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  1. Hi folks can someone please provide some advice. Can i claim the insurance back on a mortgage took out in 1990 ie 17 years ago? Chad
  2. Hi folks I am lost as to what i can do and where to begin. My parents took out a mortgage in 1990 with GreyHound Bank Plc. They were charged insurance on the mortgage. At the time mum was a housewife and dad self employed, dad had financial difficulties and was not covered by the insurnace. Can i claim anything back? To complicate the matter Greyhound Bank Plc have gone they don't exist. I think they were a American company and may have been owned by Lloyds Bank . The mortgage debt was sold to Lion Litigation as a bad debt. I have delt with them to solve the matter of the mortgage, thats all so far. Any advice will be welcome, where to get further information from. Please help Regards Chad
  3. Hi Folks Need A Bit Of Advice. I Had A Argos Store Card I Felt I Had Settled It A While A Go. But They Have Passed On A Debt Of £105 To Cabot Financial. This Is Made Up Of Letter Fees At £17.50 Each. Because When I Settled The Account They Say They Had Sent A Letter Which Resulted In A £17.50 Charge. Iwas Never Aware That This Was The Case. I Had Moved Houses During This Phase, So They Say They Kept Send Ing Letters To Old Address And Each One Cost £17.50. Then After After Seven Letters The Passed The Debt To Cabot. I Told I Will Not Pay. Got The Statements, I Have Written Letter For Reclaim But Who Do I Send It To Argos Or Cabot. Help Chad
  4. Hi Folks Need A Bit Of Advice. I Had A Argos Store Card I Felt I Had Settled It A While A Go. But They Have Passed On A Debt Of £105 To Cabot Financial. This Is Made Up Of Letter Fees At £17.50 Each. Because When I Settled The Account They Say They Had Sent A Letter Which Resulted In A £17.50 Charge. Iwas Never Aware That This Was The Case. I Had Moved Houses During This Phase, So They Say They Kept Send Ing Letters To Old Address And Each One Cost £17.50. Then After After Seven Letters The Passed The Debt To Cabot. I Told I Will Not Pay. Got The Statements, I Have Written Letter For Reclaim But Who Do I Send It To Argos Or Cabot. Help Chad
  5. Hi folks needs advise please. Took out a loan with first direct in 2003 for £1700, when sorting out with them they told me the repayment per month was going to be £80 then the person said that for an extra £10 a month i can have PPI. I agreed because felt pressurasied. But looking at statements what seems to of happened is that the loan me £1910 and deducted £210 straight away for the PPI and then charged me £90 a month not the £80 for the loan inever agreeded to this but did not realise at the time because of the stress and finacial difficulties i was going through. However i then was made redundant in Janary 2004 and used the PPI which paid £163, once. They say because i used it i can not claim anything. Is this true? I then settled the loan early by taking out another loan. This time it was for £4000 they again sold me ppi which i did not want. they gave me £4700 took out £700 for PPI charged me an extra £20 a month and took away the settlement for original loan. I again settled this account early in full, in cash, about 2 years early they adjusted the amount by £180 for early settlement. I have nowt asked for the PPI back because i feel it was mis sold to me on both occassions. Plus they added the amount to my loan and charged me interest on the PPI. They say because i used the policy on the first loan it proves that it was not mis sold to me. They refused my claim. Although i used it i still feel that it was mis sold to me. But i can understand why i can not claim any PPI on the first loan. The second loan is the one where i want my money back. They say they sent me the Terms and condition for the PPI on the loan agreement which i do not recall receiving. All that they told me was the policy would cost me an extra £10 a month and gives me protection they failed to disclosure that they will take a lump sum and add that to my loan. The PPI cost me £210 plus £50 in monthly charges on the first loan. Total= £260. The PPI cost me £785 plus £520 in monthly charges on the seconf loan. Total= £1305 for the policy. They say they made an adjustment of about £180 for early settlement. so the PPI still cost me £1125 on a £4000 loan that i asked for and i paid it back early by two years. Shal i pursue with the LBA letter on the second loan only or shall i still combine the claim for the two loans? All help would be welcome Regards Chad
  6. Hi folks i am looking for someone who is battling against First direct for ppi repayment. I have sent a letter asking them to pay back what they charged plus interest. They lent me the loan £4000 and gave me one for £4790 and took out a ppi premium the same day they gave me the loan in my account. Then charged me extra £22 every month for the PPI So i am write in thinking that they have done wrong and mis sold the ppi to me. Also when they i sorted out the loan the person said that it will cost me £20 a month to cover the loan but did not mention that there was a premium which they will add to the loan and then take back and then charge me £22 a month for the prilvage. What a outrage. Chad
  7. Puddinpie Hi i sent i reclaim letter on Monday so waiting for reply. It is not that much i am reclaiming. So hope it does not drag on and on. Well done on the charges i got my back but had to file the N! form first. Chad
  8. Hi surfero1, I have read through you thread, and am aware that it was a few months ago. But iam in a similar postion now. So seek advise. I took out a Capital one credit card them i can't remember but looking back through statement seems that i was charged a card protection by another company for £39.00. Then recently they have charged me again. I phoned them to discover that they charge every three years and they sent me a letter similar to yours my previous address. Like you i cancelled the card protection in 2004. And when i asked for my cash for the new charge back they say that they can not because the 30 day period has lapsed. By 3 or 5 days, because the satement arriving after the 30 day period had lapsed. They say they will investigate and get back to me. Can you advise me how you got on and what letters you used. I hope you was sucessful. Also like you i checked my mail at old address ever since we moved because it is only around the corner to present address and we keep in touch with the new owners of the old house. And i never received the renewal letter. Kind regards Chad
  9. Hi Hellhasnofury, Thanks you for your reply, i have all statements from when i claimed back my bank charges from Capital one. I have been through it and sent them a letter asking them to repay all ppi charges. But when i wrote the letter i had assummed that the Sentinel card charge three years ago was done through them. It was later that i discover theat this is not the case, Sentinel Card protection are separate. So when i spoke with sentinel to cancel the new charge they informed me that i was 3 0r 5 days late from the 30 days they give you to cancel. The chap on the phone said he would lodge my complaint and i should receive a response by the end of next week. So i think it is best to wait until there response, do you agree. Kindest regards Chad
  10. Hi all hope someone can provide me with some help. I have a Capital One credit card, they have been charging me PPI as a percentage of my balance every month, i do not recall asking for this service. I phoned them to cancel which they have now done. They informed me that i signed up to the service over the phone. Which i do not recall. I have also noticed that they passed on my details to Sentinel Card protection whom charged me a fee of £39.00 in August 2004 to cover me for three years. I do not recall signing up for this service and have never heard of the company. However the annoying matter is that Sentinel have charged me again this August 2007 an amount of £49.00 for the next three years i only became aware of this when i received my capital one statement yesterday. I have phoned sentinel to cancel and because the payment has lapsed 30 days by 3 days they will not refund the charge. They say they sent me a renewa letter in July 2007. They said they sent this to the address on record. I have since moved but only down the road so collect all correspondence from previous address and never received the letter from Sentinel. They say the letter they sent informed me that they were going to charge me. But as i never received it they went ahead and charged me any way. I feel that this is unfair if they sell you the policy over the phone then why do they not phone to see if i still want it. I have asked them to investigate the matter they say they will get back intouch with me in the next 5 working days. If anyone can provide me with advise i would welcome it. Kindest regards Chad
  11. Ok steven i willpost the letters soon. Just figure out how to scan it on to the computer. Good luck to all, i am off to battle with Citi card and Lloyds TSB both delaying my claim as much as they can. But i now have funds to press with court action
  12. Hi folks Sorry to hijack the site, i need to get together my N1 form against citi card together. Can anyone advise to which one they have used. The ones i have used in the past may need updating. Oh and well done DJ hope the time wasters pay up soon. Regards Chad
  13. Almost complete they sent a cheque for the majority, i sent them the partial settlemt letter. Then gave them a call and they have agreed to pay the rest. Just waiting for the final cheque to come now. It took a long time to sort this account out because they have no records for the account left because of there poor filling system. I don't know if my settlement helps all those that also had no statements sent to them. But if it does i will send copies of my letter to any one that requires them. Regards Chad
  14. Hi Folks Just an update, it has been a hassel and took weeks to get this far. But Yesterday received a letter from GE Money saying that they can not find any statement for my TOPSHOP Account. So Because they have already deceided on my Dorothy Perkins account that if there are are statement s missing they will assumme that a charge was made and overcomsate me. It is exactlty what i asked them to do. The only problem is that i calculated they owe me £744 they have missed some of the charge because they are only going as far has six year from now September 2007. Seening as i requested the dated in March 2007 i am going to ask them to refund the extra 6 months that they have missed out. That means that i miss out on the charges before March 2001 which again is another six months from when the account was opended. Can i claim them back? if so i would welcom some advice as to how. Thanks in advance Chad
  15. Thanks for the information Happyshopper29, I will find out about callcredit shortly. To update my situation, I sent a letter to GE Money as a letter before action stating that they seem to have contradicted themself my telling me they had no information and then telling be from what the can see from my account details. GE Money responed by saying they will investigate the complaint. They gave me a number and asked me to call if i required any infromation. I did and with being persistent Lana at the complaints team said that she will send of for my statements and for each statement they can not provide she said they will over compensate me. So she asked me to wait a week. But if she is true to her words i should be getting a very good sum back. I have warned her that if the statements for the account now turn up i will still be making a claim for breech under the data protection act. Seeing as i asked for them in March 2007 and they told me and the ICO they can not find any information on the account. I will keep you all updated. As what happens next week. But thanks for the advice about call credit it gives me another direction to go in if get no luck next week. Thanks Chad
  16. Hi I am still stuggling to get anyway with GE Money. I sent them another letter before action on the 5th August, there complaints team responded by the 9th August saying they will investigate the matter and said they will be in touch in 4 weeks. They gave me anumber that i can call, and so i did explaining that my orginal complaint was lodges on the 10 th May 2007, and they have not yet resolved the matter. They passed me back and forth all yesterday and everyone i spoke to said they will call back, but no one did. I really don't want to go to court with estimated charges and i also do not want to wait for their complaint department investigation. Can i get the money back if i complain to the FOS. Also when GE Money did not respond to the SAR in the 40 days i complained to the ICO. They closed there investigation in June 2007 stating that GE Money had told them that they do not hold any information on the account, the same they told me. So the ICO said as they do not have the information they can't send it to me. Therefore they have correctly handled my SAR. However in a letter i received later GE Money rejected my claim on estimated charges because they said from what information they have on the account they can see that no charges have been applied to the account. I have asked them several time since to pass on any infiormation they have, which they are investigating. So with this statement can i re complain to ICO stating that they are in breech of the data protection act. Please help and also if anyone has a number i can call to GE Money to talk would help. Chad
  17. Yes please UK Thanks that would be fantastic a number to call. Any advice on Lloyds TSB, i don't want to wait. I think i will send one more letter giving them seven days then file N1. what you think? Chad
  18. Yes i will still be around. This site is very additive, i have few others to tackle still. GE money can't provide any statements, i have no statements so am a bit stuck what to do next. I have estimated charges for every mont the account was active. but noe reply. Do not want to go to court with estimated charges. Citi card trying to get statements but had no bank account number so that is taking longer. Then finally Lloyds TSB, they said no so sending them one more letter then i am filling N1 next week. But my main concern is that alot friends and family i try to help give up the fight really easy so convicing them to pursue the claim is giving me headaches. Also some of these companies that have been set up to claim the charges back for people seem to be giving mixed advice. One company told a friend that they can't claim against credit card companys. so yes i will be around fight the cause and helping people along the way. It is easy money when you know what steps to follow. chad
  19. Originally Posted by purmashc Hope you don't mind me sending you this. In brief i had two stroe cards from GE Money. Both was closed a while back. I applied to get statements for the accounts, eventually i got almost all the statements for the Dorothy Perkins account. But GE Money could not give me any statements for the Topshop account they said they don't have them on record. I complained to the Information Commissioners Office, they were told the same that GE Money do not have any statements that they can forward. With the Dorohty Perkins account i claimed back all the charges and tfor the statements that were missing G MOney assummed that there was a charge and refunded the amount. As i have got no statements for the Topshop account i tried to claim a charge for every month the account was active, i do feel that this is over the top but did not have another approach left to follow. Ge Money said no to the charges. Saying from what the can see on the account there was no charges applied. I know this is not the truth either. I have sent them LBA a couple of times and received no more correspondence from them. I am desperatly seeking advice as what to do next. 1. Send another LBA this time asking for 75% of the charges to show that i am not being unreasonable. 2. File a N1 in the court for the orginal amount and wait to see there response. Please if you can provide any advice it would be most welcome. Also am i right in that the OFT test case has changed nothing and to keep pursuing my claims with Lloyds TSB who have by far been the most annoying, and have sent me on a wild goose chase. Thank you in advance Chad
  20. No worry will make a donationas soon as i have the cash. I never believe it untill the cash is back where it belongs. Site has been helpful and supportive. Thank you again Chad
  21. Thank you all for your advice, i have today received a letter from Crap 1. They are willing to pay me all that i asked for in my claim form, even the bits that are not claimable. Lucking me. Just going to wait for the cheque to arrive before informing the courts. It took exactly 3 weeks from filing the N1 claim in court to receieve the letter saying they will pay. All that hassel and i got what i asked for, can't beleive they did not settle earlier it is bad service which has cost them more by making me go to courts. Thank you again. Keep going the light is there. Chad
  22. Stephen Thanks for your opinion. But i really have no clue to what months they charged me. I know the assumpption of charges every month is grossly over estimated. Do you think that i should write to GE Money again stating that i am having to assumme they charged me every month, because they are unable to supply me statements to the contrary. Tell them they have 14 days to give there final word on the matter before i start court procedure. I will express that it is down to them to prove otherwise. I don't want to set up a N1 claim for a figure that i know is grossly high. But i have no other information to go on. If they gave me an offer then i would consider it. But they refuse any charges on the account without providing me with information to support it. Thanks all for your help. Chad
  23. Still waiting for advice. I have had no further contact from GE money for a while. I have sent them letter after letter asking for clarification. They say they can not forward any statement details to me as they do not have them. Besides guessing the amount they have charged me which is impossible as i have no statements at all for the account. I have told them that i will take the matter further, ie Court action but is that the best step. Because all i can do is claim the charges under the assummption they have charged me for every month that the account was opened. I know this was not the case but don't know another way of reclaiming the money. Please advise me . Any one
  24. Please folks Any help would be welcome. Can i change my claim amount after i have handed in the N! form to court? How long do i have to wait for next step? I have handed in the claim form two weeks ago. Thanks folks Chad
  25. Hi folks I have worked my way the process of re claiming charges from capitalone. They offerred me £80 from the £200 charges they have charged me. I acceppted it as partial payment. They said that the will refund £8 per charge has the believe the £12 a fair price. Any way tried to reclaim the difference and have handed in the N1 form in court two weeks ago. Can anyone tell me how long i have to wait for a reply. Also their is a strong possiblity that the interest i have claimed on the N! form is incorrect. Can i amend it at any stage. Any advice is welcome. chad
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