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  1. Hi guys Advice please if you don't mind I did cash my first GWG no problems. I have now received another letter with a further GWG which will total the charges requested. however, i still want to go for the CCI. What d'ya reckon. if I accept this further GWG and cash the cheque (if and when it arrives!) will I still be able to go for the interest? if I have accepted the charges can I still legally claim back the CCI on these? or does acceptance of the charges prejudice my claim? Am I just being greedy? Should I stick with the charges and call it a day? The CCI would help me out a lot and I could really do with it. On the other hand the forthcoming cheque also needs to be cashed asap so i can't hold onto this until the CCI has been coughed up? What do i do? Thanks in advance:)
  2. Hi guys I'm in the same position. The have now offered y approx all my charges in two payments. I accepted the first as partial payment and wrote back to them to this affect and they have written back with another payment for the rest of may charges. I'm wondering what to do now about the contractual interest? Can we still claim this if they have paid back and we have accepted the charges? I hope so as this will sort me out no end! Good luck with the rest of the claim I'll keep in touch. Subscribing now
  3. hey crazy Did you cash your original check and write to them or did you keep hold of it. I still have mine but ReeeeealllllY need the dosh so i think I am gonna chas it and write to them saying it is only part payment. Any thoughts?
  4. yeah cheers empowered Did you cash the cheque though? or was it paid into your account? Thats what I really want to know so that I don't predudice the rest of my claim if I do cash it before they have had a chance to respond to my letter. Could you give me a copy of your letter for reference? Cheers Cheers
  5. Hi Guys Just wondered if you had some advice on what my next step should be. I have received a letter with GOGW which is unacceptable so I am proposing to issue a Rejection letter only accepting the payment as a part payment of my full claim. The cheque hasn't arrived yet but I have been told that it will be with me in the next 10 days. However, the rejection letter refers to giving a further 7 days to respond to the part payment of the GOGW but then advises to continue as planned with the next step. The offer has come AFTER the 14 days I stipulated on my Preliminary letter for repayment so the date for the LBA has already passed. Do I Go straight in with the LBA an incorporate the rejection letter into it keeping the Cheque? Issue rejection letter for 7 day response (which I know I am not going to get from MBNA as they have already told me they are working to 28 days for each response) return the cheque if not response and then issue the separate LBA? Or Issue rejection letter, await NO response, return cheque, issues LBA for 14 days then file for MCOL? I am a bit confused at the mo but don’t want to have to waste any more time on this as the rejection letter will only be dealt with in a 28 day cycle and I don’t want to have to wait this long before issuing the LBA only to have to wait another 28 days for a response. All advice welcome
  6. I too am in the same situation but after reading the Rejecting offers part of the Forum have come out with a different conclusion. I thought that we could keep the cheque but not cash it until the full amount has been settled. Is this correct or do I need to rerun the GOGW cheque and await one for the full amount?
  7. Hi Guys Just thought I would give you a quick update on where I’m at with my claim. Well, finally got off the Prelim using vamps spreadie and went for compounded contractual interest. Got the standard reply and GOGW last night about 18 days after letter despite giving them 14 days to respond. Anyway, GOGW is pitiful in comparison to claim and doesn’t even come close to the actual charges total so am going to write to them with the acceptance on partial payment basis. Just one question. When (and if) I receive the GOGW cheque can I cash it a go for the rest or do I need to keep hold of it until the claim has been fully settled? Don't want to screw up the claim by banking the cheque and then not being able to go for the rest. Thanks for all your help I'll be in touch Cheers
  8. That’s great news fella well done I'm just about to write my LBA as no response from preliminary which is due tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing how it all goes. I too am going for contractual at 23.9% so will be interesting to see if they pay up. How long did it take them to cough up with you? Did you have to file MCOL or did you find a decent contact at MBNA. I would appreciate your insight so that I can get my claimed wrapped up, Or at least have an idea of how long it is going to take from here on in. Anyway congrats again your an inspiration to us all nice one:)
  9. Thats fantastic news jamie Well done:p I'm typing my letter as we speak Fingers crossed eh!
  10. Hey penny thanks for the reply It's good news that they are paying out before MCOL stage so I will defo give it a go with contractual (of some sort!) just to clarify did you use contractual (vampiress's sheet 12) or COMPOUNDED contractual interest (vampiress's sheet 13) when you claimed. I need to make sure that I get this bit right as I don't really want to be going to MCOL stage if possible! thanks again for the advice
  11. and you didn’t have any issues with them at all? How long did it take after the prelim to settle? I'm gonna get the prelim an calc out to them today Bring it on!
  12. Great news Jamie Just on my way myself with MBNA. Just out of interest did you "compound" the contractual interest or just go for contractual interest Congrats again
  13. thanks for the info Wednesday much appreciated! pennypenny Thats great news well done;) So you are telling me that you have recently been in correspondence with MBNA and claimed back contractual interest (not compounded contractual interest) at the full 24.9%? If so this is great news. I was worried that they may not be paying out contractual at the mo and I might only get Statutory 8%! Have you got any tips for me to get this claim thought with contractual interest ie did you contact them by phone or email them at all or if your can recommend anyone at MBNA who has a brain and can settle my claim without any fuss please Cheers
  14. Cheers fella Thanks for that just out of interest what d'ya think my chances are with the CCI claim? and which if Vampiresses Spreadsheets would you use? thanks again
  15. Does this still apply with the credit card companies Da£n? Could we not go for the Contractual with a view to bum ping up the claim negotiation and if it comes to it just accepting the 8% in the end?
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