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  1. Cont .. we are not married however we are enaged to marry although we have not set a date
  2. Hi . Im not sure whether or not this is the right place to post this .... Due to a bad credit rating i was unable to take out a joint morgage with my partner , on a recent house purchase. However i have invested half the deposit , payed for a new kitchen and paid a large chunk of the solictor fee's . On a monthly basis a pay half the morgage and pay the water rates . Should the relationship break down do i have any legal redress to get the money back that i have invested ???? does this include morgage payments etc..... Thank you in advance
  3. I have been renting a property for 2 and half yrs . I have not signed a contract for the last six months and would like to know if when i move out i will still have to give a months notice as stipulated in the original contract ? any adivce would be greatfully appriciated . With thanks
  4. thank you for your responce sorry i did nt make it very clear . Clamping on private ground
  5. i had to pay a meathead £150 to unclamp my car( had to use my rent money!) - I have read around the subject and now understand that this is unenforcable and thus i could ask for a refund.. How do i do this?, i have tried to formulate a letter however its sound rubish and im not sure what wording to use. Is there a template letter i could use ? i have posted this on the "parking ticket" section although recieved no replies.. please help .. would any kind soul out there like to write a letter for me .... Im dsylexic and find writing very difficult .
  6. Are there any template letters avaiable for refunds etc... for clamping. I have serched the web and there are ones available however they require a £15 fee.
  7. Please can someone help me - I recieved a parking ticket on the 14/7/2007 from excel parking . Excel wrote to me asking for payment of £ 100 as i had not purchased a parking ticket on the day in question . I wrote to them explaining that when i entered the car park , the parking meters were covered in plastic bags and no parking attendent was on site ( 8.30 am ) thus i was unable to purchase a ticket . I have since recieved a reponse stating that my " challenge" is not sufficent to warrant them revoking the charge and if i do not pay then they will begin court action against me on the 1/10/2007 . I have used this car park before and have always purchesed a ticket , i am law abiding citizen . Can any one help me please ..
  8. great news Dave - chuffed for you XXXXXXXXXXXXX
  9. Can a Mod please move this thread to the "success " sections ( however money not in my account yet!!!) Also would like to make a donation although cant use pay pal as i don't have a credit card , can i send a cheque?
  10. just read your whole thread - sorry to hear you have been having a difficult time of it . Try not to get to stressed with it all - they will settle eventually.
  11. Hi Broke dave Thank you for your message.. im sure it will , just sit tight - will watch your thread to see how your getting on . Good Luck
  12. Ok i have an update- got a letter today from [problem] - they have offered me all my money back so i guess i WON!!!!!!!!! yippie - money not in my account yet but its as good as................................
  13. Hi All General update - received the AQ today to be returned to the court by the 7/6/2007. Just completing it now and will get it off ASAP. Using the new strategy.
  14. Hi all received a standard 9 point defense from [problem] on the 29/4/2007 ( dated 21st) My case has been transfered to Wolverhampton County Court. Contacted the court as a hadn't received AQ with the notice of transfer . I was informed they had not yet received my paper work from Northampton. They stated that wolves county Court would issues AQ in due course ( if i don't hear anything in the next week - i need to call them again ) All going along nicely - keep you posted .
  15. - Claim acknowledge by [problem] - they have 28 days to submit their defense. I'm currently awaiting AQ - In preparation i have completed the AQ- n149 (on line version). I have used the new strategy for completion. I am right in asumming that when i send this off i include " draft order directions" and send a copy to the court and a copy to [problem]
  16. I have received an acknowledgment from [problem] - i understand that i now what for there defense - when do i get the AQ ? Also do i send [problem] a schedule of charges now ? if yes is there a standard covering letter on here ? thank you
  17. up date - Filed claim on line it was issued on the 28/3/2007. we are 12 days on and i have heard nothing. What should i do ? if i have to issue a judgment by default - what does this mean ? what is this process after this ?
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