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  1. since my hearing is on 17th will have to take application for removal of stay with me to court since a and l sneakily left it till the last minute will email them that i intend to do this
  2. received order from walsall county court for my claim to be stayed pending conclusion of test case i have 7 days to apply to set aside the order
  3. got letter from wragge and co today, they intend to apply to the court on behalf of a and l for an order to stay my action until resolution of the legal proceedings with the oft.Sent them my bundle on 15th August have not received anything from them surprise surprise... not. should i send letter to court and copy to a and l and wragge and co asking for the court not to stay my action. or wait to hear from court as to whether i,ve been stayed or not ? my hearing is 17th september.
  4. thiopentone

    Quick question

    hi louisi have read on this site somewhere that the fee is about £400 feel free to correct me anyone
  5. Hi gypsum time to get your charges back your next step can be found in the bank templates library letter 2 the preliminary approach for repayment of your charges adapt it to suit your circumstances and attach your schedule of charges without the 8% interest goodluck with your venture
  6. my visa debit card expires end of this month and as you say they usually send replacement well in advance which i havent received yet will let this month salary go into account to clear overdraft then open parachute account so if i receive settlement it wont be used to clear my overdraft like they did with their gogw:p
  7. bundles handed in today hearing set for 17 september if no stay felt good and relieved to hand them over:p
  8. hi all seeking a little help with t`s and c`s, i have been unable to find any for october 2003 and march 2005 any suggestions gratefully received:) i,ve tried using that wayback machine all to no avail could i use same year different month ?
  9. well done mimi hope i`ll be celebrating with you soon
  10. hi mimi need witness statement i think thats the one i need
  11. can i mention in my witness statement that i declined an offer if a and l letter says without prejudice
  12. hi all just getting my bundles together quick question is statement of evidence the same as witness statement?
  13. thanx for that mimi am feeling as nervous as when i first started maybe because the end is in sight
  14. is dj asking for court bundle and statement of witness?
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