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  1. OK, I recieved a letter yesterday offering me a GOGW which has been paid into my account and I have withdrawn. Can anyone tell me the next steps. Do I write to them thanking them for the GOGW and telling them that I will be taking that balance off the total claim and continue to take them to court!? Also they origionally offered me £720 but have reduced it due to pending charges. Can I include these in my claim. The other question was will I have to move my start date forward to make way for recent charges? As if I had the last couple of months charges on then it will take me over the 6 years from when I origonally claimed. I dont know if I am making sence or not, lol!
  2. Just clicked on that link and it says its had problems logging me out or something.
  3. OK. I sent my LBA and the 2 weeks are up today. I have just rang the complaints dept to see if anything has been actioned and she informed me that a letter was produced on 14th May saying that they need more time to investigate my claim. So i should get that letter today. So now is the time I need to get cracking on the court stage of my claim but I dont have the money to be able to submit my case. I am on income support at the moment and saw somewhere that I may be able to get help in paying for the costs. Can anyone point me in the right direction for this info? I need to get this sorted ASAP as Im getting in serious debt at the hands of the abbey putting more charges on my account. I have opened a new account now which I am actively using but I am in serious trouble with rent arrears due to the abbey constantly taking charges from my account befor my rent is due to go out. Im getting quite anxious now as I need this money. Sorry to waffle but its so hard with 2 young kids on my own.
  4. Can you let me know if you got a GOGW from the abbey and at what stage of your claim? Also how much the GOGW was for and how much the total claim was. Hope you dont mind and thanks in advance xxxx
  5. OK, just got back off my hols on Monday and have the standard letter from the Abbey "we are sorry you are unhappy and felt you needed to complain blah blah blah" from what I have read this is their usual reply. The 14 days is up on monday so will get my LBA ready. Im hoping that they make a GOGW before I have to take them to court as I have no money at the moment whatso ever and am behind on my rent. Plus they are taking out another 85 pound in charges on the 4th. Its really getting me down now. I have so much debt stacking up and really need this money from them but dont have the money to be able to take them to court to get it. Sory Im going onto a rant now so will stop. Just getting a bit worried that i wont be able to go through wit hit. Can some or you let me know if and when you got a GOGW? Thanks a lot xxx:(
  6. Right, I took my Prelim letter and my Data Protection LBA into town to post recorded delivery today. But decided that rather than doing that I took them both into my branch to be sent through their internal mail. I got a reciept from the cashier but it was hand written. Is that OK? She has signed it and put date and that its to the complaints dept in milton keynes. Now just gotta sit back and wait it out.
  7. Also, just how do I show the estemated part on the complex spreadsheet? Do I enter the estemated amount at the top in the brown box? If so the how do I transfer it over to the 8% interest side of it (I know I cant use this yet but need to know Im doing it right).
  8. Thanks a lot for that phil. You might regret saying I can ask anything, Im full of stupid questions, lmao. From the statements I already have Ive worked out that on average I was charged 68.00 a month, so multiplying that by the 32 months I am missing info on works out as 2176.00.Should I enter a figure slightly higher than this? Using this figure it takes my claim to 4896.00.
  9. Hello, I have asked this in my thread but dont seem to be getting any reply so thught I would post it here. I sent my SAR on 03/03/07 and recieved the most recent 14 months statements the same week. My 10.00 fee was debited from my account on 12/03/07. The 40 days allowed is up today. I have the letter ready to send them if it doesnt arrive today. The question I have is can I send in my prelim letter based on an esimated amount? I have 40 months statements to work on. I ask this as I saw on the DPA non-compliance thread its suggests sending prelim approach for repayment at the same time but with an esimated amount. Sorry if this doesnt make much sence but any advice would be greatly recieved. Thanks xxxx
  10. Right, I have just rang and spoken to the complaints dept as the 40 days is up tomorrow and still not recieved the microfishe. There is nothing on my account to say they have been sent out. So....I have my letter ready to print off and pop in post tomorrow giving them another 7 days before taking further action. I read on the Templates forum where I got this letter from and it mentioned sending prelim letter at the same time by estimating the charges for the period I am missing statements for. Is this something I could do as I really wanted to send prelim before going on my hols on monday. If it is something I can do then how do I go about showing that its estemated on the spreadsheet?
  11. I had this as well! I got the most recent 14 months worth of statement pretty soon after sending my SAR. Then got a letter saying that the rest would follow in the form of microfishe. Im still waiting for this part of it and the 40 days is up on friday. As far as the charges etc not being on the duplicate statements, I just went through them all as it shows on the transaction details but not seperately. HTH xxxx
  12. Hey, I dont htink this is the right place to post this so I am sorry if I have done it wrong. I have decided to claim contractual interest instead of the standard 8%. Please can someone guide me as to how I can change this in the spreadsheet so it automatically calculates the contractual rate. Also any idea where I can find the rate I need to use? Many thanks in advance xxxx
  13. Also I just rang Abbey and spoke to a lady just to see what the progress is on the microfishe and she said they were requested on 08/03 but she said that she has sent a "chase up" through, has anyone had this and in your experience does it actually work? She also took my contact number incase they needed to get hold of me!?!?
  14. I understand the interest part of it and have already started filling the spreadsheet out for the statements I already have. But there are charges for 20.00 that says in the description "you went over your overdraft limit" On a few months I have been charged this as well as the overdraft interest. Its this fee that I need to know whether or not I can claim back.
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