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  1. sorry yeh i meant the full premium altogether i got £6,440.and yeh i had paid the loan in full, the term was for 300 months at £329.00 per month, but we paid it after 2 years in feb 07 loanmakers had originally offered me just over 2k in dec 07 saying they didnt think they was in the wrong but i refused it and took it straight to fos who had my case for 16 months only to be told loanmakers had gone into administration and to see if fscs could help me and after 5 and half months between deloittes and fscs i eventually got it all back. even though the fcsc had my case since june 09 and said they would deal with it within 6 months when i phoned them just after xmas they said that my case went from sept 16th 09 because thats when they found loanmakers in default which made their 6 month deadline 16 march 2010..... hope this helps a bit more
  2. hi just to let you know i had ppi of £5,490 added onto my loan of £34k monthly payment was 329.99. and after fighting for 18 months with fos then was told loanmakers had gone bust so try fscs which i did and after 5 and half months with them they have this week awarded me the full ppi plus 900 interest im so made up:-D
  3. hiya sorry to say but i got a loan through swift who used loanmakers as their broker and after 13 months with the fos for misseling me the ppi with a loan, i have just recently been told that loanmakers had gone into liquidation on the 3rd feb this year.
  4. hi just an update after my case been waiting to be passed on to an adjudicator for 13 months with the fos i have recieved a letter this morning from them telling me that loanmakers went into administration on the 3rd february, and they will be in touch within 4 weeks to let me know the outcome.....
  5. hiya they told me the same thing when i rang them at the begining of july... that they had all the details and information they needed from me and from loanmakers but were awaiting an adjudicater to look at it. i gonna ring again tommorow to chase them up but i bet i get the same response that its still waiting to be passed to an adjudicater
  6. hi just to update. i hadnt heard anything from fos for quite a while so i phoned this morning,the lady told me that at the minute they are dealing with the complaints that came in the last week of january 08 and mine was the first week in feb 08 so she said i should hear from them within the next couple of weeks my complaint has been with them for 8 months now and still awaiting to be passed to an adjudicator, with any luck i will not wait much longer
  7. hi. does anyone know how long it takes for the f.o.s to deal with complaints. i have had several letters from them,most of them saying we will be in touch in the next 4 weeks with an update, the latest one states that they have a very large volume of cases and they are still not in a position to allocate my complaint to one of their adjudicators,and they will let me know when my complaint is ready to be assessed. i sent my complaint off to them at the end of jan 08 and got first reply off them a couple of days late deedee
  8. just another update,i got another letter from ombudsman to say they still hav'nt looked into it and they will be in touch within the next 4 weeks....
  9. hi just to keep u updated got a letter from ombudsman on friday to say they still have no information for me but will write back to me within the next 4 weeks, so i rang them and asked were was it all up to the lady told me that they had recieved my file from loanmakers last week and have got all the information they need from both parties, so its just a matter of someone taking a closer look at it all then they will be in contact with me..so hopefully i should hear something soon
  10. hiya mather no i didnt get one of those(dont know why) but i have heard that a few people have had them and other members on the forum were advising them to send it back blank, with a note saying that they should already have this information which they would have gone through to ensure that they were selling you something that would be of use to you. sorry cant help anymore but i also think that they should already know all your circumstances when you took the loan out .......good luck anyway
  11. hiya thanks..................yeh i just got a reply off ombudsman yesterday to say they will deal with it but said they have a backlog so it may take a while,but i got all the time in the world,i know i was missold the ppi so why should i take a fraction of what they actually owe me. the full policy cost 5.500.and they admit to poor service but only want to give me £2k,......i dont think so.i will post as soon as i hear anythink.
  12. i have recently wrote to loanmakers claiming that me and my partner was mis-sold ppi on our secured loan,it all started back in october last year when i looked through our paperwork regarding a loan we had in february 06.we paid it off after 12 months.the loan was over 20 years but the ppi cover was only for 3. i found that i had signed the needs and demands statement to say that i did not wish to purchase ppi on this loan but my partner had signed to say he wishes to purchase it even though he had told them that he works for the local goverment and has very good sickness, redundancy and death benefits which loanmakers were made aware of at the time of the loan application.anyhow delving more into all our paperwork we discovered a policy schedule in my name only(wierd cos loanmakers had my signature stating i didnt want it)when i confronted loanmakers on this they explained that my partner was also covered but he would have had a seperate policy(we had never recieved such a copy)to which they then sent us the both policies..both were exactly the same apart from our names. anyway they said they would look into why i had a policy and would be in contact soon.after a while i got a letter from them saying that they believe we was not mis-sold the ppi blah blah blah but they was going to uphold my complaint that we should have had just one policy and as a result of their findings they apolgised for their poor service and said they would restructure our loan and take my name off the ppi cover and give us the difference back (oh by the way this loan was paid off back in february so if they had done a detailed investigation into our claim like they said they had.they would have known all this) i wrote back to them to tell them this and he said he would look into it again. i then got another letter back last week to say they would send me the difference in cover from 2 policies to just one, and as a gesture of goodwill they would not charge us for the time we were both covered (wot a cheek) i have now took it to the ombudsman to see what he makes of it.....
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