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  1. Hi, I recently wrote to B'card asking them for a total of £240 which was made up of the £10 access cheque, 180-ish in charges 2001-2007, and the rest in 8% stat interest. They wrote back with a total refusal. What do I do now? Do i have to court to go or does a second letter do any good? I have been through the procedure several times before with HSBC, Cap one, Halifax and Egg, but they all offered at least SOMETHING on the initial letter. Any advice would be gratefully received! Cheers Ant
  2. I am currently at the stage where I sent a letter off, the initial letter asking for about £2,100. As seems to be the stance now, they wrote back totally refusing anything. I then re-calculated with the 8% stat. interest giving them 14 days before court, and that was now 14 days ago. So i guess now it's moneyclaimonline time right? Any advice appreciated!
  3. That's good to know, I sent back the rejection letter to their initial £56 offer and asked now for £357, which is £300 plus the statutory interest. I also asked that they sent me a cheque or put it into a nominated account rather than just deducting it from the money I owe on my card. Thanks for the input, it's encouraging!
  4. Nice one mate, thanks very much for the info, will get the template letter sent off pronto!
  5. Sent off a request for £300 from egg, which was purely made up of £300 in 15x£20 charges. They have come back and offered me a paltry £56!! I am planning to write again with the LBA asking for that PLUS the contractual compounded interest now and see how i get on. Anyone know where I can find a tool to work this out? Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the info tiglet - this is very important because i do have a loan left with them which would totally swallow my two grand. How do i go about it? Write on the initial demand that only a cheque will do? It's so sly that they do that, surely it's against the terms of the loan!?
  7. Hi. So far I have taken £918 from HSBC and £132 from Capital One. Today i got the statements through for two accounts with Halifax that amount to £2,100 between them. Tomorrow I will send off the 14 day LBA to Halifax asking for that amount, and I just wanted to know if anyone could tell me what to expect from them as a standard response.....like for exanple HSBC take a few weeks to get back to you then offer about 85% of what you're asking for. What do Halifax generally do? Thanks, Ant
  8. Hi, Put in a request for £340 for a capital one account that ran from 2001 to 2003, that was just charges and no contractual or stat. interest. Today i got a cheque from Capital One for £132 which was the usual money over £12 for each charge. If I bank this cheque, can i just accept it as part payment? There is nothing in the letter about this obliging me to end the matter here, though of course that is what they intend for me to do of course. Any advice welcomed!
  9. Okay i got a letter back today from cap one saying they were looking into my request - 2 weeks after i sent the 14day LBA. I have asked for £348 which are the charges alone, but now i am going to fill in the N1 like i did with HBSC (only to come home and find a satisfactory offer on the doormat the same day, not that i expect the same from Cap 1). I am going to now amend my request for the £348 plus compounded interest at the rate they charged me - about 17%APR. A lot of those charges are 4 yrs old at least so will add up quite nicely. If anyone sees any mistakes in what I am doing, let me know! Ta
  10. Well this is all rather confusing when it comes to interest. I have already claimed back succesully £918 from HSBC so am not a total novice. I am now waiting for the statements from Halifax on two accounts - so far they have taken 42 days. When this information does turn up though, am i allowed to whack the statutory interest on then? Or is that only if it goes to court? Secondly i am also claiming back charges on my egg/capital one cards. Surely i'm allowed to charge them the interest back immediately? After all, it's only the 17% that they have been charging me on all those £20's etc. I have read through the threads on here trying to glean information but i still can't find a definitive answer as there is so much conflicting advice on the subject. I need an expert! Any clear, solid advice appreciated Ant
  11. That looks fine to me - i agree with you about asking for statutory interest, backed up by the threat of amending the claim to include compounded contractual instead if they don't cough up. I have already claimed £918 from HSBC and am now going through all my dead card accounts, got a letter back from Capital one today saying they were looking into my claim for £340. I didn't ask for any interest yet as i am rather confused about which stage you are allowed to ask for interest at. Can i re-submit it with interest or have i missed the boat if i didn't ask for it in the first instance? Also have my egg and an old barclaycard to go too....
  12. Currently i have sent them all the details i have, basically the most i could see of the account number was by looking at my current account statements from which i had made payments to the card, so was able to give them the 1234 56** **** 1234 so hopefully even with some numbers missing they will be able to use my name, address and D.O.B to find the details. I've sent them the postal order for £10 and the 40 day request for all the information, but that was all sent 7 days ago now so i imagine I will have to wait a bit longer. As soon as i've got that lot i'll be sending it right back with the 14day LBA.
  13. i think you'll be fine with the leeds address, that was the one that dealt with my claim also. Even if it is the wrong one (which i am sure it isn't) they would forward it on for you. All the best with the claim!
  14. Hi, Just wondered if anyone knew anything about this.... I held an account with capital one between June 2001 and Nov 2003 and was charged at least 10 times so it's worth getting in back. I have no record of the account numbers though? I am still at the same address that the account was registered to, so can i just write in asked for the all the statements in 40days with a cheque for a tenner and hope they can find my account using my address? I have exactly the same situation with barclaycard. Already got £918 out of HSBC so after the rest now! Thanks for any advice, Ant
  15. Hi, Put in a claim for £1071 with the LBA, another £50 charge was added by the time they replied but they offered £918 and I agreed to settle. Thanks to all the advice given on here, will now try with my smaller account and old credit card charges!
  16. Hi, I really need some advice on this -story so far is as follows. Total charges were £1071 on Jan 30th when I sent my LBA. I received a letter saying they'd look into it. Nothing further happened so YESTERDAY (1st March) I went into court and filed my claim against them, this time for £1265 as I had since been charged another £50, and I also added on the statutory interest bringing it up to the new total. Today I received a letter dated 28th Feb saying "you've asked for £1071, We are offering you £918". WHAT DO I DO? I am £600 overdrawn and could really do with the money, but.... 1. I feel a bit cheated cos the amount has since risen and they are responding (understandably,since I only submitted the new amount of £1265 yesterday) to the old sum of £1071, so I'd like them to have a chance to respond to the new figure 2. I have a feeling that if i carried on and held out a few weeks, they'd offer the full amount - basically I want to know if people think I am practically guaranteed to get the full amount. Of course I understand that it is not actually guaranteed until the money is in my hands. All opinions gratefully received! Thanks, Ant
  17. I have just returned (having stayed up for hours finding the correct forms, printing off mountains of statements) from the county court where I gave in my two copies, paid the fee and signed the court action forms, asking HSBC to give me back the £1265 they owe me according to the rules. Looking at the step by step instructions I am a bit confused about whether the bank now have 14 days from today or 28 until I win by default, or does this all depend on their response to my court claim? Do they get 14 days if they don't respond at all, and 28 if they give some acknowledgement, or what? Feels good to have taken the leap though as I sent my LBA 4 weeks ago and all i got was a letter saying they'd "investigate" the matter and let me know. I chased them after the 14 days was up and was then told that due to the volume of customers now asking for their money back, THEIR time scale was 8 weeks. After getting some advice off this site I was left in no doubt that I should go to court immediately to let them know I meant business. Feels good to be taking action against this injustice! Good luck to all, and thanks for any replies to this
  18. Hi, I sent in a claim for £1071 charged in last few years to HSBC along with the 14 day letter saying if they didn't cough up i'd take them to court. They sent a response back acknowledging my letter and said they'd look into it. After 14 days I called and said they had had their 14days and not given me my money. I was advised that THEIR timescale for dealing with this was 8 weeks even if mine was 14 days. It has now been 4 weeks since i first sent my letter and I have a feeling that when the 8 weeks is up they are just going to turn round and say no - should i go ahead and just file this in court now? I tried to use the moneyclaim online thing but it wanted £120 from me, and furthermore I have read that people on benefits such as myself may get the court fees waived. So yes, what should i do? Wait the 8 weeks out, or file it in court now? Any ideas would be gratefully received!! Cheers, Ant
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