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  1. I am going to settle my case with an offer that came in just as I started the court process. Do I simply write to the court to inform them that I no longer wish to pursue my case as I am settling out of court? Something tells me it won't be that simple...
  2. Cardiff have granted a stay with reference to the test case, including an attached explanation about the test case
  3. Had a letter from Rhyl COunty Court today, saying that they have transferred proceedings to Cardiff Civil Justice centre. Weirdly, the text says "Upon neither party atteding IT IS ORDERED THAT this file be transferred". I assume I wasn't meant to attend and that this was just a matter of procedure as I certainly was not sent any date for a court hearing. What does this mean then? Is everything being transferred higher because of the test case?
  4. still heard nothing so phoned Rhyl court today. They say they have a pile of cases awaiting the district judge and that basically there is a delay since the announcement of the test case set for January. They say I will not hear anythign for at least a couple of weeks and then there may by a stay if the Judge decides it is the best course. I could do with the money much more quickly, is it worth me contacting barclays litigation and trying to get them to agree to pay before court?
  5. I sent a schedule of charges to the Court when I filed. I didn't realise I had to send it to the bank also as I thought the court would do that when they informed the Bank of the claim. Plus the bank had been sent two copies previously. Anyway, I'll wait for Rhyl to get in touch. Cheers.
  6. recieved notification that they have defended and it is being allocated to the local county court in Rhyl. Their defence looks fairly standard fayre, questioning completeness of claim, T&Cs, admin charges etc etc. I assume I wait for a date from Rhyl Crown Court now? Do I need to do anythign else? They mention returning an "allocation questionnaire" but I an't see one in the letter they have sent. DO I need to do anything else? I assume they have no intention of actually going to court and are just trying to figthen me off, as per.
  7. Also, I have had no contact telling me which court it had been referred to for a hearing.
  8. the 28 days in which they had to file a defence has now expired. I have not head a letter from the court or anything to tell me that they have not entered a defence, is this normal? DO I now just write to the court to ask them to rule by default?
  9. They've sent me a standard letter this morning offering me £2,200 as "full and final settlement". I plan to get the full amount through the court, but should I accept this but write back stating that I accept it as partial settlement and that I still intend to go to court?
  10. Just had the acknowledgment of service from the court with Barclays stating that they intend to defend all the claim. From what I have read this is pretty normal.
  11. I have settled the smaller account 2. However, I have done MCOL on Account 1 last week and so I now awaiting the bank's response.
  12. I have a relation that has been in some financial difficulty recently and has been advised to reclaim her bank charges as a way of getting some cash. It would seem that the IFA that advised her of this referred her to a firm who are doing it for her. She is not able to do it herself through fear, lack of confidence etc etc. She told me last week that she signed up on the 13th March for the firm to do it, and the contract she signed states that they will take 30% (!!!!) of any settlement she receives. Absolutely disgusting in my opinion. Re: exiting the contract, it states - "IF you end the agreement, we have the right to decide whether you must: - Pay a fee not exceeding £500 - Pay the success fee (30% of claim), plus Legal Indemnity Fee is you go on to receive redress" Now, as of yet she has heard nothing from them, and when she rings to find out what is happening they will not give her an update over the phone, and tell her she must log on to their site. She has no computer. Obviously she has signed a contract, but is there any way of getting out of this? Has anyone any knowledge of cases that have manged to get out of these contracts and what grounds there may be for it? Any help appreciated...
  13. I have 2 accounts in dispute. Account 1: Charges £2,990 Interest £770.44 Total £3,760.44 Account 2: Charges £1400 Interest £300ish Total £1700 Account 1 (big money) LBA sent - they are telling me that they will get back to me before 25th June Account 2 (less money) - LBA sent a weel after the one above. Received an offer letter yesterday for £1200. Are they replying and offerign on lesser amounts more quickly , or is it not that scientific. Anyway, I'm sliding towards accpeting this, taking the "this is money I thought I'd never see again" approach and all that.
  14. had my standard complaint letter back. Investigating, up to eight weeks for reply etc. MY 14 days is up today so I'm sending my LBA...
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