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  1. Thanks Steven, thanks Hedgey. That's the new bathroom paid for!! I'll get on the case with filling out questionnaires and the like. All the best! x
  2. WOO-HOO and PHEWY!!! After MUCH deliberation (ie 8 flippin' weeks of heel-dragging), NatWest have decided to offer me the full amount I've claimed. And as I didn't have to pay out the £120 for registering with courts, I'm Even Stevens with them so far and so have decided to accept it. While I would have enjoyed a juicy battle in claiming the interest too, I've got just too much on at home to see that through with two kids under 2...and two more claims to follow up, plus my bloke's Barclays claim to get into swing! It's all go I tell you... As soon as my cheque has arrived and cleared (plus any others that should come our way over the next few months) I'll be making a donation to this fantastic site, which has been an inspiration. You've all been superstars in providing support, advice and sheer (at times, unadulterated)entertainment. I'm off to the Barclays forum..so not adieu, but au revoir and see you around! Holster xxx ps Erm...do I now PM a moderator to get this 'upgraded'??
  3. Wantitback - go ahead and file against them. I got the same fob off after giving them 14 days from LBA and they even tried to twist the day they received my letter (sent it recorded delivery, so signed for, but they only 'logged it' 12 days later!) I have filed my N1 and they have a few days to acknowledge, but even now I've got a letter from them saying they can't fulfil in the 8 weeks re FSA guidelines!! Set your timescale - even if you go to court and this draws things out, you'll be able to claim the 8% interest to. Holster
  4. Hi Steph, While I'm an ex NatWest Customer (also 'Advantage' Gold) and at a later stage than you in my claim, just wanted to drop you a line and say "hang in there" and "make them work for YOU". It's ridiculous that these charges are put on us and no explanation given as to what they are for / what they really cost them. Make them explain - if they can't, take it all the way - I'm going for nearly £4k and my sister won back £2.5k last week...a lengthy process but she got there! It's a question of getting very slightly mad:mad: , getting even and enjoying the process of making them squirm:D ! Good luck with this! Holster x
  5. If you don't laugh, you cry - and this is far to entertaining to make me cry. Or maybe I just have too much time on my hands??
  6. Hilarious / gobsmacking update. While I await with baited breath for a response to my N1 filing (1 week to go on that) I received a second letter today from Mr Stuart Higgledy-Piggledy dated 4th July. It read (and I quote) Sorry to hear about your concerns...etc..etc... thanks for your patience...but there have been some unforseen problems with ordering the statements we have requested on your behalf. We are following it up and dealing with it as a matter of urgency. I couldn't resist... I called and explained that I have received numerous copies of my statements - more than I needed - so there couldn't be a problem in retrieving them. Also, that I was just a little concerened that the communications for such a huge company couldn't cope with sharing that information internally within the timescales THEY set themselves????? They told me it was because my account was closed a year ago. I'm sorry (I said, but wasn't), but what difference does that make when you've been sitting on this for 7 weeks and all charges are within 6 years. Obviously it just makes it far lower on the priority list. I was then asked whether they could have a copy of my statements as well as a schedule of charges!!!!!!!!!!! :eek: I left it as we're taking things a step further anyway, but reminded them that I would be sending a complaint to the FO with copies of these letters as a matter of principle. It was pointed out to me that these were only guidelines and not legally binding. I said I'd quote them on that. Hope this beings a chuckle to your Friday morning - it did mine. Hysterical laughter, in fact. Holster..
  7. Hi Bainbridge, welcome! I'd say good luck, but you won't need that, just some patience, as I'm sure you've already discovered. Great attitude though! We're at the same stage for about the same amount. Keep us posted on how things are going. Holster
  8. Don't get me wrong Dave - I feel nothing but contempt for them and have filed my N1 after 2 weeks and am going for the full whack (approx. £4900 inc. interest). I'm simply amazed that on questioning why they gave me this date when I enquired as to the progress on my complaint, I find they are trying to push this extremely lengthy deadline even further! There's a word that rhymes with banker that is sufficient to describe the attitude.. think you can guess.
  9. Hi - just want to clarify this 8 weeks. You can see from my update today on Holster v NatWest that NW take the 8 weeks from the date they have entered your initial 'complain' onto their system, not necessarily when received. My letter was sent recorded delivery and signed for on 14th May (I have proof), taking the 8 weeks to 9th July. However, as I apparently should understand that it took them until 26th May to enter my details on to their system, I should not expect a response until 24th July?? As per Nattie's advice, I'm not hanging around to see, but do feel that this attitude needs kicking into touch. Should I not get a final response, claim served or otherwise, I'm happy to take it to the next stage to show how shoddy this is. Holster x
  10. Filing my N1 later today (slight delay on Friday as I thought I'd gone into labour..now that would have been bad timing!). Thought I'd make use of my bad mood today to email and call NW and point out that the FSA 56 day response deadline they thought they had for my case wasn't in fact 24th July but 9th July They are taking date for response not 8 weeks from when your letter is received (mine was by recorded delivery on 14th May, thankfully I have scan of signature receipt for that day) but from when they log your details onto their system, which with me, took 12 days!! They gave me some garbage about the fact that the front desk isn't their department (???) and I should allow them additional time to process their admin!!!! They also refused to make any note on my file of my call and concerns. Not that it matters anyway as I'm taking them to court but should there be no response by then, yet another case against them. My advice to all would be stick to the deadlines as advised here but if you are keen to hang around for the 56 days - beware - they are trying to fiddle even that! Make sure you have sent things recorded delivery and print off roof of receipt.
  11. Nice, Maxine, nice. Re the card case, perhaps it's that they can't add anything because, quite simply, they don't have a leg to stand on? ? I would imagine that the volume of cases, the fact that the woman's job must be rather mundain at the mo' and it's a Friday afternoon meant that you got the 'I give up' sarcy treatment. Good for you for checking with the court - let's face it, Cobblers aren't exactly fast to resond on the necessities, let alone courtesy!! Can feel the excitement building about the other offer too - keep us posted!
  12. Excellent work - information worth sharing...ha, ha, ha...I'll call and ask about my ignored fax then!
  13. Great work Julie! Good to know your saga is over. As Steven said, go for it again - these 'bankers' have got to learn! Holster x
  14. Right, I'll put it down to it being a late one for me last night - I've read the fabulous Michael Brown's guide listing and found what I need re the default, so on the case with that. By the way, anyone else spoken to that miserable lady in Customer Services that obviously has to deal with a few hundred calls a day with people checking. Reckon she needs a hug in a mug, that one. One thing I'll say is that for someone working in a bank, she can't count days or weeks...bless. Personal victory for me is getting my lawyer dad to start action against NatWest too - he's been with them for years with a premium account that offered a less than premium service. Now that will be a good one to follow!
  15. Okay good people, LBA time is up, offer to setlte early ignored (it was a desperate day), so... Have been hoarding my hormonal rage for the past 48 hours and will be filing my N1 and schedule of charges of £3738 (plus 8%) tomorrow at my local court. Wanting to make sure that I have everything correct first time...a couple of Q's: Before I left NatWest (current account and mortgage) I had a default entry made against me - a situation that was purely because of the cumulative effects of the charges (and which also led to the booting of a certain premium manager.....). Do I file a separate claim for this to be removed? I have also been slack in not following up the fact that I didn't get all the info I requested re statements and info first time, despite an LBA - I got the 6 years statements (7 times!!) but no additional information relating to manual intervention or notes from my file. Is it too late to start action regarding this or can I do this now, again, as a separate claim? Many thanks in advance. Holster (2 weeks and 5 days until baby is due...hence the rant)
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