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  1. I have no idea why they increased the claim pward Either i'm terrible at maths or they are. I'm surprised they never deducted the £750 they already paid me four months earlier... I'm baffled but happy. Can someone please tell me how much you usually donate? I'm sure somewhere on here it said but i can't find it.
  2. GREAT NEWS Lloyds have finally settled!!! I asked for £2420 but they paid £3200 plus £750 GOGW So they basically almost doubled my claim... I'm so glad it's over especially as i had to wait nearly two months to wait for my money after i sent of acceptance of settlement.
  3. I have also received a settlement offer on the 3rd May. I signed it and returned it on the 10th...a week ago they denied ever receiving it and asked me to fax it, which i did straight away. i checked with royal mail that the letter got delivered on the 11th May and was signed for at 7.10am. So they're lying. They're now telling me that they need the original...WHY ASK ME TO FAX IT THEN?? ...I STILL HAVEN'T RECEIVED A PENNY!!!! I even faxed them that i take legal action accordingly it i don't receive the money within 7 days, that was about 2 weeks ago. I'm seeing a friend of mine tomorrow who's a lawyer and see what he can suggest my best next step is. My court date is on the 16th July...
  4. Hi Mark, I only have one bank account with Lloyds, i opened a parachute account before i started to claim but Lloyds don't know about that. I check online about 5 times a day (i know it's sad) because i do hope it goes in any time. I give it til Friday and see where i take it from there. Thanks for replying
  5. Hi, Thanks for the reply. I've already faxed them a letter saying i expect payment within 7 days or i will take legal action accordingly. That was 2 weeks ago though. They rang me on Friday to tell me they never received my signed settlement form and could i fax it again, which i did. Since it was 4.30pm when i faxed it and offices were closed i give it another couple of days or so to see if the money goes in. I don't have much hope but you never know :-|
  6. Has nobody been in this situation before??? Help please??
  7. Hi, I received a settlement letter of Lloyds solicitors on the 10th of May. They asked me to sign and return it which i did the next day. I sent it by recorded delivery and i know they have received it. It's been 5 weeks now and after god knows how many phone calls and a fax that i expect payment within 7 days (which would be tomorrow) i have not seen a penny... they basically just put me on mute for a few minutes and tell me they ring me back to see what the hold up is. Of course they never do. What shall i do next? I'm so frustrated as i feel they just taking the P*** My court date is on the 16th of July but Lloyds have not sent their documents... I feel lost at what to do next !!!! Help please xxxx
  8. I'm in the same position Maxine, I have received a letter from LLoyds solicitor saying that they pay up in full. I had to sign it and return it which i did on the 10th of May. It did not mention though when they pay the money. Could be today or next year i suppose. I just found out that Lloyds have won in court today so i wonder if i ever get my money now!!!! I'M GUTTED!!!
  9. I know it's bad but i do have financial problems at the moment which i'm trying to get out of. I have printed the court bundle and it says to add your own information. Is there an example somewhere of what would make a good impression? I don't really know what to say apart from that i think it's not fair Many thanks for all the help, Alemanita
  10. Hi there, No they haven't. My court date is in July and i'm just doing my court bundle and working out all the interest. They paid £510 in March and said they will not take out £240 in April for returned Direct Debits, which all adds up to £750.. but do i need to let the court know that they paid the £510? i refused it as a final settlement and just carried on with all this kerfluffle they're putting us through. they also charged me again for one returnded D/D, it's gone up to £35 now!!! Evil people
  11. Hi there, I have received a GOGW payment form LLoyds of £510 ..plus £240 they would have taken out of my account 3 weeks later for returning direct debits. Now, i already have my court date but do i need to let the court know about the payment? And what about the £240 which i incurred after i started my claim? It doesn't really count, does it? as i incurred those after i started. Can someone advice me please, many thanks.. Alemanita xxx
  12. Thanks ever so much Lucid. I found it at last!! Do i just print the Court Bundle off or do i need to write it all down? Loads of questions but i think i'm getting there
  13. Thanks for your reply Lucid, My court order says: 1) Each party shall deliver to every other party and to the court office copies of all documents (including experts' reports if the Court has given permission for expert evidence to be used) on which he intends to rely at the hearing. 2) The copies shall be delivered by 4pm on the 24th April 2007. 3) The original documents shall be brought to the hearing. So, just to make sure i understand this correctly. all relevant documents mean: breakdown of charges? all correspondence with lloyds? And what is an OFT report? where would i find that? My example isn't shown on the link you sent me, sorry if i sound a bit daft on here but i'm worried i mess it up and my case gets struck off, so i rather ask again. thanks for your help. Alemanita OOPS, sorry, just found the link relating to my case!! It is on there!
  14. Hi there, My court date with Lloyds bank is in July. Now, i've been looking on here for hours to find out exactly what i have to sent to the court, i.e relevant documents, breakdown of charges etc, but to be honest, i've got a splitting headache and i'm non the wiser. English is not my first language and sometimes i don't understand what exactly it is they want from me. I went to the court today but they were not very helpful. She said i should submit to the court what i think is relevant. I'm clueless...it started off so easy but now i feel like giving up!!! Any help is much appreciated , Alemanita
  15. I'm sure LLoyds back-date letters. I received a full and final settlement of £750 (told them to sod off though) on the 27.2.07 straight into my bank account. I received a letter for this the day after but the letter was dated the 14.2.07. so it wouldn't surprise me if they do that!! Not sure why though xxxx
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