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  1. I brought up the question how alot of Mortgage Co don't ask for you to sign a copy of the agreement and send it back. As this would affect the T&Cs, Well something happened. As I have stated before I moved my Mortgage from BM to a new Co. I just received a letter saying I wrote to you in Dec, enclosing a Mortgage Loan Agreement for signature and return but cannot trace having had a reply from you yet. It will be great help to us if you can now send the signed document back to us, as jour records are incomplete without it. If you require a further copy of the Agreement please let us know, in the meantime I look forward to hearing form you. If you have any questions or need more information about this request, please call our Customer Services Team. Yours Sincerely, David Larcombe Manager Payments & Securities P.S. We never had a letter sent in Dec. But someone has read the forum with my question, this letter is only dated with Feb 2007. I sent you a copy zoot. Let me know what you guys think, could it be true about the signature? regards, TL
  2. Hi Rebecca, Top marks for your courage in your battle. They may have won this, but it is who will win in the end. I have been speaking with Avengers she is feeling how I think we all are with the Mortgage Co. She has found a group of solictors who will take on a group case to take legal action against the large Mortgage Co. I think we would have a better chance to beat the bullies with safety in numbers. What do you think? TL
  3. I have just found this thread today as you know there are so many, I have been saying the samething throught other threads about if we were able levy a large amount of people with a leagal representative would it make a difference. From all the literature I have been reading about trying to reclaim early repayment charges and anything to do with Mortgage Co it almost impossible to succeed. Why you say is it impossible, because the people to head these firms are Lords or Sirs they are in the policital food chain. The gov will not step in on our side as stated they are in the same circle of friends. They say safety in numbers, and we have been very lucky for AVENGERS to arrange a solictor who would love to have this win under there belt as legal history. we can even look at part of payment with a % of winnings. As for the CAG not getting involved, they can't or they could be in lament terms SUED for a number of things mentioned with in this site. And for the people who are moaning is it fair to help or not too, Stop being a Kill joy this is not rocket science. You either join the campaign because you agree with the logic or you don't end of. But don't ruin someones work to be positive and find a solution for everyone. I'm with you AVENGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TL
  4. Hi Everyone, Good luck w/ HF I hope you sting them. I have couple of issues with this CO. Old Mortgage Exit Fee, CC, bank account. Which they shafted me on all and are dragging there heels with CC charges AND bank Charges. I had to telephone today as I haven't had any response to my letter dated 21 Feb. They said they declined it and sent it on the 24th. This time I made a complaint over the telephone and will wait for another 6days. If they still refuse what is the next step? THANKS TL
  5. Hello again everyone, I forgot to mention that I have read some where that it can be questionable with the ERC as alot of Mortgage co don't ask for a signed copy to be returned because they keep a computer copy that they send out. If this is the case is it or is it not than questionable what you have agreed to in terms of T&Cs? and if that is the case should we ask for a signed copy? TL
  6. Thanks for the info again, I had a feeling it was something like that from your mail when I first joined. Any way of unthreading this. As it was my first day I think I put a couple in and didn't realise where. Thanks again. TL
  7. Thanks for the info Zootscoot. As the saying goes if you don't do something about it you have no right to complain. We need to stand up and be heard, as stated before, to beat bullys you have to have safety in numbers. I know it tends to be every person for himself, however I really do think this would be different than the driving tarrif as that is more with the green issue and pocket tax for the gov. to fill the black hole. And the for the public its a Incentive because it's there money not just a rebait for going over draft were talking £££££ for alot of people. I noticed thefenz mentioned his friend is a retired solicitor, could this solicitor know how to find a loophole with the legal system? I know business law is quiet complex and the law at the moment seems to be gray with the whole ERC. Just a thought, now back to work. TL
  8. Ask Zootscoot about that one, I would sign it and I'm sure most of the nation would as well. The only thing is I'm sure No 10 probably own stock and shares in most of these organizations. If we were to look at the Board they are most likely to be a Sir or Lord. A lot of these people are in the political food chain. ON a different note has anyone else been asked to sign anything before they pay you back your money? I sent a letter off in Jan for the difference owed in the Exit Fee, they have asked me to sign and return a letter. please read below. We accept £50 as a gesture of goodwill in full and final settlement of all matters related to our complaint and any claim against BM, Hailfax or any of their subsidiaries, directors, officers or employees in any way connected with the Mortgage Exit Admin Fee (otherwise know as a Vacating Fee) we paid on redemption. This offer remain for 28 days. I want to make sure this will not affect my other claim that I have made against them for charging me £55.92 each day after the redemption date for not being closed they say. That is why I paid my solictor, so I thought. Sometime later I want to claim back the early repayment charge as well, but that will be with the big boys and I'm not sure if I want to play with them yet. TL
  9. Hello I am new to all of this (3days) after finding this site on google. I posted a comment yesterday on Zootscoots thread about safety in numbers. I would also like to say that I'm starting to feel the same way as you are about this subject, at the moment it seems taboo to speak about it. I just have a feeling that pretty soon someone maybe the gov is going to put a stop on all this and say it's now to late to redeem anything back. Dose anyone else feel like this? TL
  10. Hello everyone, I think I may be understanding this whole CAG Fourm thing now, day two of being a member. I have read some of this from the beginning. Just a question, if we were able levy a large amount of people with a leagal representative would it make a difference. The reason I ask is from all the literature I have been reading about trying to reclaim early repayment charges and anything to do with Mortgage Co it almost impossible to succeed. Now finally to the point I'm trying to make, People vs BMS and so on. They say safety in numbers, there must be a solictor somewhere who would love to have this win under there belt as legal history with a % of winnings. Just an idea, not that I watch too much TV. TL
  11. Thanks for the info, I have managed to find the Mortgage side of this site. This subject seems very taboo at the moment. I only just fond this site yesterday and I'm still trying to figure things out along with find some more information on how to at least make a claim for a % of it back and how to work out the % of what I should have paid fairly. Anymore help would be greatful. Knd rds TL
  12. Hi aviator and everyone, I have only just fond this site yesterday. I am looking at sending a letter to BM for the same thing and found this site on google. I was made to pay£8,995.74 in early repayment charge. I know after reading I broke there contract but surely I'm entitled to a % back? Any suggestions on how I could work out what they are intitled too as something back is better than nothing. P.s as I'm completely new to this do I need to start a new thread for you to reply. Thanks TL
  13. Thank you for the info, I'm still new at this, I will try the other insitutions as suggested. TL
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