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  1. Start court proceedings immediately against them, they did the same with me, so i just went ahead and issued court proceedings, soon as they got the court summons, they wrote to me offering me the full lot, many other people have told me that they have done the same so this seems to be a common occurance.
  2. cheers mate, i am just writing the court fee cheque for crap one, for my first account, i will deal with the other one tomorrow, i am just going for the statutory 8%, no doubt will let you know what goes on.
  3. Following wendys recent success i am about to issue an N1 form today against crap one, the only problem i have is that when i started my correspondence with crap one about my charges, the first one being 2nd March 2001 and there onwards, now i am about to go to court, some of the charges from March 2001 to September 2001 are over six years, so do i still include them or not, as i dont want the judge to throw the case out for being incorrect and neither do i want crap one to fight it knowing i am claiming wrongly..... please help urgently as i want to send this form off today
  4. Congratulations wendy, i recently received a letter from Ellie Renshaw at Crap one stating that they are not prepared to offer any more money towards my claim, im claiming £1500, they are offering £408 (disgusting!) and he also states that it is his final offer and he wont be changing it, so should i just put a claim in at my court court for the charges as well as the 8% interest that i have been asking for all along, or do i now put in a claim for CI as well as my charges?
  5. Got a letter this morning from the DJ, he says he is aware of high court case, so in the meantime is staying all cases!, what a load of rubbish!
  6. icy where does that paragraph of yours about the test case fit on the N1 form, as i am just about to send mine off against crap one to Oldham cc.
  7. well i was just about to apply to oldham cc with a new claim against Crap One, i thought the test case doesnt apply to credit cards, as their was a credit card test case in 2006?
  8. ICY, i too am in Rochdale, and wasnt quite sure which court to go with. So i went with Oldham, Barclays just put a defence in, so i rang court to find out the situation and they have stated most if not all cases will be stayed.
  9. hi dee, is their any chance that i too could have a copy of the N1 form that you have sent to the courts for crap one, as i am in exactly the same position as you, ready to file at court, a bit stuck with the form, your help would be much appreciated.
  10. I sent three copies of the court documents off to the court claiming the amount plus 8% interest, the court stamped my copy and sent it back, stating barclays have until 30th July 2007 to respond. They havent even acknowledged the court forms, what next? and they have til 4pm today to do it.
  11. thank you, i will fill in claim form up to date and charge 8% interest and lets see what happens, they already settled my business account immediately but are being arrogant with my current account.
  12. I issued all the usual letters to Barclays and they fobbed me off with their usual low offers, now I am about to issue court proceedings against them, however in the mean time i have had more charges added to the account, do i include these in the N1 form as well?..... im just not sure and i dont want to get it wrong, any help would be much appreciated. thanks
  13. i am in the position where cap 1 have made me offers, which are far less than what they owe me on both my credit cards with them. I am at the stage where i am about to issue N1's in court, however i am worried that if it goes to court the judge might state that i had should have accepted the initial offers made from them and then proceeded to court for the remainder. So what do i do now, do i proceed for the full amounts with standard 8% interest. Also can i issue one court application form for both accounts, saving a court fee or not?
  14. I sent my letter claiming around £1400, that they owe me, they have responded stating that they are refunding my charges but only the difference between £12 and the amounts they charged me, this only totals around £600. They state that £12 is a fair charge. What do i do now?, do i accept or not?
  15. i am owed some charges on my barclaycard, do i just send a standard first letter just the same as the one for my current account or is it different because its a credit card?
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