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  1. This topic was closed on 03/08/19.

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  2. ta donkeyb, i am (maybe niavely) thinking that they still have details on record and mistakenly printed off a statement and sent it out?? on the other hand i know full well how adament Link can be? i think i'll write them (not telling them my new address) and pointing out harrassment etc and forward a copy of letter to my local trading standards too, oh and i will tell them if any further letters are sent they will go straight to the OFT..

  3. well well well...guess who sent me a letter out of the blue today!!LOL my old pals at Link..its actually a 'statement of account' showing the balance at 340.00..so not demanding money..i was livid (if you read the whole thread to see i battled them and eventually they said they would close the file) i have since moved address but get mail given to me occasionally by the new owners who we know a little...anyway..i got mad, new computer, cant find any of my letters and had to come on here to recheck what had happened!!!..phoned them....cant get throug..heart racing..etc etc..then i though STUFF IT!!!! not gonna waste any more of my wonderful time on the lowlifes who have accidentally sent out a statement to me on an account they closed over 2 years ago...incidentally i notice you cant get to their website any more..hmmm:rolleyes: hard times for link eh:D

  4. just an update, i phoned the surgery and asked nicely if i could speak to my DR or leave a message for him, i couldn't but after a chat they agreed they would chase up the long wait as i was getting quite worried. turns out the lab have done most of the autoantibody test apart from one, the lab said they couldn't test just one sample, so they have had to wait til they get enough requests to make a batch testing? so at least now i know why its been so long, bit strange, but i understand its probably the cost etc, and i'm grateful i'm not on my last legs waiting!!

  5. on 10th april i have blood taken for testing (reason being swollen lymph nodes, all of them, and recurring sore throats and loss of voice over the past 6 months and fatigue) dr couldn;t say what he thought it was until blood had been tested, quite rightly etc, first lot of results came within a few days and were normal(for anemia/thyroid etc) second lot came a few days after that, they were normal too (for rheumatoid factor) and they said the rest is besing tested for autoantibodies and should be about 2 weeks, after 2 weeks they said it could take up to 3 weeks, i have been phoning every other day for the results and it is now 6 weeks and they still haven;t got the results! i told them that if they were lost i could come in again but they state the lab says they're in progress? no explanation for why its taking so long. its just the staff at the local surgery i speak too. should i just hang on and keep waiting? any suggestions? they seem as baffled as me and i know they've phoned the lab at least 3 times? i'm starting to panic a bit.


    thanks for the links folks, i understand it much better now, and have learnt a new word "quinitllion",:D

    i am totally baffled as how lloyds think they are helping customers, its obvious (even to the permantly bewildered like me) that they are once again making a big fat profit with our o/d:rolleyes: even more so than before:rolleyes:

  7. firstly sorry if this is in the wrong place/already been posted (i'm rushing out the door)


    i phoned the banking services today and i heard a new thing on the automated list about new changes to their overdraft system, i ignored it and proceeded to hold for advisor, after doing me banking bits and bobs i asked her what these changes was, she then stated that Lloyds are the first bank to make changes to their overdraft system, and letters have been sent out and announcement will be made etc, i asked what the changes were, she said a different charge for O/D and returned D/D, ooh what were these to be? she couldn;t tell me, but she did say that now you can be texted if you were about to be overdrawn, so you could quickly put money in...at a charge of £2.50 a month of course:rolleyes: oh and if you go o/d you have the chance to put money in your account to cover that by 3.30pm that same day??:rolleyes: er, that was always the case with my branch anyway? anyone heard anything simalar?

  8. we've been away on holiday only for a week and we've noticed lloyds have put £750.00 into our joint account a few days ago, goodwill is noted next to it, we have been pursuing a claim for £1830.00 and after getting no response (whatsoever) we then passed it to the FOS, not only that but they have put £750.00 into my partners account too, which has had charges on it but we never got round to doing a claim for this yet? i'm a bit confused, we got home this morning there is a letter saying they're giving us £750.00 but thats about it, it wasn;t an offer as they just put it there without waiting for us to accept (or is this what they normally do)? i'm still swaying from the ferry so a bit dazed still, if anyone can offer advice/info i would be grateful. thanks

  9. Can people refrain from commenting if they have no idea.


    with all respect, it's cos we have no idea that we're commenting! some people (especially me!) can't quickly fully understand the long winded posts on websites/tv news etc, so we come here for a look around and sometimes get even more confused? CAG has always been a place to post your worries and fears and after a big announcement like this its' understandable thet'll be quite a bit of confusion etc:) ...is anybody elses head hurting???

  10. phew, just read every single post in this thread and i just feel like flippin crying :mad: (lodged my complaint with FOS end of may and all i've had is a letter saying they've received it/busy etc).............i particularly feel sad as there seems to be such gloom about this OFT/test case etc? no-body has actually simply asked, but here's the question;


    what are the chances of us getting our money back?:rolleyes:


    there's been some great points made in previous posts, especially about them still being able to charge us!


    i guess we're all feeling unsettled, but there is a great power within CAG now and i doubt we will roll over and be quiet for the next 2 years:p , so i just wanted to say i feel for you all, and i hope we're all feeling strong and back on form soon.

  11. prog called 'undercover mother' a report about the post natal treatment of a woman who has had her 2nd child by C section, i don;t know if this is the right place to post? but i thought i'd mention it here as have seen a lot of posts relating to post natal care accross the UK, might be intresting?

  12. way to go skintbag:) if i was in your position i would do exactly the same as you (it would tear me apart if i didn;t!) good luck and i hope you get answers...an well done to scarletpimpernel for your amazing knowledge!:)

  13. ahhh thankyou, you've solved a major problem for me! every time i go to post a letter my two little girls fight over who is going to put it in the postbox! problem now solved as we'll be standing at the postbox for ages posting all thos pre paid envelopes back (with torn little pieces in of course:D ) oh what fun we'r gonna have this school holidays:D and as for the silent calls gggrrrrrrr nothing more infuriating, if i do get someone on the phone they always start with, "can you confirm your name/age/address?" etc to which i always reply "ooh i don't think so, you could be anyone, i don't feel safe divulging ino like that on the phone in this day and age":D

  14. I have absolutely no idea lol


    but i do agree, they are absolutely foul and through 2 children they have successfully not entered this house :D

    ha ha! i'm such a crisp monster that a few years ago a lass who i worked with came back from lunch with the new 'snack from the health food store' they looked like a paler coloured wotsit, she said they were chinese, so i took a handful, stuffed them in me mouth..then watch her roll around the floor laughing as i spat the polysterene worms out again!:lol: who would've thought polysterene could look so yummy:o

  15. hi skintbag, gosh dont know what to say after reading your story, i'm truly moved and very sad to hear what you've been through, i'm utterly appalled. i'm afraid i can;t help you with any of your questions, but i'm sure someone will be along soon to help you with your queries and their advice and knowledge is fantastic. hope you get your answers soon.

  16. i've submitted my form to FOS about 3 weeks ago (don;t have date handy) they wrote back within a week saying they had received my complaint and that they have been overwhelmed by complaints relating to bank charges so it might take a little longer..thats totally ok with me, after all this is a free service with heaps of advice and its really easy to speak to someone from FOS. i presume they have already written to my bank as they sent me a letter saying they were dealing with my complaint and could i please not do anything until they have had time to look at it and they enclosed a FOS leaflet (what a cheek!) they never responded to my intial request/LBA etc (just trying to cover themsleves i think....anyway, i'm using the FOS as i've found it very difficult to go through the court, in scotland/amount over £1500.00 and living on an island means we have no sherriff officer to serve papers etc etc (no silicitors would help etc) so using the FOS. i'll let you know when i get a result.

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