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  1. Hi all, A tin of baked beans bought recently exploded yesterday 20/01/08 (expiry date is 2009) messing up my cupboard and several other items in the cupboard, I have salvaged those that can be and packed up all other items that have been damaged, I took pictures of the scene, is it reasonable to ask the supermarket to replace all items damaged including those bought from other stores as the items were soaked through and the smell is awful? All contributions appreciated. Ireatianu
  2. bump....bumpity bump... with my limited understanding, I am assuming you went the n1 route, I believe there is usually a form you should have received from the court with which u are able to request for judgement, sincere apologies if I have got it wrong, i have bumped this to bring it up again. all the best, ireatianu
  3. Hope Zootscoot's sticky helps you in making up your mind. All the best ireatianu http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/nationwide/107586-oft-test-case-what.html
  4. Hi All, Nationwide has said they intend to defend and have 28 days from 5th of July. o/h got a letter with a cheque for a paltry 20% of claim along with their own schedule of charges saying if he disagrees with their figures the onus is on him to send them yet another schedule; Please what do you think of my reply below, all comments appreciated. regards, Ireatianu Thank you for your letter dated xx/xx/xx. I respectfully decline your offer of £xxx and have included the cheque you supplied in respect of that offer. Paragraph 2 of your letter states: “I’m enclosing a cheque totalling £xxx of which £xx is a refund of charges, £abc to cover your court costs and a further £xx which represents interest calculated at court rate of 8% from the date charges were applied to the date of refund.” The above paragraph indicates that you are aware that I have begun court proceedings against your good selves, which is why your offer includes £xx court costs. It can then be reasonably inferred that you are in receipt of my Particulars of claim and schedule of charges forwarded to you by the court. If so, would you be kind enough to comment on the following; a. The POC (Particulars of claim) gives you detailed information about the basis of my claim, showing the amount asked for, the time period for which these charges relate to and the interest due thereon. b. Attached also was a schedule of charges, paragraph 4 of your letter states “If you believe that this figure is incorrect the onus is on you, as the Claimant, to provide us with a specific breakdown of the amount and date of each charge that you claim has been debited to your account” Correct me if I am wrong but I do believe that your request in ‘b’ above is an abuse of process, the above information has been sent to you on three different occasions as follows: - along with my preliminary request for the refund of charges on xx/xx/xx - on xx/xx/xx along with my Letter Before Action - finally, a copy of my POC along with the schedule of charges was forwarded to you by the court. Please be informed that whilst I will send you another copy of the schedule of charges, I intend to confirm from the court that the schedule has already been sent to you, and this being so inform them of your request for another schedule of charges, which I believe to be a tactic to delay the course of justice. My claim is for £xxxxxx as outlined in my Particulars of Claim, plus court costs of £cccc plus other costs incurred and this claim will continue until payment is made in full. I trust this clarifies my position. Yours faithfully, mememe
  5. Thanks Kelly101, you are a star. Regards, Ireatianu:)
  6. Hi All, Can any one help me, where do I get a POC for contractaul interest, I have been searching for Bong's thread to no avail, I have tried several places, I must be searching with my eyes closed:) , all help greatly appreciated. Regards, Ireatianu
  7. Hi, I am no expert, but I believe you are correct and thats the way I did mine. I will be off to court to submit my N1 come Monday. All the best with your claim. Ireatianu:)
  8. Hi All, Just got the last cheque for approximately £150 today, 5% donation made for everything recovered to date: Barclays business a/c (£120) HFC 1 (£704) HFC 2 (£281) HFC 3 (£156) 3 HFC accounts down one to go, this does not have charges on it, but payments were reversed, I've been told that these were refunded to o/h, he is not aware of receiving any refunds, complaint has been escalated, they will be providing proof of how the £270 was refunded. Scooby we did it, thank you so much, how have you been? Have exams this week so been busy, thats why the ppi battle has not started couldn't cope. You are a star, thanks for your support and God bless. Ireatianu:)
  9. ...next is the gogw offer for half the amount ...then full amount ... they sure will pay up all the best ireatianu:)
  10. The county court is in Basingview HTH Ireatianu
  11. 2 Site helpers, 2 Moderators....you sure pull the right crowd!! lol Ireatianu:)
  12. Template 2 http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/6986-data-protection-act-non.html#post38731 HTH Ireatianu:)
  13. Template 2 http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/6986-data-protection-act-non.html#post38731 Beyond 6 years http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general/80486-claiming-beyond-6-yrs.html?highlight=beyond+6+years HTH Ireatianu:)
  14. I used this address, I'm sure it got there as o/h has had the £8 difference credited to his account. HTH Ireatianu:) Barclaycard 1 Churchill Place London E14 5HP
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