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  1. HI guys i two have recieved a letter and all so my other half which came as a seperate letter.I no iv never applied for a loan with this company or my other half.The worrying thing is in the last two months i have had endless junk mail from every finance company going and iva companies and my phone never stops ringing or my message box is always full with messages asking me to ring a number most of them start with 0870 i never ring back and i unplug the phone when im home.I have been onto credit expert to acsess my free credit file and it told me id already recieved it like when.Im off work tomorrow so i am going to download my credit file from experian if theres a thing my credit file has been used for any credit fraud im gona kick some arse my mortgage is due for renewing next month.
  2. hi bona i cant remortgage iv tried the interest rate is astronomicable that i got offered for me to remortgage for a 127 thousand mortgage the payments were 912 per month interest only im only paying 667 per month now and thats repayment and interest. I am waiting for one of those companies who buy your house then rent it back to you to ring me with information on what they offer im running out of time though the eviction date is the 28th of this month so iv only 16 days left.I have filed a oficial complaint about this company to the financial ombudsman which they have taken on board and started investigating.I also went to see my solicter yesterday after cab been nothing of a help at all he seems to think i can go after the mortgage company and the financial adviser who put our mortgage in place because of there conduct im waiting for him to get back to me when hes gone through everything.I think im going to sell my house to this buy and rent your house back company just to stop the repossession going trough il lose about 25 grand off the value of the house which is heartbreaking but i suppose its better than been listed on the repossession register.But i have vowed that i am going to make this companies life hell i am going to take them to court and fight them all the way for any thing i can pin on them im going to ring every national newspaper,contact bbc watchdog and tonite with trevor macdonald and name and shame them for the worst mortgage company ever.And thankyou for asking about my son hes not really shown any improvement in last couple of weeks he has to go back and see consultent next week and have more tests done.Il keep you updated and let you no the outcome thankyou again for replying to my posts.PS how is your claim going with gmac?.
  3. hi bona my mortgage was taken out with gmac but gmac sold our mortgage to mortgage agency no5 but our terms and conditions were supposed to remain the same as though we were still with gmac.My current monthly payments are 676 per month thats interest and repayment and i have about 90 thousand equity in the house.
  4. Hi bona i dont no if you read my post to you in april but really need some advice. Last month my three year boy was rushed into hospital and we found out he had a rare blood disorder which affects his platlet count and basically if he gets a knock to the head it can form a blood clot and prove fatal and if he gets knocked or bang anywere he bruises straight away and could start to internal bleed if condition does not start to improve in next couple of months he will need a bone barrow transplant. So last month our mortgage payment did ent go through as i have had to give up work to care for him and my hubby wages were down because we had to visit the hospital 2 to 3 times a week so he can have regarlur blood tests and be monitered also our taxed credits had been stopped because the claim was wrong 4 last year.I rung mortgage company and explained everything and asked if i could borrow any more money or release any equity i was told no they dont have any facilities in place for people in arrears and reminded me that they could go back to court to evict me as i had not kept up with my payments.I rang the fa who originally put this mortgage in place to see if we could remortgage he came back saying that he could get me one but my credit recorded had not been ammended and was showing all my arrears even though i paid nearly all of it off.S0 for a 130 thousand mortgage it would cost me 909 a month interest only which theres no way i can afford.I got a knock on the door the next from the court baliff saying we had to be out by the 28th of this month.I went to citizine advice yesterday who was compleatley useless and told me the judge would proberly almost 70% favor the mortgage company and avict us.My argument is that if the mortgage company had let freedom finance become second charge in november when we applied for a secured loan we would never of got into arrears and be in this position now.I have made an official complaint to the oddbusman about this and they have started investigating but basically ca told me the judge want be interested in the conduct of the mortgage company only that we have not kept to the suspended order is this really true.Any advice would really really be appreciated thank you.
  5. thanks kaz il keep you updated at work all day going to sit down tonite and go trough paperwork take care and speak to you soon ta x
  6. hi everyone dont want to hijack your tread but have some info that mite help. I took a loan out with blemain on 9th jan 2007 for £10,000.00 i rung 2 weeks ago for a redemption figure this is what i recieved amount outstanding under the agreemen£39,950.00 less rebate calculated in accordance with the consumer credit(early settlement) regulations 2004£-26,637.99 redemption admin fee £395.00 collection costs£33.00 additional interest£4.89 total settlement figure £13,384.90 but then underneath its says the rebate has been calculated in accordance with regulations 3 of the consumer credit regulations 1983 and is 26/06/2007 on my credit agreement it says that the agreement is not cancellable under the consumer credit act 1974,the timeshare act 1992 or thefinancial services (distance marketing) regulations 2004. Anyone shed any light compleatly confussed any info would be gratefully appreciated thank you.
  7. Hi bona sorry to hear about your problems with gmac im having them two. I remortgaged with gmac in jan 2006 trough the advice of a financial advicer after reading the threads on here i dont no why he choose these we dident have defaults ccjs or any adverese credit history.Anyway i recieved a letter on 31st of march 2006 from gmac saying that there was a change in the ownership of my mortgage and it had been transferred to mortgage agency services number five ltd anyone else had this?. Then came september and we missed our morgage payment id been rushed into hospital spent 4 days there and was told not to work till i had the operation i needed in jan 07.With my wages not coming in we decided to take a secured loan out to cover the morgage payments i rung the mortgage company and explained what had happened and what we intended to do we were two months behide now.It took till december to sort the loan out there was hicup after hicup plus mas no5 kept fobing off the loan company when they rung for the amount of the arrears owing.Then the big surprise came on the morning of 4th dec loan company rang to say the funds were ready to be released but they had found out i had a interim order put on the house so the funds could not be released because they couldent take second charge i was like what fxxk whats going on after many phonecalls it appears that when we remortgaged with gmac we had two loans with gemoney that were to be paid off with the funds but the solicter had only paid one off so the interim order was for the other.I rung mas no5 and explained that the funds had been stopped because of there dumb solicter and was told to send my evidence and prove it.Back onto loan company was told only way to help me was to start a new loan process to pay off interim order and mortgage arrears i was scared out of my wits now because recieved letter from court to appear on 3rd jan 2007 for my mortgage arrears i have nearly 100 thousand equity tied up in my house so was shixxng my self the loan company rung mas no 5 and reasured them they would recieve there arrears but would take abit longer mas no 5 replied by saying they might not grant permission to loan company to become 2nd charge. Anyway 3rd jan came went to court mas no5 got awarded a suspended possession order plus we had to £100 a month arrears.we managed to pay off most of arrears the following week only owe about 800 pound now.But im back to square one recieved a statement from masno5 other day and they have added £812.51 for solicters cost two £80 pound charges for a mortgage counceller and £30 for every month im in arrears can they reley do this ??????.
  8. hi zootscoot and martin2006 thankyou for your reply i think im gona reject offer i paid £250 when i settled my mortgage last year.
  9. hi lbl thankyou for your quick response and advice il go see solicter before end of week il let you no the outcome thankyou for your help.
  10. hi lbl key financial statements reads as follows the term of the loan 2(52)weeks principal amount of loan £2,200 total amount payable £3,979.04 equivalent to an annual percentage rate of nan%''apr'' but something has been scribbled in pen i think it says 266.48 amount payable on early settlement amount payable after a quater of term £nan amount payable after half of term £nan amount payable after three quaters of term £nan hope this helps thankyou.
  11. Hi can anyone help please i wrote to northern rock about reclaiming my mortgage exit fee after looking at my redemption statement i paid them £250.00 last jan 06 my mortgage product had ended with them. On northern rocks fees and charges leaflet it says IF YOUR MORTGAGE HAS COME TO ITS NATURAL END THE DISCHARGE OF MORTGAGE FEE WILL NOT BE CHARGED. Iv recieved letter back from northern rock this morning saying that i was charged because it was my product that had ended not the term of the mortgage which was taken over 25 years They have offered me a refund of £75 do i except. please help only got number of days to reply thankyou.
  12. Hi LBL Thankyou for replying to my post here are some answers to your questions. 1) the first payment on the loan was week after i took the loan out there was no defered period 2)there was no extra charges except for 2 letters i recieved at £20 but i paid that fee the following week with my weekly payment. 3)the loan was taken out over a 52 week payment at £76.52 a week 4)on my contract the section about amount payable on early settlement just says £nan hope this helps im abit thick when it comes to working out apr im really glad of your help thankyou.
  13. hi everyone im new just joined over a week ago iv been making my way through the treads and are glad iv come across other people ripped off by log book loans. Me and my hubby took loan out with lbl in oct 2005 for £2200,we were really desperate at time we had just been gazumped with our house, tried to get a normal loan was turned down looked up our credit file to find out the people at our old address had been applying for credit in our names so we had loads of searches on our file which knackered our rating. I found lbl on the internet they didnot sound so bad at time and they were regulated plus we only needed loan short term as we were expecting some inheretence money in jan 2006 so could pay them off so took loan out on 11th oct 2005 for £2200 paid weekly instalments into natwest bank every week for£76.52 then the BIG SHOCK came on 10th feb 2006 when i rang for settlement figure bearing in mind i had already paid £1057.60 i was told to settle the account it would be £2297.73 i paid it because i wanted rid of these horrible people so in total it cost me £3355.33 for a £2200 loan that had only run 11 weeks thats £1135.33 interest dived that by 11 weeks =£103.21 per week. Are they really regulated by law to charge this much. I have kept everything from lbl paying in books letters and the contract. I got the contract out last and looked at it, it states that lbl are regulated by the consumer credit act 1974,the timeshare act 1992 or the financial services (distance marketing) regulations 2004 does anyone have any insight into these acts and what they say,id really appreciate any info our feed back on them thank you.
  14. Hi iv just resentley join this site and arnt i gland i found it otherwise i would not know how to approach these big financial industry bullies. I think the people who set up this site need to be recognised for all there hard work,bravery and kindness in helping thousands of you reclaim money you were owed. I personally would not of had the guts to try and start to reclaim my money if it wasent for all the imformation and template letters on here,i most certainly will make a donation once i recieve my bank charges back. Right now i have got that off my chest that get down to the nitty gritty you will have to bear with me its abit long winded but il try and get straight to the point here goes. On the 18th febuary 2005 i took out a loan with first national a ge company for 12000.00 over 120 months 10.4 apr £158.39 payment ever month.Then on the 12th april 2005 we had some work done on the house with virgo we took out a home improvement loan with them which was through first national consumer finance the amount of the loan was for £2530.00 over 120 months 9.6%apr first national basic lending rate at £51.41 per month. All went well keep payments upto date never missed our was late paying. Then in january 2006 we remortgaged our house and decided to pay both loans off i called and asked for redemption statement this is what i got for the £12000.00 loan Balance of account outstanding as at 10/01/06 £11.399.16 Add interest to the date of settlement £40.49 Add future charges £6105.48 Total amount payable before rebate £17545.13 Less amount of rebate if any £5787.83 Add redemption charge £200.00 Total amount payable for settlement on 13/01/06 £11.957.30 For the £2530.00 loan was as follows Balance of account outstanding as at 10/01/06 £2573.68 Add interest to the date of settlement £19.95 Add future charges £4004.15 Total amount payable before deducting rebate £6597.58 Less amount of rebate if any £3793.78 Total amout payable for settlement on 13/01/06 £2803.80 The solicitors dealing with are remorgage sent they funds to first national to settle are accounts with them on the 18/01/06. All was well till june 2006 i recieved a letter from first national saying i had defaulted on the £2530.00 loan by not paying my monthly payments. I rang first national and explained that this account had been settled along with the other one they told me that the £12000.00 had been settled but had not recieved funds for this one. I told them i would go back to my morgage company and ask them whats happened i would then contact them once i new. At the time then i was called to ireland to attended a close relatives funeral the 14th family member me and my partner had lost in the last 18 months, i also miscarried my baby i was carrying at 4 half months pregnant , we were ment to move house aswell but 3 weeks before we were going to sign the contracts the buyer pulled out because somebody else down are street gazumped us.So you could say i was not on top of things at this stressfull time and forgot to ring the morgage company when i got back from ireland.But then on the 2nd august 2006 i recieved a letter from a company called asset link capital saying they had bought the sale of my debt and i owed them the money now and they wanted full repayment within 10 days or they would start legal proceedings. I phoned asset link and explained that the account should of been settled in jan 2006 by my morgage company and that i still needed to talk to my morgage company regarding this matter and would contact them soon as i found anything out. To be honest it was the summer holidays and i had my two children at home aged 6 and 2 and with every thing else on top that had happened i put it two one side to deal with when i found some spare time to sit and ring morgage company when i did ent have the kids around. September arrived and got kids back to school got my list of things to do and companys to ring but unfortunatley was rushed to hospital after being very ill and in alot of pain. I suffer with endometriosis and have been ill with it for last 4 years but the pain got unbearable in september so was taken in two hospital spent 4 days there and test revieled that the endometriosis had got worse and they had found a big cyst on my right ovarie this is what was causing the pain so was sent home with very strong pain reliefe tramadol to be procise and await for a appointment to come trough to go back into hospital for a operation to have surgery to correct things. 30TH OF OCTOBER 2006 recieves a letter from asset link saying they had today made an application to the court for a charging order on my property to secure the above named company's judgment against you. I recieved the court papers which said before district judge mchale sitting at northhampton county court on 10/10/06 without hearing it is orderd that judgment be entered against the defendant payable in full forthwith. Date order made 10/10/06 date order drawn 19/10/06. I filled in all the relevant court papers explained my circumstances and offered to pay the arrears and then pay £60 pound a month on dd nearly £8 more a month than i was repaying with first national. Whilst all this had been going on we applied for a secure loan with freedom finance on the 8/10/06 because we had fallen behide with are mortgage payments with losing my income. We had to repay arrears in full the morgage company said they could not add arrears to the term of the mortgage as they dont offer this facility. After many hiccups i was relieved that the funds were ready to be issued from the loan company on the 04/12/2006 which ment i could pay all the morgage arrears off plus other debts that we had fallen behide on it did ent help lloyds tsb had taken nearly £2000.00 in unlawfull bank charges since sept 2006 they had taken £480 out on the 01/12/06 for one months charges and left us with no money and i was begining to panic with christmas approaching and having 2 small children to buy presents for but was now relieved i was going to get cheque in the post in next couple of days. This is were the **** hit the pan pardon the punt i got a phone call on the 05/12/06 from freedom finance saying they had to stop the funds being relised because asset link had placed a interim order on our property and had a application for a charging order,so freedom could not register as second charge over our property and could not become third charge as this is not allowed. The postman arrived late morning on 05/12/06 when i opended post there was a letter from asset link confirming what freedom had said with the attached court order basically saying the application will be heard at 15 30 on 12th jan 2007 at cardiff county court, cardiff civil justice center when a judge will decide whether the charge created by this order should continue (with our without modification) or should be discharged. the total was for £3010.08 plus £110 court costs. I imediatley rung asset link and asked why they had done this when i had offered to pay a higher monthly payment i was told that on my expenditure sheet i sent to the court i could of offered to pay a extra £15 a month on top of my offer with what exspenses i had going in and out. I ask the lady on the phone could they not of wrote to me asking me to put forward a higher offer of a monthly offer rather than going trough all this she said no. I was sick with worry now had recieved a letter from morgage company to attend court on the 03/12/2007 because of my morgage arrears,had creditors ringing me none stop and treatning to send baliffs round if i did not pay up i had a default registerd against me for my credit card,and worst of all i had no money now to buy my childrens christmas presents.I rang freedom finance back and disscused my options they said the best thing to do was to pay asset link out of the loan money plus my morgage arrears which then left me with no money to pay other creditors but my main concern was to get my mortgage sorted out as mortgage no 5 were not budging a inch to help me and were hell bent on trying to reposess my house. I got back on the phone to asset link and asked them if freedom finance paid them would they remove the charge and let them take second charge. They gave me redemption figure of £3120.08 i asked them to put it in writing for me and gave them permission to fax it straight over to freedom finance to deal with the lady on the other end of the phone said she would do her best to get it done as quickly as she could but they were very busy and it could take upto 2 weeks to do i was an emotional wreck my now and had enough i new know that the funds from freedom would not arrive in time for christmas so had to go and beg and borrow from friends and family to pay for the childrens present this was very imbarassing. Christmas came and was the worst and most stressfull christmas ever managed to get kids some presents but not much could not afford to buy family and friends anything and ended up at my mums on christmas day for dinner as we could not afford to do a big luxuary shop and buy all the nice things for christmas dinner. 3RD JANUARY 2007 at halifax county court for morgage arrears what a nice way to start the year managed to arrange a payment plan till loan goes through with freedom finance and can pay arrears off but i have been told if i miss one more payment or are late paying it iv had it. When i got home i rang freedom and ask if there had been any progress they said they had wrong asset link numerous times about the letter they needed to compleate the loan asset link kept fubbing them off and saying they would do it straight away but never did. I came off the phone with freedom and rung asset and asked what they were playing at i had asked for this information 4 weeks earlier i had nearly lost my house because of them had the worst christmas ever and had creditors on my back 24 7. I recieved a phone call from freedom the following morning saying they had recieved the fax and are going to finalise everything. The 9th jan 2007 asset got there payment and i recieved a cheque on the 10 jan 2007 what very little was now left for me to repay my other creditors. I recieved a letter on the 16th jan 2007 from asset saying that a entry has been made in the charges register for the sum of money i still owe them.Im on the phone again to asset to find out what the hell is going on they tell me that they did recieve payment on the 09/01/07 but the order still went trough court on the 12/01/07 and a county court order was entered against me but not to worry as they will have it removed and i also noticed that freedom had paid them £3545.70 when settling that was £425.62 more than the redemption figure the man on the end of the phone said they had overpaid and the system was showing £3120.08 and he would arrange for the overpayment to be sent to me. It is wednesday 17th jan 2007 am going in for my operation today operation went well came home was stuck in bed three days as had to be carefull had stitches in my tummy.Sent to the pile of post that needed sorting i have recieved a letter from cardiff county court saying upon reading the evidence filed by the judgement creditor And upon there being no appearance by the judgement debtors the court orders the 1 a final charging order is made confirming that the interim order shall continue without modification. 2 The judgement debtors must pay fixed costs and disbursements of £209.00 this was dated the 12/01/06 was posted on the 23/01/07 and i recieved it on the 26/01/07.I also then recieved a letter from land registry at nottingham which was a b132 notice to a registered proprietor of an application to enter a agreed notice.Then i opended a letter from asset saying we refer to the above matter in which you will recall that a county court judgement was entered against you in respect of the outstanding indebtedness to us. Your agreement states that interst continues to accure both before and after a entry of any judgement blah blah. I gets back on to the phone asset as i still havent recieved my overpament back and why im getting these letters i was told to egnore the letter it was sent out in error i was told my overpayment should be with me soon because it takes 28 days from when they recieved funds from me which was 09/01/07 for it to go through so should recieve cheque on or around the 09/02/07 i was never told about the 28 days when i first spoke to whoever on the 16/01/07. The 9th of feb come and gone it is now 17th of feb my birthday i ring asset again asking were my cheque is i was told there was no refund to come and should not of been told there was the extra £400 was for contractual interest the gentleman on the other end of the phone was really arsy started going on about contractual interest which i did not understand i ask him to send me a copy my account statement showing breakdown of interest ect and i was going to seek legal advice. Two weeks later recieve statement it shows the breakdown of all my payments everymonth then on the 14 aug 2006 it shows adjustment of £102 and fees of £110 then it shows at the bottom of statement 10 jan 2007 £425.62 interest. That means intotal i have paid £714 in dd and £3545.70 to settle account which totals £4259.70 for a loan of £2530 that has only been running 18 months. God im glad thats over feel like iv written my life story lol but please please if there is anyone with any guidance or advice please reply and help me thank you.
  15. hi iv just joined this site today and im so pleased iv found it. I decided i was going to start reclaiming my bank charges after seeing a program on tonight with trevor macdonald last week and relised claiming bank charges back was not as dunting as i first thought.
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