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  1. good news - cheque for the full amount of the judgement arrived today. No need for the bailiffs - phew:p
  2. I have gone through the steps as follows LBA MCOL Claim But Nationwide failed to acknowledge or send anything to the court. I then asked for judgement which was accepted. I have had a copy of what has been sent to N'wide so I know that it has been sent. I wrote to N'wide as soon as I knew that the judgement letter had been sent - text below. I haven't received anything from N'wide. The question is do I spend another £55 to issue a warrant given the OFT case? I need some encouragement here!!!!!! Collyg999 Letter sent 1st August 2007. You were issued with a claim, reference XXXXXXXX, lodged at Northampton County Court on the 19 June 2007. This claim was deemed served 24 June 2007. I wrote to you on the 13 July with a copy of the schedule of charges that was the subject of the claim. I also sent a copy of that letter to the Court. You have failed to acknowledge the claim and therefore I have had to resort to applying for a judgement against you. This has been accepted and a copy has been sent to you direct from the Court, dated 31 July 2007. I enclose a copy of the original claim, the judgement and the schedule of charges. I feel I have done everything possible to resolve this matter. If I do not receive a satisfactory response to this letter i.e. payment by the 8 August 2007 I will apply to the Court for a warrant of execution to be issued to recover the money owed.
  3. For my daughters case NWide had until 17th July to submit a defence. By Friday 28th July according to MCOL thay hadn't submitted anything. So I pressed the 'judgement' button and it was accepted. I am now waiting to see what will happen now this test case is pending. Can't access the MCOL site at present.
  4. I think I know the answer to this one already but any advice would be appreciated. I have been through all of the hoops with Goldfish (Morgan Stanley) After placing a claim on MCOL I had a letter from Goldfish offering me the full amount. 4/4/07 I accepted in writing by return of post. I have received letters from MCOL saying that Goldfish have informed them that we have settled and I have also recieved copies of the letters (one from G'fish and one from MCOL) I have to let MCOL know what I want to do with the claim by 2/7. On the 14/6 I wrote to Goldfish stating the above and letting them know I hadn't yet received a cheque or any payment and therefore couldn't confirm to the court that we had settled. I have rung goldfish today but the number given goes directly to voice recorder. My view is that I should fill in the MCOL reply to say that despite agreeing a settlement no money has been paid and therefore i wish to proceed with the claim. Is there anything else I need to do to show I have been reasonable in this matter?
  5. I am claiming against HSBC and it has been allocated to Lincoln court following the MCOL route being exhausted. I too have just received a letter, more or less word for word the same, as Zannie received. Sounds good to me! Will sit it out and see if HSBC really want to defend against my claim.
  6. I received my outstanding balance (see post above) after sending a gentle reminder letter. Their reply actually apologised for not sending it earlier! My claim is now complete and paid. Good luck.
  7. Just to update the site. NWide sent me 2 cheques in the same letter for roughly 2/3 of the amount claimed, the letter was dated 9/5/07. What was interesting to note was that on the papers recieved from MCOL NWide stated they had paid the full amount to me on the 3/5/07 - something wrong there with both the amount and the dates. I have had to write to them asking for the balance - approx. £500. A letter arrived yesterday with a cheque for what they think is the balance. My original claim was for £1543.23 (inc. court costs and SI up to the date the claim was lodged), I have now received a total of £1540.49. I have until 6/6 to return the papers to MCOL with my reply. I am now thinking about sticking out for the £14.93 that I think I am owed - this is the short fall from my original claim plus SI up to settlement date. Don't get me wrong - I'm not dissapointed with the result so far!
  8. Just for the record Prelim letter 28/2/07 LBA 20/3/07 following rejection of an offer for MCOL commenced 11/4/07 Cap 1 - Defending claim - disputing whole amount Cheque received for the whole MCOL claim (inc. 8% Stat Int. and Court Fee) 12/05/07 Just stick to the tried and tested procedure. I had no contact with Cap1 other than by letter, I think this is the best way. Good luck.
  9. I have just sat it out and not comminicated at all with NWide since starting off the claim on MCOL. As mentioned above I am still waiting for some of the money but I'm confident it will arrive as I have received a letter from MCOL that inludes a copy of NWides defence that states they will pay in full and I am sure they wouldn't try to mislead a court! Having researched on this site I think it's just luck whether you get paid before the 28 days expires. I think it just volume of work/cases that they have to deal with. Just keep checking your post....
  10. Same happened here NW disputed whole amount - the account was closed some years back. This week, about 5 days after the defence was filed, received 2 cheques in same envelope along with a letter saying that they will settle by paying the full amount. Only problem is what they sent is around £500 short. Will give it a few more days before reminding them. Hang in there.
  11. I know I have found the following information useful when looking at the progress of different peoples claims and gauging what is happening. Update on my claim 28th Feb 07 Letter asking for repayment 2th March 07 Letter from NW don't agree - no repayment offered 12th March 07 Letter Before Action 26th March 07 Claim filed on MCOL 4th April 07 NW acknowledged - they will defend 4th May 07 (Exactly 28 days from date of service!) Defence posted by NW 'they disagree with the whole of the claim' Now waiting to set a date in court Will up date as and when.
  12. Just a quick up date for those that are interested. 14/3/07 letter received from Cap 1 offering partial payment 20/3/07 LBA letter sent rejecting partial payment 23/3/07 Cheque received for partial payment (cheque was dated 13/3/07) 27/3/07 Rejection letter 4 sent giving them 10 days to respond. So I have held onto the cheque but will not be cashing it. If they do not respond favourably within the next 10 days they will get their cheque back and MCOL will get a visit. All time consuming but I am sure it will be worth it!
  13. Thanks for that. I don't think they will send the cheque when they receive my LBA. The LBA should be with them on Wednesday. Will keep people posted.
  14. Sent my first letter 14 days ago asking for charges to be returned. Have received a reply offering me a lesser amount, £64 instead of the £160.00p plus interest I had claimed. The letter says that a cheque will be posted in the next 14 days. My inclination is to consider their offer unacceptable write and tell them so - giving them 14 days for full repayment or MCOL beckons i.e a letter before action. if any cheque arrives return stapled to a copy of the letter mentioned above. Does this seem a reasonable course of action?
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