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  1. Thank you for your reply, I will phone Abbey Life in the morning and ask them to write to me with options as I said in original post did not understand most of what he was saying, said he could not give exact amount on surrender or fees. I just did not know how much it would cost us going to a financial advisor. Many thanks again to you and HB
  2. Sorry HB, did not realise that you could not give advice on this, the policy expires 2055 it will have paid out long before that. Did phone them but when they gave me the options I did not really understand, was just hoping for what to do next. Thanks anyway mamie
  3. Hi, In 1985 we took out a joint life policy with Abbey Life payable of first death value £19,935. We took a partial surrender in 1995 of £900. Over the years because we did not increase the premiums the policy value went down and now stands at £6,987. The reason for this post is to get some advice on what to do with this policy now as we have received a letter from Abbey Life. This letter gives some information about your COVERMASTER Plan which will reach its 28th anniversary on the 25th June 2013. Your COVERMASTER Plan is a unit linked life assurance policy. The current review on this is to drop your current level of Life Cover of £6,987 to £5,994 until your next review. You would normally have the opportunity to replace any reduction in your life cover by taking out a new life assurance plan with us for £993. At present the cost to you of doing this would be below our minimum premium for new plans, so we propose instead to maintain your life cover at the current level until the next review. However you should anticipate a possibly substantial reduction in the level of your life cover at the next review because we are proposing to maintain the sum assured at a higher level than we should until the next review. The premium for this policy was £12 a month when it started it went up to £18 about 15 years ago. What is the best way to go forward with this policy, when we took it out we were told that the initial sum of £19,935 was for life no matter what, do we surrender the policy or make it a paid up one as we are now 65 and 60 years old. I would appreciate any help with this. mamie
  4. Sorry to hear such sad news, Martin was a great help and support to me as you were Bookie. I am sure Martin will be missed by many old and new Caggers. R.I.P. Martin.
  5. anyone help here, forgot to mention we also have charitable status.
  6. Hi; hope this is in the right place. I am the treasurer of a spiritualist society we have our services in an A listed building we had our windows refurbished end of 2010 to Feb 2011 all bills paid vat free. When the company came to estimate the cost of work they said because it was an A listed building and was used for religious services we were Vat exempt, we have now received a bill for nearly £2000.00, what is our legal status on this. This is in Scotland Mamie
  7. No I didnt complain. Lots of ill health and hospital visits at the moment not got the time. Thats why i wanted to leave everything to after the year. Thanks for all the support. Mamie
  8. No not a peep, dont know if i should write to them just now or leave it till after the year. Could do without all this. I know if I just leave it they will contact my son again.
  9. I sent the offer letter from Barclaycard acceptance letter and letter in post 24 from FOS. I am sure that is proof enough for anyone except these people. This was settled in 2004 if I had not kept all the letters what proof would I have had.
  10. Sent letters from Barclaycard the FOS and acceptance letter. Letter back from HFO with the reference number altered extra digit added in the middle and last three digits been changed. Thank you for your letter dated 10th November 2011, the content which has been noted. Iam writing to inform you we have raised the query with Barclaycard to confirm the information you have provided us is the same account we have on file. The information provided did not have a clear Barclaycard reference on for us to be able to correlate the information and close the account. The account is now on hold awaiting a response from Barclaycard; as soon as I have received the confirmation I will be in contact to confirm the conclusion.
  11. FOS 26/9/07 Thank you for your letter dated 11 sept 07 and I am pleased to hear that you have received an acceptable settlement offer from this business. I confirm that as a result your complaint has now been closed in our records but please let me know if any matter arises requiring our contintued involvement.
  12. Will get back to you with all info I have got. Take a lot of time to go through all letters I have.
  13. not from HFO. A letter was sent to the FOS enclosing the final response from Barclaycard stating the account would be cleared and closed after the £92 35 was transfered to his account, my son said that after the money was put in his account there would be no further claim from them or anyone else he would accept. dated 11/9/07 The FOS must have accepted as the money was put into the account. Nothing from HFO till now.
  14. Yes have all correspondence Barclaycard took into account what had been paid and charges and paid £94 into my sons bank. I will send this first thing Monday morning. Thanks Mamie
  15. Hi All, Sorry to bring this old thread back but I will explain. Two weeks ago my son got a letter from HFO claiming he owed them £191.77 he phoned them and explained this was resolved. Yesterday he received a letter stating as he had ignored to make any payment towards this debt, they now qualify to take legal action. If they don`t here within three working days his account will be passed to their solicitors for legal action. this will result in immediate increase in the balance. Once the solicitor has reviewed his case they will issue a claim against him in the County Court. Could someone advise me on this, my other thread on this way back then is in the Barclaycard forum which was resolved, I still have all letters from Barclaycard and HFO.
  16. Hi berjen100, Welcome to CAG first never speak to these people on the phone tell them you want all contact in writing then hang up, does your OH know what this debt is for. mamie
  17. Hi slick, The letter was the same as the first letter from vodafone but they have added a couple of pounds to it. The person my son spoke to said that he is still in the system and would not acknowledge the fact the fraud deparments decision of no further contact. mamie
  18. Hi all, Sorry to say but it`s back again my son received a letter yesterday saying he owed Vodafone £64 32, he phoned them and told them that this was supposed to be sorted, that the fraud department said there would be no further contact, the person at the other end of the phone was insistant that there was an outstanding debt. Could Slick or someone give me a letter to send. thanks mamie
  19. Thanks once again Slick. Another one conquered thanks to good old CAG don`t know what I would do without this site. mamie
  20. Hi Slick, Received another letter from the faud department this morning. Thank you for contacting Vodafone regarding the set up of a mobile phone account. This letter is to confirmthat we have concluded that the account was set up fraudulently. We have arranged for any money to be written off, and for the searches and defaults to be removed from your credit file. You may find the website ########## a useful source of information about idntity fraud & impersonation. It includes details of how to protect your identity from further impersonation attempts. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions. Yours sincerely ##### I have wrote the letter in post 7 will I still post it or is this letter from them enough. mamie
  21. Hi Slick, I will send that tomorrow, I was also concerned about the start of the letter the debt on your account, no such debt or account exists. After dealing with people like HFO you doubt every thing thats why I said I will file the letter for future reference. Thanks again Slick. mamie
  22. Hi Slick, Received a letter this morning from Vodafone. Thanks for your letter about the debt on your account. Firstly please let me apologise for any concern that this matter has caused you. This matter has now been investigated by our Fraud Department and they have confirmed that the balance on this account is not your liability. I would like to confirm that the account has been cancelled and the balance will be written off. Please don`t worry about your credit file as any adverse information will be removed regarding this matter. Once again I am sorry for any concern that has been caused but I hope this puts your mind at rest. Best Wishes. I thank you for your help Slick and I will file this letter away for future reference. mamie.
  23. Hi chellyb, Welcome to the CAG, first read all the FAQs then open a new thread in the Nat West forum you will get all the help and advice you need from there. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/faq.php http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/welcome-consumer-forums/69359-cant-find-what-youre.html mamie
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