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  1. hi all, i had two claims against nationwide,one of which paid out succesfully two months ago,other is pending. i recieved my bank statement yesterday from natwide and was surprised to find i had been charged more charges even though there was credit in there!!! what happened was the account had been overdrawn for about 18 months,when i finally got settlement,they paid into account(minus what i was overdrawn) which left me the money to withdraw.beacause it was an uneven amount i left £1.78p in there. but on yesterdays telephone call to them regarding why i had been charged £20 unauthorised o/d charge and £13 interest showing on this months statement,they stated that i had been charged these due to being o/d 28 dyas before!!!! i informed the lady that, this was before the case was settled and i had already recieved a letter to say about settlement and outstanding charges being cancelled. she was a baffled as me and has referred my case to another department!!!she said to wait and i would recieve a letter so just to warn some of you to watch out for this nonsence,just when you think you are in clear they will charge again,even if it has been settled and there is credit on your account!! what a farce!!! they are basing it on being o/d before case was settled. today i have written to them a long letter of complaint,stating all the facts and requesting that they pay me my £1.78p in a cheque and close the account,failing to do so would be in contradiction of their settlement agreement and i will cite harrassment to the courts.hopefully this will work!!! regards ejx
  2. hi, i posted a while ago,my case which was filed through northampton has been stayed and is awaitng oft annoucement.i have recieved a letter from eversheds stating that the case has been stayed and will await outcome. my question is do i now just wait? i have read the stays forum but to be honest it seems alot to do. is my case still filed in the sysytem or will i have to go through everything again once oft have decided?will nationwide uphold my complaint and requests against them till such time? also if oft decides in our favour i assume everything will just pick up again. i have now informed nationwide i wish to close this account ,as it seems i am still being charged,even though i have credit in there!! will this affect my case,claiming on a closed account? any advise would be apprieated ejx
  3. hi all, can someone please help with any advice asap???????????????????
  4. i have just posted regarding advice on a stayed nationwide case, but have just realised another thing: the account which i am claiming for is overdrawn by £400 pounds,now on another account which i claimed for it was similar,nationwide just paid into that account and effectivly paid me my money minus the overdrawn figure. however,i am worried that if i leave the case stayed till oft outcome i will continue to attract £30 per month interest charges,by nationwide. this account is with a debt management company ,whom actually have the overdraft figure at £180 and have offered an early settlement figure(£180 is what overdraft originally was!!) should i pay off the £180/debt management company,therefore,nationwide would close the account as settled and i would not incur charges? would i still be able to claim on an account that it is closed and settled. are people allowed to claim on closed accounts or is it only active accounts? any info regarding this would be helpful. many thanks ej3166 x
  5. hi, i will try to be brief with this info and questions! i have successfully calimed against nationwide and halifax so far,am now on 3rd nationwide claim,which i recieved a court letter yesterday stating the case has been stayed. i have asked for mods help or advice in the nationwide folder concerning the worth of filing a lifting of stay order,costing £35 pounds(has anyone won so far when they have followed this route,is it worth it etc?) my other question which i hope someone will know answer to : if i leave case as it is(awaiting outcome of oft in whatever century that may be!!) my bank,i assume will still be charging me £30 a time interest per month on the account because it is overdrawn(it is currently in the hands of a debt managment company) can they still be charging me,is there anything i can do about it? is it worth writing them a letter asking for charges to be stayed too?!!! finally another interesting fact: nationwide has the account standing at £400 overdrawn(if they had paid out £1434 charges they would have taken the £400 out of that. the debt management company has the debt standing at £185,and have offered me an early settlement figure to setlle the account. if i now settle the account with debt management ,then surely account is settled for a cheaper sum and i would then not be charged anymore interest and would get my full claim money should i wish to?!!! is this the best option?will i still be paid out on the account if it is now closed? any advice or hep much apprecieated ej3166 xx
  6. HI ALL, DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY WISE INFO FOR ME ON THIS ONE??? i recently claimed against nationwide and halifax successfully,i am now on my third claim for £1434.00p. i had filed with mcol and defence was placed by nationwide(28 day deadline on friday 24th aug) i recieved a letter(the usual)from them stating they were gonna ask for the case to be stayed. yesterday i recieved notice from northampton saying : following the filing of a defence the claim shall be stayed pending judgement from oft case.(this was without hearing). now i have read the various articles on what to do from here on the main forum, but just wondered if it is worth going down the application to get stay lifted route for another £35 pounds? how likely am i to get my money? has anyonealready tried or is it a bit early for these cases? obviously £1434 is alot of money to wait possibly 2-3 years for!! . due to the fact that nationwide have already made one payout to me,in itself, as we know an admittance!! so what does anyone out there think,shall i go for it? nothing ventured nothing gained? i can afford the £35 but just unwilling to throw down drain!!! also am i more likely to go to a hearing regarding this one,(which i would worry about!!) and have to get court bundle ready etc(i assume i would be able to use my other case as an example though aswell) if anyone can advise it would be a help,urgent!! ej3166 xxxxxxxxxxxx
  7. hi all, just noticed some people have put new threads in and wondered if my rough timescale on my thread ej3166vs nationwide will help anyone,who is worried at what stage they are and what may happen next.obviously this is a personal view of what happened to me and understand it may not be the same for everyone,but it does seem to follow the trend of what nationwide do.also there is a thread on what happens if your claiming against nationwide and you are overdrawn,under heading claiming bank charges whilst overdrawn.i hope this helps and hope i am repaying(karma) back the wonderful advice from peope on here that i was given ej3166
  8. hi please read my thread on this under heading ej3166 vs nationwide this will give you a rough timeline of what to expect against nationwide,any help needed contact me ej3166
  9. hi, do not worry please read my thread on ej3166 vs nationwide this will give you a rough guideline of what should happen next,if you need any help please ask. ej3166
  10. hi, if you want a guide on how long process takes see my thread on this under ej3166 vs nationwide,it gives a time line ej3166
  11. hi, please read my thread on this under the heading overdrawn accounts and claiming bank charges. i spoke to a solictor on this as i wanted a cheque too and belived i could ask for it. legally he said i am entitled to ask for my money to be returned to me.the unfortunate side of this is that he said if i continued with court process if i did not get cheque,is that it may be overruled in a court and be very sticky.the reason for this is that nationwide would say they have willinly paid monies to you and this has wiped any debts owing to them too.they have not ignored your request.the judge could strike it out as you have been given back the money requested and have repaid your debt to nationwide.it would be a very sticky situation in court and could go either way but solicitor did not want to advise me it was worth the risk in pursuing in court.he said take money agreed and run. i was owed by nationwide £2130 and o/d was £431.they paid this into my account asked me to withdraw the funds and close the account. i hope this gives some clrity to the situation,its fustrating as i was lining up all the wthings i could spend money on,but in the end i thought at least its one creditor paid off and still have some cash left over,also i do not have the nightmare of getting court bundles ready etc. if you need any help pm me but please read my thread. ej3166
  12. hi, was deposited only yesterday!! i would expect to hear from them on riday possibly or even on the day itself seeing as you have the weekend involved, have you filed claim online? if so get up monday morn,early and file the judgement against them,even before post arrives!! let me know how you get on,if i can help at all. ejx
  13. hi mark, have won today from nationwide and last week from halifax. just to say,i went down same route as you,but nationwide tend to ignore l.b.a letters.so therefore you have to issue mcol claim.they then usually acknowledge claim just as date for default claim drawing near,giving them another 14 days to fight.you then should recieve a settlement letter day before next judgement by default date approaches!! they have settled my claim in full(minus o/d figure) i tried to ring in between l.b.a and issuing court summons but nationwide adamant they will not settle before any court claim is issued! although they do tend to refund court costs to you once settled. i have jus posted a thread on this in this nationwide folder look for ej3166(name) it gives a timeline of my case.if you need any other help just shout. eveyone brilliant on this site and answer most queries quickly(5 mins sometimes!) regards ej3166
  14. hi, today i have won against nationwide but just to give anyone info on a position they may find themselves in: in sept 2005 flexacount passed to wescot collection agency was £178.78 o/d.i entered into a dmp to pay this off along with debts from divorce!! in feb i entered a bank charges claim against nationwide,for £2130 ironically in this time i still recieved statements,adding £20-30 monthly overdraft charges.thus the total rose to £761.00 o/d which i was claiming for! today 17/07/07 i recieved a letter after court case etc saying would settle out of court for entire claim £2130 but that it had been paid into o/d account(which was wescots possesion) i contacted dept number given and explained that this was unfair and that the original debt was only for £178.78 and that if i rang wescot for an early settlement they would accept £80 to clear debt.so in fact was £500 odd pounds short.i also explained they were only clearing charges they had imposed so in fact paying themselves off!! i was told by three depts that they would not budge on this at all. i sought advice fom a legal friend,who stated that although it should be my entitlement to recieve the money how i would want, a court may ask for it to be issued to me,but on other hand,nationwide would ague in court that they had offered to settle out of court but i refused because i did not wish to repay any debt to them and could get struck out on technicalities etc. i would argue though that if i had not claimed back the charges they would not have the debt cleared and that any amounts i recieve should techinally be issued to me to distribute amongst all creditors!! he said it would be a very sticky situation,take the offer and run! so today this is what i have done,money now withdrawn, a creditor paid off and some welcome money! i do have another account in same positon o/d £400 and am claiming £1434,with nationwide,so will imagine this will go same way. finally!! i had an account with halifax same again o/d but this time they paid the amount directly to me,after complaning to the settlement department,but must confess they were pussycats compared to nationwides settlement departments!! you win some and loose some,at least i won money i thought i had said goodbye to!! hope this helps someone in same position,my advice would be to try and and ask for cheque,demand and don't be threatened but realise when onto a good thing too!!! ejxxxxxx
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