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  1. tubes?? is that like crisps that are little tubes, thinner than the crunchies style ones? something is tingling in my remembering part of the brain? might be thinking about pasta:grin: keep emailing smiths..how very dare they not make some specially for you!:o tut tut:D
  2. hmm thats interesting, as my o/h stated only yesterday that when i get a new computer for my business i would 'have' to get Vista:lol: er think i'll maybe just stick with what i know best!
  3. frazzles!!!!!!!!!! and remember them fish and chip crisps? came in a little packet like a newspaper with fish and chip shaped crisps, oh and ringo's (the old style) and pickled onion monster munch and i could go on forever..i love me crisps i do:D i remember the hedgehog crips! they tasted of pepper, i think they pulled them because some folk REALLY thought they were made from hedgehogs:D doh!
  4. cazza, that is horrifying:o i was lucky enough to have my babies in prob the best mternity ward in the UK so when i hear how it is for others i'm totally shocked. i cannot imagine how you must of felt. I hope you have/are putting in an official complaint (every little detail too, even the nurses speaking about you), unfortunately i have no expertise in patients rights/breaches/code of conduct/hospital trusts etc, but it has got to be worth doing as they have to deal with it. i've know people who have just mentioned to dr's/hospital staff that they are thinking of putting in a formal complaint
  5. aaah the times i've sat and waited and waited and waited at the local GP's, its enough to drive you insane! gggrrrrr, anyway, not sure if this applies nationwide, but if youi're waiting more than 20 mins at our surgery they have to give you some indication of how much longer you will be waiting, my friend seems to think its in the 'patient charter'??? check with your local surgery..also our emergency app are 10am to 10.45am, you hve to phone first and tell them you're coming, now as long as you arrive before 10.40 they guarentee to see you...so this is how i get seen quickest...instead of arri
  6. sorry i cant help you but you might want to try getting some advice from victim support? i worked for them years ago and we had training about filling in the criminal injuries forms/giving advice relating to criminal injuries compensation etc, i know its a shot in the dark, but its worth a try? they're free to use and if they cant help you they might be able to recommend someone who can?
  7. hi bonniebimbo, i can understand why this bothers you, about 4 years ago, when i became pregnant for the second time we decided not to tell anyone (early stages) (just went to the dr to tell him as i'd had problems with my previos pregnancy) and after taking a dizzy spell i had an emergency dr appointment, on the way out when i went to reception to make another appointment, a girl (who i hardly knew!) offered me her congratulations!!!! i was so stunned, i asked her how she knew and sheepishly she told me she'd looked in my file!!!!!!!!!...obviously i was not happy and when i saw my dr the week
  8. thanks for all your comments and advice, i will speak to mother in law later on tonight or tomorrow, yes i think she did sign something, but the thing with her bank etc was actually about her loan repayment, i am gonna read the link thing/complaints procedure thoroughly and take it from there etc, the main points we're looking at are; 1. CAB saying they're "not gonna go there!, the bank won" when asked for info/leaflet on reclaiming bank charges 2. then writing a letter to mother in law saying they had phoned and spoken to "man" at her branch about getting charges refunded. (like i s
  9. i refer anyone i know/meet to this site rather than anywhere else! i just wonder how many people are misinformed? i really want to let them know how wrong they were to do this (especially phone the bank re bank charges when all she did was aske if there's some kind of form about it) I needn't bother complaing to the particular branch, as they seem to be on another planet, i will maybe put something in writing to some kind of CAB head office (i presume there is one) in saying that i;m sure there's hundreds of 'on the ball' CAB workers who are fab help to people! just not the 2 old dears at my
  10. Ok, not sure if this is in the right section, so sorry if it is, I’m feeling quite fed up about my local CAB and wondering if there’s any suggestion as to what I could do etc. Firstly many months ago, I received a letter out of the blue for a debt that I had no idea about, cos I was already a member on here, I checked the ins and outs and it seemed this company had never contacted me for over 6 years, so it was statute barred, they harassed me, I reported them to OFT and trading standards and they sent me a letter saying they would “close their files” fab, all sorted, just as I knew it would
  11. i too can't get over the way Link speak to you on the phone, they must know they will be recorded. i was also bullied, shouted at and threatened by Link not that long ago, although i didn;t record them i was so distressed (shaking and fighting to hold the tears back etc) i ended up phoning OFT and very quickly (the next day)trading standards took the case on (in which a report was submitted to Link's local trading standards office for investigation (which i believe was a personal visit to their office, but dont quote me!) best thing i did as i didn't even owe them money! see the link below, if
  12. i don't know what you can do about whats already happened (maybe someone else will know) you could write a letter to them pointing out their embarrising mistake tc, but the same thing happened to me (sent to wrong work address, small town etc) and i was mortified! but you know its more common than you think, and they never said anything, they didn;t even let me know they'd received anything from the sherriffs officer etc, twice so far i've had other peoples wages arrestment orders sent to me! obviously a lot of mistakes made in that office! i have to say my debt was paid off without me even no
  13. i'm so glad you posted this thread! like others i believe if you owe money you should pay it back (charges/interest etc is another matter) but i have noticed CCA requests are flying out 'willy nilly' - which is great if you dont owe the money and are genuinely trying to get the DCA to understand this/put their fi;les right etc, but if you do owe money and are using it as a way out well ???
  14. *********RESULT****** Just received letter half an hour ago from Link; quote; Thankyou for your recent correspondence regarding the above account number. Having investigated this matter your account was passesd to Link Financial in March 2002. A notice of assignment letter was sent to xxxxx (an old address so i never received) which confirmed we were the legal owners of the respective amount. Telephone calls were made eo XXXXXX (a number i had about 10 years ago????) and a follow up letter was sent to you in march 2003. We have noted you have not made a payment s
  15. doh, yes i've worked it out now this is what is says night 4.77p each day 9.73p each night 4.77p each day 10.76p each then standing charge at 18.910p for 51 days standing charge at 20.930p for 38 days (I realise now that is 18p charge a day (god knows what or why the reasoning for that is) do you have that too, a rate for the unit and then a daily rate?
  16. our day rate per unit is 20.18 roughly ???? but trying to read their breakdown is quite a feat! there is a less figure but they say 20.18 pence standing charge for day rate and night rate is something like 10.14p oh, they did say the price would be coming down in april! yeah thanks hydro!
  17. hmm, we think we know the problem here, we are being charged the highest day rate as we are on a 'low' night rate, thing is we dont use owt in the night! no storage heating etc, i've been checking the night meter every day (got to do this for at leat 7 days) and in the past 3 days we've used about 50p. hopefully when i give them back the reading for 7 days they'll change our rate (as a low night rate is diddly squat to us)!
  18. hi charlie, i'm a bit of a thicko, so could you please explain a little more? if the day meter is moving, the night one shouldn't be? and vica versa? (sorry, i've lived a sheltered life!)
  19. can someone please give me some info. our bills seem to be going thru the roof, as i dont really know what the average monthly/quarter/yearly bill is, maybe someone can share info. I've suspected for some time (6 months) that some things weren't right, especially as one of our bills had our old address on? then they said they took a meter reading (when they didn;t) i think they went to old address etc, anyway Scottish Hydro are being quite useless listening to our worries, they say we're using £85.00 a month in electric, we live in 4 bedroom house (2 bedrooms never used) all the usual electr
  20. yey, good for you, before i knew about this site and before reclaiming bank charges was heard of i used to actually cry with utter despair:mad: i, (like every other person) could not get over the fact my bank would take charges off my account, and by doing this make me overdrawn then slap more charges on, all throughout 2005 they took approx £90 a month in charges alone! i've now stopped crying!!! but i will never ever forget how low and utterly useless i felt, and how i struggled financially (with 2 small kids) AND at the time they swallowed up my child benefit with their ridiculous charges
  21. i changed my username recently as i read on here not to put your real name, i suppose it's a good idea to be careful, but in my case i dont mind if the DCA knows i've reported them to OFT etc (they'll soon find out anyway) when they questioned me on the phone why i wanted a CCA i told them i was taking advice from the Consumer Action Group, i was proud to let them know i use this site and if they look they might learn something (maybe a lot of staff at DCA's dont have a clue re; the law) i think this site is earning itself quite a fantastic reputation:D but i take note of what you are saying a
  22. thats excellent news! i think the FOS is the route i'm going to take too, i live in scotland and claiming more than £3000, the path isn;t therefore that straightforward, as it means chopping up claims into £1500 'summary causes' then do i put the claims in at once or seperately? etc, AND trying to find solicitor/sherriff officer to serve the papers etc! if i lived in england it would be much easier:) but you know, thats what they're there for! (even the banks refer you to them if you're not happy with their refusal to refund your charges)keep us posted re' the other one.
  23. true! i did:D i liked pressing the 'stop whining' button, in fact i'm off to do it again:)
  24. yey, another official complaint about Link Financial (see my thread below) aah the more the merrier, cheers (clunks glass) http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collectors-debt-collection/66484-theyve-taken-my-1-a.html
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