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  1. Well long story short. Had an Abbey mortgage & remortgaged to sub-prime to wrap up some other debt into it. Would 100% have been mis-sold under current rules but this was in Spetember 2003. I know the usual cut off is 2004 but I would love to get some payback on this. My house was repossessed in 2006 & I still pay every month for the shortfall 10 years later!!
  2. My poor sister-in-law is having a dreadful run of luck at the moment & this is by no means the worst thing that's happened to her lately!! She was at a training day at work when a Ford Transit reversed into her and caused £2.5k worth of damage. Her insurance company have said they can't claim through them as she is not covered for business use (silly girl). My question is, can she still claim against the other persons insurance as she is not at fault? She has asked the local authority for the CCTV so she can prove she was stationary and we don't know if he is going to contest liability, the transit had no damage. She is definitely not covered by her own insurance Thanks
  3. And I forgot to say. This loan no longer shows up on my credit file so will the default?
  4. I took out a Welcome secured loan in about 2003 for about 10k. The house was repossessed by Kensington in 2006 and i have lived in a rented property since. I have not repaid any of this loan since about 2006 as I tried to sort myself out. They have not contacted me for years and years but today I received a default notice under section 87(1) of the consumer credit act 1974. It states I entered into an agreement with them and failed to keep up payments. They say to remedy the breach I must pay them about £22.5k by xxxxdate. They go on to say if I don't they may progress legal action for repayment and go on to say I owe them just short of £20k!! I'm confused, surely both amounts should be the same. I seem to vaguely remember they said I had to have £5k PPI added in order to qualify for the loan but it was 10 years ago do I can't remember exact details. I don't have the loan agreement anymore. What should I do, how should I approach this? Thanks
  5. Thank you. I guess the best way forward is to get a breakdown of the account and look into the legality of the agreement and the transfer between the two (egg & Capquest)
  6. And all of the other issues regarding unenforcable credit agreements, are they still relevant if it is pre-2007. Also, are they allowed to levy charges? Thanks for your advice on this
  7. The SD was just a threat and the credit agreement was the usual egg crap. No signature, wrong wording etc but in the current climate probably not worth pursuing. T he main issue for me is, under what circumstances is the interest rate on the old card, no longer chargeable by the new debt owners? I say this because this was a completely delinquent account and has since dropped off my credit record
  8. It doesn't show up on my credit record btw. It dropped off about 2 years ago as it defaulted in 2004
  9. This card became defaulted in about 2005. I CCA'd Capquest in about 2009 and got the original agreement etc from Egg. I reclaimed about £260 in charges from Egg at this time so this will still be added to the Capquest debt. I was bullied into making payments to Capquest when they sent me a statutory demand. The card was opened in about 2002 btw. I don't ever remember seeing a notice of assignment but that doesn't mean I haven't been sent one. £50 per month is just about affordable but I am just really concerned that this debt is still £1300 more than the bought it for, Thanks Woodwa5
  10. I am currently paying back £50 per month on an egg credit card debt now owned by Capquest. I have paid every month bar 1, last November when I missed a month because I was skint. Over the last week I have started getting phone calls from them. I answered one to tell them to go away when they told me they had written 29 times and I hadn't responded. Now that's clearly utter rubbish as I have received no correspondance from them since 2011. I answered the security questions (I know, I've been stupid) and the first thing they did was say I owe them £5200. Now I know the debt on transfer was £3955 and I have paid a good £1500 off that. How on earth can it still be so high?! My plan is this: 1) never answer the phone to them again 2) write a letter of complaint regarding 29 'lost' letters and them being careless with my personal information 3) request an up to date statement of account What interest rate are they aloud to charge? The account was defaulted when they purchased it I know it's a lot if questions Thanks
  11. Thanks, I'll do that. I do have a legal background (all be it criminal) so I'll treat this like any other case
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