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  1. just an update, have just this morning received a settlement offer from ulster bank for original charges less interest and court fee. i have checked my bank account and the cheque for the court fee has not yet came out. do i accept this offer? what happens about the £120 court fee, i assume this will still be paid out. also with regards to previous posts on this thread about the court asking me to pay £35, i spoke to court and they said it was because claim was "out of their jurisdiction" as i live in england now. so i managed to wangle out of the fee by mentioning the "hague convention" on my letter to court! felt like i needed a law dgree to get this claim under way! anyways good news, just keep at the bank and they will pay out, the letter they send with the offer is funny though, over a page of lecturing first before they mention the offer!
  2. i havent put the wrong address on the form, the address to which i have used is the banks head office, registered office and from where they have sent all their correspondence from. the note from court says "the defendants address is a trading address, registered office or 'care of' address. the court may only normally serve papers at the defendants home address. if you wish us to serve proceedings at a care address or workplace, you must apply for permission of the court, for which there is a fee of £35. the application should be on form n244" i do not have confidence in this as they have also attached someone elses eviction order in with my papers....
  3. thats fine, i know that now but looking at my original message and the response to it, if you were me you would take that as only needing to pay £80. anyways, looking further at the form theyve also requested that i have to apply to the court to serve papers at a registered work place which means filling out more forms and another cost of £35. so will this now cost me £155 to claim? have not read anywhere here about the additional form to complete and the charge of £35
  4. ok, not sure what the purpose of the alloction means. but what i was asking in the first place was about court fees, I must not have made that clear in the message.
  5. just recived my court papers returned today saying cheque not enough, so looks like i do have to pay the 120!
  6. ive just sent my n1 claim form along with the court fee, spread sheet of charges including the 8% interest added, and copies of my previous attempts to resolve issue with bank. is this enough and do i have to send a copy of the N1 form to Ulster Bank to let them know of my intentions or will the courts do this? is there anything else i should be aware of and what happens next? will i have to chase or will i be contacted?
  7. hi not sure if this question has already been asked, however i cant find it anywhere m just about to send off the N1 form to start my claim, my bank charges are less than 1k so the cost for claimingshould be £80. however when adding on the interest under the s.69 cca the total is now over 1k, so the claim amount paid increases to £120. which fee do i need to pay?
  8. ....also Does Lba Go To Branch Or To The Head Office Address In Donegall Square In Belfast?
  9. hi trisheywishey i just got the exact same generic letter today, think it is the "letter beore action" letter we need to send which gives them another 14 days in which to "reflect", after that date we need to file small claims. what i want to know is does anyone know the court process, ie is there multiple fees or just a one-off payment ie £80 for claims between 500-1000, and will this need to be paid upfront when submitting n1 form or will ulster have the time to settle first? ps soz for hijacking your thread ta...
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