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  1. :? Advice from anyone please?? I have received a court date, but no Directions from the Judge. Is this normal? Do I have to prepare my court bundle, or just wait for the Directions? Do Cobbetts usually wait until just before the court date to offer a payout? Many thanks!!
  2. Advice from anyone please?? Received a court date, but no Directions from the Judge. Is this normal? Do I have to prepare my court bundle, or just wait for the Directions? Do Cobbetts usually wait until just before the court date to offer a payout? Many thanks!!
  3. Update: 8th May - received copy of Cobblers AC - happy to go with Small Claims Track. 29th May - received a letter from the Court - "Notice of Allocation to Small Claims Track". The judge seems to have ignored my draft order for directions though - does that mean it could be some time?? I have rung the Court and they say they have a bit of a backlog at the moment!
  4. Hiya - I decided not to bother for the extra £100 or so! I thought it may slow things down. Thanks anyway!
  5. Hi - can anyone help or give advice? I originally calculated my charges spreadsheet using the tool on Martin Lewis' website, which didn't include a description for each charge. Now I've used a spreadsheet from CAG and whilst doing this I noticed 3 charges I'd originally missed!! I believe I need to complete and submit to the Court an N244 form to change my POC. I've looked at this on-line but it's not very obvious to a non-legal person such as myself how to go about completing it. Can anyone help me?? Thanks!
  6. Yeah, It may end up something like that cos I've just seen one I missed for 25 quid! Incidentally, have you (or would you recommend) claiming for the interest charged by the bank to your account due to the charges? I'm just charging the 8% i.e. interest on the money they've taken from the day they took it to the present. I've not bothered with the other interest as I thought it was too complicated!! But if I'm filing an N244 for £25 then it may be worth looking at the other interest and doing it all at once.
  7. True, true, Micky. A pound a day at the moment - three days and it's another bottle of wine!!
  8. Yeah, I'm sure you're right. It's just bl**dy tedious, plus there's bound to be a discrepancy from my original claim - I can see small differences now before it's finished - only a penny here or there due to rounding, but I'll have to explain to the Court and Cobbetts why the difference is there. Thanks for your support Fendy, and good luck to you too! I can taste the Bolly now!!
  9. I think I'd brick it if I had to do a phone conference! Good luck and keep your post updated so we can see how you went on. I'm just re-entering all my charges in a new spreadsheet so I can add a flippin description! Wish I'd done that in the 1st place!! Rosco
  10. OK will have a good read my Yorkshire friend! I've currently got about 10 links open for CAG pages - you know how it is when you find something interesting, then "open in new window" and completely lose track of what you were first looking for!! Have you been paid out yet? Rosco.
  11. OK thanks Fendy! Originally I composed my charges list from the Martin Lewis website, and his calculator tool doesn't provide for you to include a description of the charges. I may regenerate the list using the CAG spreadsheet and submit that to Cobbetts and the Court?? Just a follow-up Fendy, I've read some posts from GaryH saying that you need to send in case history with the AQ - is that right? Or just the list of charges again? Thanks again!
  12. Hi Fendy! Good to hear from you. Thanks for your advice. Actually, I called my local Court and they said they sent the AQ yesterday. As I put the phone down the postie delivered it through my letterbox! Also a letter from CObbetts. I've scanned and attached the body of the letter - can you have a quick look and comment? Do I reply in full with copies of correspondence and a copy of the charges etc or just reply saying see you in court? I don't want to jeapordise my claim and get it thrown out by the Judge! Thanks! Cobbetts.pdf
  13. Hi Scott and others! I haven't been allocated a track yet. I seem to remember from something I have read, that if your claim is less than £5k EXCLUDING interest, then you can be put on the Small Claims Track. Mine is less than £5k in charges, but over £5k with interest! I am a bit worried at the moment: 1) When I received the Transfer of Proceedings from the Northampton County Court along with Cobbletts Defence and CPR Part 18 request, the Judge had ordered that "The filing of an allocation questionnaire be dispensed with in this case unless the District Judge at the court of transfer orders otherwise". Is this normal?? I still haven't received an AQ. 2) When I responded to their CPR Part 18 request, I used one of the templates, and amended it to suit (see my posting above). I sent this to the Court, basically saying that I refuse to complete a CPR Part 18 unless the Court orders me to do so. I haven't replied directly to Cobbetts, other than sending them a copy of my letter to the Court. Do I need to reply to them, giving them more information and a list of the charges (which they must already have), or am I ok just replying to the court saying that they have enough information? (I have seen on CAG two lines of thought - one pretty much ignores their requests for further detailed information, and the other way actually goes into detail explaning the sections of the UCTA and SGSA which we claim they have breached). Does anyone think that I'll get an AQ or do they not send them out in all instances? Does this mean anything if I don't get an AQ? Thanks for any help and advice.
  14. Hi Scott - yes that's a good reply. I'm going with my original to the COurt as I don't see why we should provide any further info to Cobbetts!! I don't know which "track" I'm on - I just copied the template! Good luck!
  15. UPDATE: Received Defence & CPR Part 18 request from Cobbetts. Proposed reply to Court (copy to Cobbetts) - can anyone comment please (I have edited the template letter): Dear Sir/Madam, Claimant’s response to the request for further information I have received a request from the defendants for further information, which they say is made pursuant to CPR Part 18. However it is highly likely that this claim will be allocated to the small claims track and therefore Part 18 does not apply. The Defendant’s Part 18 request suggests very strongly that I have not supplied them with enough information to mount a defence. Despite this they have submitted a very full and complicated defence. I am anxious to be seen to be co-operating as much as I can and therefore I am providing the following information and sending a copy to the defendants. In section 3 of their request, the Defendants deny having received a copy of the list of charges, as part of the claim. They then ask for strict proof for EACH AND EVERY charge (a) the date, (b) the amount and © the description applied to the charge. I do not understand why they require this information as I sent their clients copies on 23rd January 2007, again on 14th February 2007 with my Letter Before Action, and faxed the same on 14th February 2007. In their letter of acknowledgement to me of 26th January 2007 they refer to my letter of 23rd January 2007 – if the detailed list of charges had not been enclosed this should have been mentioned at this stage, and not waiting until Court action had been started. I also sent a copy to the Court separately on 6th March 2007, as my claim was filed on Money Claim On Line, which you will find in the court file and presumably the court must have served this on the defendants with the claim form. By virtue of the Defence and CPR Part 18 request from the Defendants, I am suggesting to the Court that this action is intimidatory and evasive. I will of course comply with any request made by the Court if it feels that further information is necessary, and orders me to do so. However, I feel that since none of these “Bank Charges” cases have ever gone to Court and have all been settled prior to any court hearings or orders, that the Defendants are simply creating work for individuals such as myself, and for the Courts too, hoping that we will back down. Yours Faithfully Roscopicotrain CC Cobbetts LLP Solicitors
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