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  1. well this is all very strange let me explain did the usual letters but sent them my local branch not head office filled n1 in put local branch on that i heard nothing from abbey so after 14 days asked for a judgement and got one by default in my favour still nothing from abbey so i rings the clowns at customer complaints and they said i had made a mistake putting local branch on n1 so i said i think not and if they not pay me ill phone the press and send the bailiffs that seemed to wake him up but i was still worried id made a mistake so i sent a copy of the judgement and a letter saying pay me or bailiffs would be sent to local branch and guess what on thursday a check arrived for full amount ......... but wait for it on saturday another check arrived for the same amount a mistake on abbeys part ha ha ha you wait for months sendin letters they tell you you not due it back then they not defend n send not 1 but to checks im still laughing .... id like 2 say a big thank u to everyone on here 4 help and 2 martin with out u all i could not have done it now im gonna do the wifes bank ..... dave
  2. i have won by default with my bank charges against abbey i have waited and waited and still nothing from abbey no letter phone call or money so i rang them and was told it was because i put the wrong address on my n1 formi put local branch not head office i rang the court and they said that this doesnt matter are they right also i feel its time for me to get the bailiffs in my claim is for £1080 anyone any idea how much this will cost me thanks for any help.......... dave
  3. does anyone know the phone number direct to abbey,s legal department thanks for your help
  4. thanks guys very helpful i recived a copy of the judgement from the court dated 3/7/07 so i guess i have to wait 14 days now before i can visit the bailiffs office also the judgement was in default i guess this is because abbey never got in touch with the court does the default bit make any difference thanks again for all the help i am grateful
  5. i have phoned the court all they did was send me a few leaflets about getting the bailiffs am worried now that i didnt put registered address on n1 form thought it would be ok if i put local branch on it ive phoned customer complaints at abbey and they said someone would ring me back within 24 hours as i said i was getting in touch with the bailliffs and the media thought that might get them moving but nothing no phone call or letter or email anyone any ideas
  6. well this is very confusing i started my claim against abbey put in my n1 form to the court heard nothing from abbey waited the 14 days still heard nothing from abbey so asked court for a judgement they gave me a judgement in my favour by default as abbey had not responded to the court the thing is the only letters ive had from abbey were from their customer complaints dept the usuall wait 4 weeks the thing i need to know are on my n1 form i put my local branch address not head office did i mess up i have the judgement ive written to abbey customer complaints and local branch saying give me the money ive also emailed inga and have had no responce anyone know why is my next step bailliffs i have also rung abbey but am getting no where can anyone help id be very grateful as im confused thanks all
  7. anyone know inga,s email address or phone number dont know her surname hope you know who i mean thanks all
  8. well i start thinking maybe i should ring customer complaints at abbey and ask for the money so i ring by this stage im more than ****ed off with abbey i tells the clown from abbey i have this judgement and i want my money he tells me wait 8 weeks they will get round to my case i tell him kiss my arse and he has a week or i will send the balliffs in and contact the media that seemed to wake him up and he said send him a letter and they would fast track it but that was days ago and im feeling they are messing me about how long do i have to wait before i can send balliffs in im a bit unsure if i can do that or even if abbey can still challenge this judgement any help id be grateful for thanks all
  9. well i put my claim in for my bank charges back from abbey got the usual rubbish back from them you know wait 4 weeks ect so i waited and waited then another letter arrived wait another 4 weeks sod that i thought so off i trots to the local court pays my 80 quid and hand in my n1 form thats it i think abbey will really start messing with my head now but nothing no letters phone calls im thinking have i done something wrong on my form let me add i put the address of my local branch not the head office on the form so i rings the court they were very nice and said my form was ok and they could not understand why abbey had not put in a defence or even replyied well im thinking they have 14 days they are bound to put in a defence but no so after 14 days off i go to court with my form to ask for a judgement in my favour i hand the form in a week goes by every day im thinking abbey are bound to challenge this but no nothing no letter no phone call off abbey im thinking im invisible at this point so 3 days ago i get a judgement in my favour off the court (in default) now im thinking what do i do next to get my money any help out there
  10. well this is a strange one i was all geared up for a fight with abbey first of all i sent them a court summons i sent this to my local branch not the head office .... a mistake i thought so i rang the court and asked them and they said its up to abbey to pass the summons on to thier legal dept and i had not made a mistake i was very worried because i have heard nothing from abbeys legal people just thier complaints dept who didnt seem to know id even taken a summons out so now the summons is being processed and i should win by default unless abbey say they have not recived the summons has this happened to anyone else the guy at the court seemed to think it was unusuall im only claiming 1300 but is a lot to me thanks all dave
  11. i had the same problem as you so i rang the clowns at abbey they said as it was a goodwill payment it not effect my claim ......... oh yes ill trust them so i rang the court a very nice woman there said the same as it does not say full and final payment so spend it and carry on
  12. was worried had filled court form in wrong and was wrong in sending it to my local branch as ive heard nothing from abbey and if they not submit defence by 4pm mon 18 june i win so i phoned the court and they said it all ok .......... big worry gone but still think they will respond they got 2 days
  13. still no reply to my court summons abbey legal dept still not phoned me not sure if thats a good or bad thing just a bit worried i sent summons to local branch of abbey rather than their head office any one kno if i made a mistake in doing this
  14. i sent abbey a summons then a week later got a good will payment so i sent them a letter saying stick your goodwill payment i want it all i have issued a summons but then i noticed they had already put the goodwill payment in my account so i rang complaints dept and spoke to some clown there it seemed to come as a big surprise i had issued abbey a summons but he said keep the payment it will not effect your claim but i kept a copy of the letter i sent saying stick it in case they start any funny buisiness in court i think if letter does not say this is full n final settlement sue them for the money you are owed
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