. What does it say in ur letter?? What have they asked you to do so far?? Every case is different, and this is just mine!!! Also, when you do eventually send your bundle off, YOU have to send it to your solicitors, the courts don't do it for you!! So happy printing and photocopying!!
  5. Yes you do. It's when your bank read ur court bundle, that they usually decide to pay up, cos they know they can't win! Send it recorded delivery as well so they've go no excuses.
  6. only if it's special delivery, you have to pay £2.20 if it's recorded delivery!
  7. You shouldn't have to wait too long. we got that exact same form this monday, and by today (wednesday) we got the next letter saying what we need to send to court and to barclays. it's not an allocation questionnaire but it is a "court bundle". So far mine is 150 pages so you're in for a treat!! It's all easy to do though, just takes a chunk of your day to do!!
  8. I have a leaflet of their terms and conditions which for some reason they sent in the last sod off letter!! It's barclays by the way, and thank you very much for your help! and it's gone to Nottingham County Court. When my boyfriend rung them up a few weeks ago to ask them if they had recieved a partial offer acceptance letter but were still taking them to court for the rest, they said they hadn't recieved i....so obviously haven't paid him the partial offer. Now as i am a wise owl, i have sent everything recorded delivery and for about £3, i can get PROOF of the delivery from Royal Mail, do you think ayone that this will help my case???? and also should i add it in my court bundle???
  9. Hello all, I have just recieved a letter from our court asking us to send in our court bundle. Loving the fact that for barclays part c....they have to prove ... "if such charge is alleged to be a pre-estimate of the defendent's loss incurred by the claimant's actions omissions (whether or not such ommission is to be treated as a breach of contract between the parties), all fact and matters intended to be relied upon as showing that such is a proper estimate of such loss and all evidence to be adduced at trial as to what the true cost of dealing with the matter was". Now i know full well that they can't do this (prove it costs £35) so there is a vague grin across my face today. But for my part, which I am on top of so far it says I need to provide "A statement of evidence of all matters relied upon as tending to show that the charges are irrecoverable as penalties or otherwise...". Can anyone give me any advice on what to provide for this?? What have other people done?? and also it wants me to provide "any other legal documents" which i will be relying on.....what have people used for this also??? any help i would love to hear.....£2,500 here we come!!!!!!!
  10. I don't know if i have posted this in the right thread but here goes.... I have been trying to claim back from Barclays bank on behalf of my boyfriend since february, i went thru the MCOL service and it automatically went to Nothampton County Court, for both the claims, barclays put in a defence at the last minute (literally). fast forward several weeks later and we have now recieved a letter from Northampton County Court Stating at the top "Notice of transfer of Proceedings". I have been reading a lot of these threads and all we want to know is do we have to do something now? or was that letter just to let us know? do we need to ring up nottingham county court (where its been transferred to) and ask them to send us an allocation questionnaire or SOMETHING??!! we've tried ringing the number but it just rings off with no answer. I don't want to sit and do nothing if i'm under some sort of deadline. or should i expect something else in the post in the next few weeks?? any help would be much appreciated, sorry to waffle on!!!
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