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  1. anybody? sorry to bump this thread, but had another email from scott and co and not giving me further details, all they'll say is that my bank will send out a mandate for me to sign before my account can return to normal? it is running normal at the moment but am terrified it can just be frozen etc? can they do that?

  2. this is regarding council tax arrears, its in joint names, but only i have ever made contributions to pay it off, i do not know where the other person is, it was an ex and we split up many years ago, anyway, i have paid back and forth when i can in dribs and drabs (by the way the company dealing with it is called Scott and Co) last year they got an earnings arrestment, which i actually was quite happy with, as i knew it was being paid etc, anyway, my employment is only roughly 8 months of the year, so in january my temp contract ending and it is re - starting this month. scott and co phoned me and i explained this and arranged to pay £6.00 per fortnight, but unfortunately i wasn't able to claim job seekers allowance so i had no income at all, apart from child benefit, so i didn;t pay, then i got a letter out of the blue, no phone calls, no reminders etc saying they've exucuted a funds arrestment to my bank. does anybody have any info about this? i'm a bit worried that a company can just have access to my bank account (not that they'll find anything there!) but i am worried, obviously with having 2 children i need to make sure i have money for food etc, my child benefit gets paid into my account. anyone advise me, i am quite willing to pay in installments, just mad as the other person seems to have got off scot free with this debt.

  3. hi everyone, i explained to my local sheriff court that i'd sent my 2 letters to england Head Office but they've confirmed i can pursue the claim from MY local court and the summons will be given to my local branch as they are the branch that took my charges and it falls under the consumer credit act (which apparantly means we can choose which court) but dont quote me! anyway, they've actually been really helpful, and my top tip for today would be....the lingo is slightly different, insteand of claimant and defendant, the correct scottish wording should be pursuer and defender, i filled in the summary cause form online, then got them to look over it for me, they've advised me on what to put in and what to take out, so after making some changes it'll be handed in to my local court on tue morning!! yippee:D



    received letter today from 'david just' again, basically;

    unfortunately he is unable to add anything other than info in first letter that he sent to us, blah blah, refer back to terms and conditions, etc etc, goes on to say that this letter is the banks final response and if i want to take it further i'm to complain to the F.O.S.

    so, i'm gonna be busy later filling in my claim! will post when i've completed claim.

  5. had reply today from david just (14th april)letter as expected, so sorry, keep account in order blah blah, we could take your cards chq book etc off you etc etc, so glad for this site as it was so predicted, anyway already printed off my LBA and will be posted asap (half hour). my partner is so impressed he's gonna take action agains halifax, so i'll send him to that section!

  6. i found this website on 10th april, when sitting down almost in tears and shaking with pure anger! yes i have an overdraft, and almost at limit, but every month the bank takes about £70.00 putting me over the o/d and vicious circle, i have spoke to my local brnach umpteen times and no help offered.i had radio 2 on and listening to martin shankleman, have his website on my faves but not visited for ages, went on there and ended up here! total life saver (and i mean mentally too, as i was pretty much unable to function with this constant worry!)

  7. yes! i've done it, posted my first letter todat to tsb! only found this site on fri afternoon! thankyou to everyone already cos if there wasn't this forum i'd be none the wiser and none the richer! all the posts are very imformative and at least i now know what to expect...a letter telling me tough no doubt! well, i'm in fighting spirit.and the best thing is, i'm so not worried! i'm sick to death of being terrified by letters from the bank, worrying constantly about keeping things in order only for them to make me go over my overdraft with their outragous charges!i live in very small place where everyone knows everyone, i know all the staff at the bank, and cant wait to see their reactions over the next couple of weeks, i'm 99% sure that the branch manager will try and accost me if i nip in, "for a chat" well after reading other posts, i will not enter into any verbal discussions.aaaah, what a great day, i'll keep you posted.good luck everyone

  8. wow, thanks for the info, after such a busy day, and reading all this info on this forum i was dizzy! still cant believe that i'm gonna get my money back. where do i find OFT doc that you described?

    i'm still shocked about all this, you see a couple o weeks ago it hit the press that some guy got his money back from the bank, i thought it was a one off, but still i tracked down the story online and printed out to show my partner, but it didn't give enough detail to think anyone can do it!


    and today... ha i'm over my overdraft again (thanks to the bank taking heaps of charges off)...but i'm not gonna lose anymore sleep over it as i'll get it all back.


    quick question, we've only been with Lloyds TSB for about 2 years and i think most of statements on line so we can work it out ourselves, or should we just get DPA?


    thanks for your help, believe me, i'll def be in touch! ta

  9. its ok, have had more time to keep reading back, i see now that folk have had results, anyway, just did a very quick tot up of charges this year and they total (from jan 06) £424.00!! thats just this year, last year was horrendeous too!!

  10. i'm just loving this forum, had to keep reading all day as was convinced there must be a catch, but i now thoroughly understand it and cant flippin wait to get all my money back!! (approx £1500 just in last 15 months) anyway has anyone actually received their money back off L TSB? been reading for hours, haven't seen a post saying bank has given money back?it looks like Lloyds TSB are tough, but its great as i now know exactly how they will respond, so i'm not gonna be phased...oh i can't wait...still working out all the charges, every month this year i have spoken to my local branch asking if they can help me with charges as its their charges they make me go over my overdraft in the first place, and they've refused to help. i will sleep very very well tonight, thankyou for all your helpful info

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