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  1. thanks tilly, Do i take all three copys to the court?
  2. thanks, think im getting there now cheers for all your advice:D
  3. Hi Michael Browne that sounds alot easier than having to fit it all on one form - Nice one
  4. Hi salisburyowl yeah ive put that under c) the claimant claims interest........payment at a daily rate £0.25 i take it i dont have to work this out yet as N1 is just about to go in?
  5. thanks overflow, hope so it sounds right no offers ..... yet;)
  6. Hi, im not sure if ive filled in the n1 form correctly. Am i limited to a maximum amount of characters? i copied the 'Particulars of claim' onto the N1 form and when i printed it off only three quarters of the info was on there. This might seem obvious but do i have to delete any unnecessary space in the box b4 printing (i think so). Ive also added an extra bit to No 5 'accordingly the claimant claims'. After the normal info for a)b)c) i have added; d) Subject access request fee; £10 Anyone else done the same? or is this wrong. any advice would be much appreciated:rolleyes: don't wanna get it wrong at this stage;)
  7. Can anyone offer me some advice? I'm now at the stage of completing my N1 form but I'm not sure what to put down in this section : Plus interest pursuant to S.69 County Courts Act 1984 from date of issue to date of judgement/settlement at £xx.xx per day [(enter daily rate here - (CHARGES+OD interest)x 0.00022 = pence per day)] OR at such rate and for such periods as the court deems just. I am not claiming the overdraft interest, my charges come to £1138.00 so do I times that amount by 0.00022 and replace it with the £xx.xx per day? I want to make sure i get this bit right b4 proceeding -
  8. thanks very much williamtcforsyth. i just wanted to be sure before proceeding to the LBA. The letter template on your reply looks perfect and thanks for the link.
  9. Hi, can anyone help? I sent a letter to Halifax asking for my bank charges back (the one before the LBA). They have replied within the 14 days to say that they've investigated the matter and wont refund me. I now want to send the LBA but do i have to wait for the 14 day deadline b4 sending or can i send now?? also the template LBA starts off by saying ' I am very disappointed that you have failed to respond to my letter..... ' does anyone know if i should put something other than this? as Halifax have responded (although negatively) thanks- Patmac :?
  10. Hello everybody, Ive just decided to take on Halifax to get my bank charges back. I'm a bit nervous about it but ready the success stories on CAG i definitely feel more confident about giving it a go!!!! wish me luck
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