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  1. Thanks a lot But the problem Is that, Nattie's post only gives an explanation of the various charges, It doesn't actually say what can or can not be claimed
  2. Hi folks Just began the process of claiming from Natwest A touch of help is needed please How do Claim this sort? entry in the statement as shown 20 Jun: Charges:- SERVICE FEE 7 MAY - 4 JUN £6.00 PER PERIOD INTEREST 7 MAY - 4 JUN £14.00 What is really claimable here? I know referral fee can be claimed, am just confused with this sort of entry which appears quite alot Any advice would be appreciated Thanks good people
  3. Thanks a lot I will copy and paste that to the letter Or does anyone else got a different one? Many thanks once again
  4. I am currently trying to claim from Barclays Which is the best address to send this letter ' Letter - Preliminary approach for repayment'
  5. She was forced to convert her overdraft into a loan, hence charged a fee of 600. In any case, this was an overdraft gone over the agreed amount, hence barclays converted it to a loan, then charged her for it
  6. I am in the process of making a claim for a friend, I was just going through the paper work and I came across 'Barclays Resolve Loan' To brief - My friend had an overdraft which was later on converted into loan, she signed It as a loan agreement with barclays sometime in 2004: The amount overdrawn at that time was £2000 which they turned in to a loan. She has been making regular payments to clear It an as of now, the balance remaining is about £400 My Questions are There is/was a phrase in the loan agreement as termed 'Total Charge for credit' = £600: Can this be claimed back if so, how? Can interest acrued on this loan be claimed, if so how? Many thanks good people
  7. Hi Friends Just to let you all know that Natwest have now paid me Date of Payment: 13/04/07 Time of Payment: 12.18 lunchtime Days passed since Settlement letter Sent: 8 For those of you who are still waiting, Natwest will pay within 14 days of receipt of the Settlement forms: I personally beg to differ with the folks claiming that phoning Natwest speeds up things - I don't think thats the case, In anyway, patience pays at times: Now am going for Barclays - hehe - I closed the a/c in 2001, so thats gonna be a hard fight, but at least I have spare funds - hehe: My Barclays claim is less than 500, but am gonna fight tooth and nail for that
  8. Have you ever thought of claiming the charges back?
  9. Allow thee to quote .... "Be not astonished at new ideas; for it is well known that a thing does not therefore cease to be true because it is not accepted by many." Allow thee to 'un-quote' Ok lets not get this in to a slinging match, we are all here to offer support and be offered the very same, I also concur with thee proverb - There is honor even among thieves - so why not us? hehehe
  10. Everybody above me - apart from ReverendBlackGrape - Is just not telling you the truth Well, Natwest are currently asserting that It takes 14 days for the money to get in to your account: I repeat, 14 working days: Now If the 14 days have elapsed and you are still yet to see the fruits of your labor, I strongly suggest you contact them ASAP
  11. Take the money they have offered, then start a fresh claim afterwards for the remaining £170
  12. Thats a quick correction - hehe
  13. Be careful with that figure - £6110 Small claims court - max claim is £5000 Anyway good luck - you will eventually get your money Over to NATTIE the professor lol
  14. My point exactly Its not a matter of them telling you what to do, Its actually the vice versa Anyway, Good luck - lol
  15. You should have followed exactly what the template letter says (enclose the £10 fee): The mistake you did was to follow Natwest's advice over the phone, i.e enclose £5 - they have been telling people exactly that:
  16. Right, Just brief me .... Have they returned the £5 pound postal order with your original letter? If answer is no, can you get proof they have cashed It (You can do this if you have a photocopy of the original postal order) + a few details And just assuming they have cashed It, Is it possible for you to draft a letter informing them that they have already cashed the fee, hence should give you the required information requested as per DPA act, failure to do that- will prompt you to complain to the DPA But on a different note, why did you send £5? The statutory fee is actually £10: The template used in here advices you submit £10 as this is what the law says:
  17. You have to draft a warning letter to them - inform them that you are very upset with their delaying tactics, your initial 40 days deadline is ticking and that since you have enclosed the statutory fee twice (of Which they have re mailed back to you), you could and will use that as evidence when you report them to the body dealing with DPA
  18. @Sparkie Did you represent yourself by any chance?
  19. To succeed in life, one must have the courage to pursue what he wants - so the saying goes Kudos to Mr Brennan @NATTIE I remember George Bush once said - after the September 11 bombings "Either they are with us, or with them" to mean - 'If you are not on our side as regards war on terror, then you must be on their side' (their) referring to the bad guys with long beards, Kalashnikov weapons, radicalized views and a different way of lifestyle Hehehe - off course I don't buy in to that: Literally, that Is ... hehehe @Fendy Hello there
  20. If your Overdraft is 800, and you are claiming 3500, surely, you will still be better off ... lets do the maths 3500 - 800 = 2700 Assuming you are not over the limit, you will be better off by 2700: and just assuming you still have your overdraft facility, you will be better of by3500, In other words - Its a win win situation, so where is the problem? Please note my take on this is purely based on assumptions
  21. NATTIE says "I am a little skeptical he chose to speak to the media prior to the case going to court." My take I don't think that will have any remification If anything, this is a very high profile case and am sure the Judge in question is aware of It: The populace (Claimants) as an audience, would prefer the whole litigation to be promulgated: well, for the obvious reasons which I don't want to go into at this moment of time, but anyway:- Remember the old proverb, there is no such thing as bad publicity except your own obituary. To sum up, I believe and hope that any foreseen media circus as regards the case, should be curtailed: One would strongly detest, a mediocre Yankee like, Hollywood court case fiasco... media circus as my friend Philip would put It: We all want a fair system, and the sooner the media joins in, the better It is for all consumers (mtamu is not a lawyer, am just a poor Graduate Engineer who has suffered a great deal - Financially that Is - as a result of unfair Bank Charges) lol And on a sombre note, I also hope that a non compos mentis is entered against one of the majority shareholders of NATTER WEST bank ... hehehe: That would spice up this whole issue of Bank charges: Its time for some senior heads to roll .. but do I say? hehehe
  22. @NATTIE Which side are you on? Lol, cant wait to disentangle thee dictum once the outcome becomes known:
  23. Haha .. thats a funny one On a serious note Mr Brennan is really a tough dude, One can not imagine how nerve recking It is for him right now: I personally wish him all the best: Question/s for Nattie Has his action (Mr Brennman) caused some stir within Natwest? Are your bosses running scared?
  24. Correction/s: mtamu not 'mtabu' lol Its ok I was only trying to bring some humor colors - Its actually my new hobby, I blame Natwest for that .. hehehe
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