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  1. Hi, I'm not sure if im being paranoid but i have had letters from HSBC saying the y have reviewed their overdraft T&C's as of 22nd september. They ask to ring them if this is not satisfactory and if not just ignore the letter and they will process the changes automatically. It also mentions that they will take an Arrangement fee shortly after 22nd September of £25 (for me that would be £50 as i have 2 accounts) I thought nothing of this apart from it being a bit stingey until i realised my boyfriend hasnt received any letters from them regarding this and he has a very big OD?! Im worried this is something to do with them preparing for the court case, i have reclaimed against them for my 2 accounts but we hadnt for my boyf's? Surely he should receive the same letter? Anyway, any views on this appreciated, i think my mind might have run away with me a bit on conspiracy theories! lol:razz:
  2. Hi, I haven't received anything from the courts and i sent my Application for Removal off on 06/08/07.
  3. Hi all, I really dont know whether to attend on Tuesday, i am availiable as i only work mon, wed and fri but i will have to bring my 2yr old. I will ring the court Monday just to see if anything has changed, i cant see it would hurt to turn up..in our droves!
  4. Hi again, Just read that yours is a business account, really not sure if this makes a difference, im sure a mod will come along to help soon
  5. I got these letters as well, i had already sent in my application for removal of stay. that is about all we can do for now, back to the waiting game, i havent got a link to the app removal but go and check Welshbaba's thread, im sure its on there somewhere
  6. Hiya Sha, I sent my removal of stay off on Monday, Tuesday got a letter from DG stating that they intend to defend and then this morning got the stay letter from Cardiff Courts...its so sad, i keep re-reading it Lets hope the removal will get something moving, im not too sure it will though, i think Judge Hickinbottom is very fed up of these claims! Shell
  7. oh hes gone, hopefully will be back!!
  8. I think the general consensus is that we are all sending in the letter posted below and an N244 even though i have only heard via telephone (many others have as well mind, it was on here i found out!) that our cases have been stayed. There are a lot of us on here in the same boat so theres planty of reading to keep you occupied. I wish i could reassure you Steven but i dont know what the outcome will be, im trying to stay positive but it is very hard. Praying that the judge agrees to see cases which have applied for removal from the stay!
  9. Hi steven, Im due in Cardiff on same date/time, make sure you ring the court Monday to find out if they have stayed as when i rang i was told all cases for our date have been stayed and we will receive paperwork. I will be sending of the letter for removal of stay and n244 tomorrow even though i havent heard officially yet. Hoping someone can help as im confused as to whether we go to court or not? I read a thread which said we would be turned away??! Anyone??
  10. Thanks Andy, much appreciated I havent received notification yet but i am going to send off application for removal of stay as per the phonecall to CCC yesterday. We'll then see what happens next!
  11. Haha, its not my thread either, we've both been hijacking! sorry welshbaba
  12. Gnite all, Need to sleep now, heads hurting from thinking too much! I'll have a nice dreamy sleep about what pressie the posty will leave me tomorrow! Yep them fingers are still crossed!:grin:
  13. Ok thanks Castlebest, right on it! With a copy for myself and DG aswell. I am fully intending to attend the hearing stay or no stay, do itake a bundle with me then? BTW, Thanks for all the great advice to all mods and helpers, ive recommended this site to so many people and i will be happy to leave a donation whether it be 2012 or 2007 .
  14. Hi, Yeah thats the one im using, i noticed Parian said earlier to send in an N244 as well, at the bottom of post 2 on the link you posted is a bit about the N244 and how to fill it in. I think its a formal document to remove the Stay. You've got to fill it in and print it out, you cant save it. Are you sending in a bundle of any sort? I dont feel like its enough, i read a auburn green eyes thread earlier and lattie mentioned adding in a list of your failed contact with DG/HSBC, from beginnning to end. I think thats a very good option.
  15. Are you posting a copy to DG as well?
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