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  1. no response from bank to my first dpa letter....nothing!! should I just send the second one now? I did send it recorded delivery . dolanmusic
  2. thanks.....wondering if I have to file my claim in England or whether I can do it online, or just locally..
  3. Why would this be difficult? I live in the U.K. so surely UK banking laws apply? any specific reasons? dolanmusic
  4. any ideas about this complicating my claim? Ive sent off my dpa letter about 4 weeks ago with no response so far. dolanmusic
  5. looks like ive lost my marbles then
  6. Ok here it is I think this is a good idea, and its shared so give it wings I will try to keep it brief A PRICE COLLECTIVE or a CONSUMER CLUB/UNION the idea being that lets say 50,000 individuals combined together to request a 20% discount from a particular retail outlet, say a supermarket. If they failed to agree to this discount then a vote could be taken amongst the members on whether to boycott the stores in question. The more members the greater the power. in fact with maybe a million members a club like this has serious clout. Now this may be considered in some way blackmail. Im not sure of the implications here. But lets just say we could do it........the implications for the consumer are far reaching. Many companies would happily sign up in the hope of instant turnover. Price war???? I wonder if there are any budding economists willing to give their opinion on this. themusicman ps or am i losing my mind?
  7. ok , maybe best to keep it simple then. letter is ready , and printed, which in itself feels great. Going to make a good donation on completion of this. worries me slightly that i live in northern ireland now and my bank is in manchester, although the online small claims thing may help considerably. would have difficulty having to file action in manchester although if i have to i will. what also concerns me is the impending ruling from the o.f.t. which may override my claim, though i guess i should just get on with this, as ive been ripped off for so so long, every single month,. they wont give me a £2,000 loan to clear the debt even though i had no problem in obtaining a £150,000 mortgage recently through another financial establishment. They like me being bad at handling my money. im convinced they wont give me a loan cause they know theyre making more from me now. anyway rant over thanks all
  8. why is it six years most people go with? if i could claim further back they'd owe me another £3000/£4000 over another 6 years at a rough estimate.
  9. where do i send my initial letter to? the branch where i bank? im with barclays
  10. what im asking is...... is it important to send the first letter or could i just save time by calling them and asking for the last 6 years of statements? me
  11. so where do i start. Im a Barclays customer. Im one of many who every month just creeps over their overdraft limit and is charged £60 or so every month for years and years. What is my first step? How do i calculate what I have paid out in charges? steve
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