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  1. sorry forgot to mention that the PCN was for overstay by 7 min
  2. I have recently recieved a PCN. I found that there were no less than 4 signage errors in relation to the parking bay. 1/ Parking spaces were wrong size, 2-3/ There were and single yellow line that was not correctly terminated at one side of the side of the parking bay, and double yellow lines at the other end that weren't terminated. 4/ the sign that said pay at the meter was not a standard sign as defined 'Traffic Signs and General Directions 2002' Will this be sufficient to appeal? Does anyone have a letter template?
  3. RBS sent me cheque for the full amount of my claim + cost and interest. I need to send a letter to MCOL asking them to settle my claim. Does anyone have a template?
  4. I had already filed my claim with MCOL. I phoned RBS the next day and rejected the offer, I was told that the offer thay had made was the 'Only offer that they would make....etc...'. I said that because I had allready filed my claim online when they made the offer I wasn't going to accept it and I would request a Judgement as soon as the 28 day period exspired. Then 36 hours later I had a second letter with settlement for the full amount. £626.
  5. Hi, I filled a claim against RBS for £470 + 8% statutory interest (£120) and the £80 claim fee. Total £670. They have sent me a letter saying that I am in the wrong, but they have made an offer of £470... Basically I don't want to accept... but If I reject the offer what is my chance of success? Any comments
  6. Stuart, When I was at Uni I found that the RBS, Barclays were not very good at giving student overdrafts... However, Nat West and Lloyds threw money at you... When I went to vist friends at another Uni... they said the exact opposite... Basically, whether a bank gives you an OD or not is usually down to the branch manager... Talk to your friends and find a local bank that does give overdrafts... J
  7. Thanks for the info, I have a soft copy so I will print it out and send it off with a copy of the letter.
  8. I have just submitted my claim using http://www.moneyclaim.gov.uk I will let you know the outcome
  9. I am on the second step of reclaiming my bank charges from RBS. I have sent a letter giving them 14 days and I havn't heard anyting. I am now filling a Small Claims Forms using www.moneyclaim.gov.uk I have to put the defendants address in but WHAT ADDRESS DO I USE? It has to be in either England or Wales. Can I use my Branch Address? Or should I use the Head Office in Edinburgh? and file manually? Any advice greatfully recieved.
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