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  1. I sent it to my local branch but on the envelope just wrote "Natwest PLC". They then sent it onto their customer service centre in Borehamwood. Not sure it matters too much.
  2. *WON £1,960* After 14 days, Natwest made me an offer for 100% of charges, £1,960 and I accepted without filing a claim or any real hassle. Money in my account on Friday, 3 days after writing back to accept the offer. Still owed £93 in charges and will write again with a stronger response than my first letter.
  3. You're probably right, but its done now. Closing my account is probably the best thing they could ever do for me as it would force me to go somewhere else with better rates! Like Nationwide. Interesting to see how long the money takes to come through..will keep you posted
  4. *WON £1960* (without filing a claim) Quick update - after unanimous advice on this site and Penalty Charges UK - Fighting your Corner for FREE I have decided to accept Natwest's "kind" offer of £1,960 (100%) and have today sent off the acceptance slip in pre-paid envelope. Hoping to get the money in the next few days. I have £63 charges from last month that I also intend to get back. Might see if the branch will refund it first & if not, another letter will be on its way. Couldnt have been easier...
  5. I have had a similar experience, being offered on Saturday £1,960 in charges (the full amount asked for) after 14 days. Anyway from comments on other sites, I have been advised to take the money which I intend to do even though I didnt ask for interest. *So another £1960 won!* Sounds like Natwest are so snowed under with cases they just want to clear them and as a result are paying up quickly. I look forward to the money.
  6. Thanks, this is why I have been asking the question, so I can get sound advice before either rejecting or accepting the offer. Natwest seem to be deluged with refund letters at the moment and have obviously realised its easier just to settle from the start.
  7. Its near Bearsted..the posh part of Maidstone. I think I should get my reply to Natwest off before the OFT rule otherwise!
  8. Thanks Im having a read through. Looks like others have had a much more difficult "journey" than me, which probably explains why everyone is advising me to take the money! Grove Green is a glamorous district of Maidstone in Kent
  9. Thanks very interesting to hear opinions..I would be interested to know if anyone else has been in the same situation
  10. Thanks Saint Luco I havent started the process of filing a claim yet, just written and received a response. My question is should I settle for the full charges or file a claim and ask for the interest too?
  11. To answer your question, no I didnt have all my statements. I had most of the last two years worth but pages were missing here and there. So to make sure I had every transaction for the last 6 years I went to my branch, asked them for the last 6 years statements and then a week or so later got them through the post. In fact they sent me two sets. So I could just highlight the pages with charges on (about 15 sheets) and send them to the bank attached to my letter. I also sent a simple spreadsheet detailing each charge which took about an hour to knock up. So perhaps you should try your branch first rather than the DPA route as it seems much quicker? Again, happy to answer any questions
  12. All I am part way through the process of getting my charges refunded. Surprisingly, I received a letter on Saturday (14 days after mine was sent) saying they felt their charges were fair and transparent. I asked them for £1960 back and they are making me an offer as a "goodwill gesture" for.............wait for it......£1960. However I would rather take them to court to establish that their charges are unlawful (and get back £300 interest). Also I didnt like the tone of the letter which gave the impression that if I complained about future charges they might downgrade my account. What do people think I should do? Take the money offered or start the process of filing my claim and get the interest back too. Deal or no deal? Thanks for any suggestions, Dave
  13. Megy I have been working on this for a few weeks now (getting copies of last 6 years statements, highlighting charges & writing a letter) and on Saturday received an offer letter from Natwest for the full amount of charges I claimed for (£1,960) as a "goodwill gesture". But Im still trying to decide whether to take them to court anyway to get the interest too. Took 14 days from my original letter so quite pleased how quickly its happened. Happy to help with any questions Dave
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