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  1. oh dear, i think you're maybe right! damn i was hoping mark had been sacked too!! he's arrogant, so is his team leader 'rio'! be warned!!
  2. hi danp1973, yep that sound like Link, i too got the stupid letter re not providing me with CCA, (oh how the trading standards officer laughed at that!!!!!) but they still asked for a further £4.00 to get one doh!! and they too took my £1.00 fee as payment (see my thread below) anyway why not complain to OFT about them, i did and my local trading standards man is writing his report up right now, their credit liscencey thingy is due for renewal soon, more complaints about Link might mean it wont be renewed? you never know! http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collectors-debt-co
  3. yep sounds like its def statute barred to me (6 years in england, 5 years in scotland) who are the DCA? i'm a newbie here, plenty of people on this site will give you really good info, there;s a template letter on this site; Name of Creditor Address of Creditor WITHOUT PREJUDICE Dear Sir/Madam Re: Account No/Reference No: No debt is acknowledged to you. You have contacted me regarding the account with the above reference number, which you claim is owed by myself. I would point out that under the Limitation Act 1980 Section 5 “an action founded on si
  4. wehey, good for you and good luck, dont forget to keep us all posted (in the relevant threads etc)
  5. hi there, just a bit of info for you, firstly they're not very clued up at lerwick sherriff court so if you're not sure about something they've said come here to ask! also if you are rasing a summary cause (claiming back more than £1500) you need sherriff officer/solicitor to serve the papers, no sherriff officer here and i've talked to every solicitor up here and they wouldn't do it (no backbone) so CAB can give you a list of solicitors in Aberdeen who will serve the papers if need be. just thought i'd let you know. good luck, keep us posted.
  6. fantastic info! £250.00 is a big gamble!, luckily we too have been monitoring our electric on a weekly basis, i have no probs with doing that for another couple of months, (just a shame our meter is in the cellar and its always me that has to go down there with all the yucky beetles!) the house is only 30 years old, but it was a self build and looking at the general electrics of the house they look about 100 years old!! its good to know that its not just a myth that 'meters can be out etc' i'll be keeping my beady eye on it for a few months yet. thanks!
  7. can someone give me more info on "calibrate your meter" please, as this sounds simalar to a prob we're having with scottish hydo electric (or whatever they call themselves now) we think they've made a mistake as the bills have shot up like nothing else!
  8. update time, sent the following letter to Link on friday rec delivery WITHOUT PREJUDICE Dear Sir/Madam Re: LINK REF xxxxxx No debt is acknowledged to you. You have contacted me regarding the account with the above reference number, which you claim is owed by myself. I would point out that under THE PRESCRIPTION and LIMITATION (SCOTLAND) ACT 1973 PART 1, PRESCRIPTION SECTION 6 “If after an appropriate date, an obligation (an appropriate debt) has subsided for a continuous period of 5 years: (a) without any relevant claim having been made in relation
  9. Wow, thanks for that info, so a 'letter of assignment' is something they should legally have from GE to prove they are now the owners of this debt? so thats something different from a CCA? you know i've had this for years and years and years and the only way i know whats left to pay is when i've asked for it myself! i'm a bit peed off too cos when i first got this burton card (way back when) i took out burtons 'insurance crap' and i was paying £10.00 per month on the store card and a further £5.00 for the insurance! no flippin wonder it was never paid off eh? can you tell me more about your de
  10. thanks. i think i'll prob opt for the SAR, as i've already acknowledged the debt, the main prob i have is how its shot up, i dont really believe its got anything to do with 8% interest, so a SAR should show me how they've come to that amount etc.
  11. Thanks to the wealth of info on this site, i've decided to look into my dealing with Thames Credit. Mega mega years ago i had a burton store card and got stuck with repayments (as you do, first store card ever, 18 yrs old etc etc) anyway i hold my hands up to that, and so it was passed from (GE capital) i think to Thames Credit (although i seem to remember hearing nothing for a year or two, must have been when being passed to DCA) anyway, made arrangement with Thames to pay £10 per month thru direct debit, all was ok, paid about 2 years with no probs, then i switched accounts and forgot to re-
  12. can you give me directions on where to find it on the listen again site etc?? i usually listen to radio scotland on a mon and fri morning and i didn;t bother today! grr!!
  13. sorry, forgot to add that (after 2 hours) in CAB i told her that at the end of the day i thought it was statute barred and in any case Link couldn't prove i owed this money etc etc and she told me that i couldnt prove i didn't and i should be relieved they've not added charges:shock:
  14. another update, after the meeting with the trading standards guy he emailed me later that day and told me he'd spoken with CAB and he advised i go to see them asap! so i went yesterday morning....very long morning....the elderly lady was very nice n all, but i was there hours and hours and i wasn;t completely sure/happy about the direction she wanted to go in. firstly she couldn't tell me anything about statute barred in scotland, other than "its complicated" :-? then she wanted to phone Link, i wasn't sure, but she said it would help clear it all up etc, she phoned and they talked a lot of ol
  15. hmm, thats what i would want to do too! maybe for each year etc, as one year alone is over £1,000. me and other half took this so far last year (well we actually took it as far as getting the summary cause) then we hit our big hitch! we needed a solicitor/or sherriff officer to serve the papers. whats the problem you ask?? we are in shetland, no sherriff officer here on island and i personally went into every solicitors on the island and they wouldn't touch it!! they said they were busy etc etc (not unusual for small island community to act like this-no-one ever wants to rock the boat etc) so
  16. fantastic, its reading posts like this which keep me and others battling on. so great, AND today was the day that CAB told me blair, oliver, scott were ruthless and 'always right' and not to get in bother with them (they had a debt of mine once but just kept it and passed it on to another DCA)! wooohooo for you!
  17. ok, update time; just had a meeting with my local trading standards guy (40 mins) he took copies of their letters, my letters and the rec del receipts too!! and he's off to 'investigate'. it was a very positive meeting, he admits that the CAB deal more with this and they then usually get the cases that CAB say is illegal etc, anyway, he's off to get more advice from elsewhere/double check all his legal info on Consumer Credit Act etc/and basically see what breaches Link have commited (crimes i call them!!!) he's gonna email me later. he was particularly interested in the letter Link sent me (
  18. quick update; just had call from the local trading standards officer (i phoned OFT on fri at 5.30pm) and we spoke briefly on the phone, he only knew a small amount about this complaint but he's already started looking into it and started making enquiries and searches re LINK FINANCIAL, anyway, i'm meeting with him at 9am tomorrow morning, without saying too much on the phone he seemed to state their code of practice was somewhat 'different' than the one set out by law! so, i'll update you further tomorrow.
  19. seems LINK have been pretty busy this last week!!! i read on forums here a few times about DCA calling neighbours and i think they look up info on the electoral roll etc, keep looking through the posts as somewhere it'll say what 'regulations they're breaching' i'm sure they must be by that kind of practise, incidentally i phoned the OFT on friday re LINK FINANCIAL and i'll be speaking to trading standards after 4pm tomorrow (see link below) so the more the merrier! never ever phone them, i did without doing 141 first and of course now they have my number! have you never had a letter from them
  20. :D ahhh if i wasn't the furthest away from London you could possible be i would def be there!!! oh how i would enjoy trashing, er i mean looking around their offices, oooh and i'd love to......er chat with Mark and Rio, free drinks too! http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collectors-debt-collection/66484-theyve-taken-my-1-a.html
  21. AND THEY ASK ME FOR MY PASSPORT!!!!! WTF???? they then say this is so they can see my signature - and tell me the letter I sent and the cheque for a quid isnt good enough. I ask the guy to give me his name and he wont and he hangs up. scary, LINK FINANCIAL asked me this on friday, i've never heard anything so ridiculous!, but saying that, every time they've phone me they've never asked all that "are you miss such and such, confirm address, confirm BOB" etc, my radar shot up straight away, i thought it was a delay tactic as no-one in their right mind would send driving license/passport
  22. not seen it yet (in post) prob be monday, hopefully trading standards will be contacting me monday (although i'm hardly in on mon!) oh i cant wait, i have my 'little file' all ready.
  23. here is exact copy of 2nd letter sent to them rec delivery (o've obviously taken out my pers details etc) i think i said earlier i was a bit iffy about this 'extra £4.00' so i made it VERY CLEAR in this; Link Financial Ltd PO BOX 30095 LONDON SE1 7WU 14th Feb 07 Dear Sir/Madam Re:− LINK REF Further to a telephone conversation I received this morning from Mark I am writing for the second time to request a true copy of the credit agreement regarding the above. This time I enclosed the “further £4.00” which Mark said I had to send for this copy of the
  24. wow! great result, just goes to show what can be achieved with the right info! well done, ps any chocs left?
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