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  1. Wow, I think I managed to blink!! Thanks for the replies. The actual builder is my uncle, he has a large construction company and I normally get him to do all my building work. As you said Daniella I know I can trust him and his tradesman, and I feel a lot more comfortable with him. Bollox is exactly what I thought, how would you think it best to word to my assessor that I want a copy of the quotes he has? When I asked him he made out he would be breaking the law if he gave me them. A question my uncle asked however as he has not done an insurance claim this big (maybe 130K +) is how is payment made. Would the insurance company pay on a lump sum payout or would it be interim payments based on completion of different steps of the total works involved? Could I request a lump sum, or is this up to the insurance company? Another thing my assessor has told me is that I can't be the one to make my contents list as the insurance company would not accept it and he has to employ a third party company to go in and itemise everything. I actually think yet again this is just so he can make more money out of my claim. Surely it is obvious that I would be the best one to list all items, as some are so badly damaged they are unrecognizable. Final question -- Is my assessor a @@nker.. I'm beginning to think so!!! Again thanks Mossy and Daniella for the fast response. Regards Symeon.
  2. I have had a recent large house fire in which I have employed an insurance assessor. We are now about four months into the claim and my assessor has been getting quotes for the work. From day one I explained to the assessor I want to arrange my own builders to do the work. He seemed to have no problem with this up to now. He keeps trying to put me off the idea for different reasons, however I think it is likely because he gets a bigger commission from the builders he has chosen compared to the commission we agreed on at the start. My initial query is am I in my right to be able to say who does my insurance repair work? I know the insurance co. would normally choose the cheapest quote, so should I be able to ask my assessor for a copy of the cheapest quote he has so I can see if my contractor can better this? I have actually asked him for this and he just says he can't, but surely as it is my house and in theory me who is paying him I have a right to see anything he does and arranges for me. I feel that the assessor is just thinking of himself and not helping me as I expected, trying to make as much money for himself. Anyone experienced with this I would really appreciate some help Kind Regards Symeon
  3. DOPE... Silly me! The delay probrably is due to it being submitted on a Friday. I filed my AoS on a Friday too and it showed as received 4 days later which was a Tuesday due to it being Easter Monday, so it looks like they process info the next working day. Symeon.
  4. Hi again Monopoly, I think it must be normal for MCOL to show the 'received' date as 3 days later than when you actually submitted your defence. I submitted my defence on the 11th of May and it shows the court received it on the 14th of May so I'm assuming it must just take 3 days from when anything is submitted online until it is actually processed at their end. When you submitted your defence using MCOL, you should have had the option to 'print confirmation page' which would include the original submission date & time. It didn't cause any problems for me so I think you should be ok. Kind Regards, Symeon.
  5. Hi Again, I have just logged into my Credit File and the DN from FREDRICKSON has completely dissapperared! The one from EGG is still showing and has not been altered so it looks like I'll have to send another removal request letter. Does anyone know if I should send the letter to BC or EGG? I thought maybe I would need to send it to BC as Laiste had previously mentioned I should write to BC insisting that his client were to immediately remove the DN. The only reason I am confused is because the FREDRICKSON one has now vanished and this may be due to BC thinking his client was FRED instead of EGG although when I wrote the removal letter, I didn't know that two DN's had been registered for the same debt so I was actually asking for the EGG DN to be ammended. I hope this all makes sence..... any help is appreciated. Thanx, Symeon.
  6. Just another quick Q... Does the fact that they have a copy of the App mean I have to start paying them again? I was due to make an instalment by the 16th of this month which was part of RW's 'fake' settlement offer. Thanx Again, Symeon.
  7. Is this definitely not a true copy then just an application for credit? Symeon. P.S. Like the pic CB.
  8. The only signatures on it are mine and my OH.
  9. Hi Rory, The only thing I received this morning is what I have already scanned and posted (post #57), along with a compliment slip saying 'copy of agreement as requested'. Kind Regards, Symeon.
  10. Hi again, Well this morning I received the CCA from RW&Co. Could someone please tell me if it is a true CCA. I think it may well be but I don't know what is classed as 'true'. Thanx Again, Symeon.
  11. Hi Laiste and EV1, I have received a letter this morning from BC saying: Dear Symeon, Thankyou for your recent communication regarding your account. I confirm your credit file has been amended accordingly. I trust this concludes the matter. Yours sincerely, BC&Co. I have checked my file via Credit Expert and it is showing the Default Notice logged by FREDRICKSON has been altered, however it only says: Company Name: FREDRICKSON. Special Instruction Indicator: ACCOUNT QUERY. Special Instruction Start Date: 07/2007. Current Balance: SATISFIED. The 'Status History' is still logged as a DEFAULT. Should the DN still be showing or should it be [0]? Also, when I sent the DN removal request to BC, I insisted that BC's 'client' were to remove the DN notice which should have been EGG. I hadn't noticed at this point that FREDRICKSON had also registered a DN on my file. Do I now send another letter to BC insisting the OC removes the DN again or should I be sending it direct to EGG? Thanx Again, Symeon.
  12. OK, will do. Thanx again ev1 for your help. Symeon.
  13. Thanx for that info Rory. Regarding your post above. I'm sorry if I'm being a bit thick again... but how exactly do I 'push for closure'? I have no idea if I should be doing anything at this stage or just sit back and wait for RW to reach the 30 day deadline. Thanx Again, Symeon.
  14. Thanx Lemma, I just asked in case anyone else had CCA'd a DCA and then the agreement turned up after the deadline. I am not sure what will happen if they find the agreement as the deadline has now passed. What I would like to know is if RW find the agreement now, would that then mean I would have to start repayments again? Thanx Again, Symeon.
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