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  1. As your account is in dispute you can challenge this . carry on with your time scale and don't be put off....... they are trying to intimidate you !!!
  2. New strategy for Allocation Questionaires - Consumer Action Group. this may be useful to you .
  3. Ohh read , read and read more ..... To be honest i spend hours reading through every thing on here . Im not at the same stage as you however i feel very confident that i know the procedure and what i need to do .
  4. Stick to your guns and follow the directions from the court .Apparently this is normal and standard from lloylds .However they always pay up at the last minute!!!!!! you should receive an AQ soon . Complete using the guidance notes from this site. Good luck
  5. Good stuff - still to your time scale
  6. Cut and paste the above letter on to "word" - add the bits that are relevant to you . Save and print .... As for the new charges - amend schedule of charges and use this figure when filling court claim .
  7. go ahead with court action after 14 days have elapsed from the LBA letter - considering you received such a quick response from your letter im assuming that this letter was a response from your Prem letter ( a standard response ). Stick to your time table and don't be dictated to by the bank !!! As for the bank not receiving your other letters as long as you have kept copies you can assume they have received them. keep to your time scale .Remember that 14 days means 14 working days .
  8. Cut, paste and amend the above letter and send off tomorrow. Then get on with the court action bit - see threads re ; this . MCOL (money claim on line) its very straight forward. All the wordings you can get off here and just amened to suit.I take it you have sent schedules of charges with all correspondence with the bank.
  9. Ok , im knew to this however i have read loads... i would write a "thank you but no thank you letter " (rejection letter - located in template section ) and then get on with court action . A time schedule has not been stuck to however you have given them long enough. Once you have filed the court claim the court will govern the time frame work - you must stick to this .
  10. Thank you although do i need to add total charges with the interest then times by 0.00022?
  11. Thank you although do i need to add total charges with the interest then times by 0.0002?
  12. ok -just filling out mcol. I have to put in a daily rate of interest . My claim is for £3388- interest of £657.72. how do i work out the daily rate until my claim is finalized. Please help me .. Thank you
  13. reading through the threads , i understand that interest isn't added until it reaches the court stage- so after the LBA ( letter before action ) stage . i am at that stage - having received the standard " get lost " letter . im new to this also however having read all i can around this i feel confident .
  14. just to keep you up dated got the " bog off" letter - LBA sent today ...
  15. Hi I'm at the LBA stage - im trying to get things in order . I have used on line banking to obtain info re; bank charges and have listed them on a spread sheet ( have been sent to the bank with prem letter). when it goes to court will i have to provide the statements or will the schedule of charges be enough ? if i need the statements will they except computer print outs from Lloylds on line banking. Ohh one other thing is it correct to use this address- LLOYDS TSB BANK PLC 25 GRESHAM STREET LONDON EC2V 7HN With thanks Prem letter sent - 26/2/2007 -schedule of Charges included LBA letter to be sent - 12/3/2007- Schedule of charges included To contact MCOL 26/3/2007 .. WILL NEED HELP FROM THEN ON ......
  16. i have tried to cancel , when i moved house however i was informed that i had signed up to the service for 18 months .and If i canceled it i would still have to pay for it even though i was not receiving the service . Any idea about getting out of it as its far to expensive . With thanks
  17. Thank you for your quick response . I have decided to write using your template. Thanks once again X Ps i really feel empowered by this site .. "power to the people"
  18. Hello All I used on-line banking to calculate all excess bank charges for the period of 2/7/2002 until the present day . To my amazement this figure was £3500 ( without interest) I have written to the bank using a template requesting that they repay all funds ( with schedule of charges). However my concerns are that currently i have an overdraft of £850 and also am in arrears with a personal loan due to a period of unemployment. The amount i owe does not exceed the amount i have been charged. I assume if the bank starts proceeding against me for these outstanding monies that i could make a counter claim for the monies that i am owed. ? I have tried to open another bank account however i have been refused due to a poor credit rating .. I issued the letter on the 26/2/2007 so i await with bated breath for the standard " bog Off " letter.... I have thought that i am not going to hang around on this and as soon as the 14 days elapse , if i have no joy i will issues the letter re; court action and then take the necessary steps through the small claims court . ( obviously using the Steps from the site ) To be honest this really scares me i am not legally minded etc... and generally would rather run than challenge !!! however i could really do with the money to pay off my over draft and bring by personal loans back inline !!! So in the end the bank gets it back ..... Anyway will keep this thread up to date with any new developments .....
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