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  1. True ...but the waiver only applies to the banks involved in the test case .
  2. Might this be a result of the OFT court case !!!! To which Abbey are involved with.....Could they or have they applied the Waiver ????
  3. You are by the look of things from my neck of the woods..but where
  4. Same advice to buxton66....read as much as you can....then post any questions.
  5. Hi borofan.....You have entered probably the best site for advice.However it will all be in vain unless you read ALL you can in the various threads here. Good advice and tips on how to progress to a WIN...IF you don't it may cost you a lot more with a failed claim.
  6. Lloyds seem to be bogged under with claims/requests at the moment.... BUT I also think they are waiting for the HULL cases and York bank defence/results before they will finally admit they are wrong.
  7. one way to stop the interest by the DCA is to persue the ccca route. Contact the ccca for a pack and ref no. You can still try and reduce your payments while claiming your charges back.The main thing is to stop the interest now....
  8. sanddancer

    DVLA Fine

    Have you informed the DVLA that you are no longer the keeper of the car. If not there may be another penalty of £40.00 in the post.For failing to inform them that the car was scraped or changed ownership...
  9. If the yellow lines were supported by a sign giving the restrictions in place then its legal...Parking on the pavement is covered by the highway code and road traffic act and is also illegal...HOWEVER if the ticket was issued by a Parking Attendant employed by the council and not a TRAFFIC WARDEN. Then the council must take you to court for the fee.They have no legal right to fine you.They may be acting illegally in doing so...
  10. I think the reason a few have failed,is that they have NOT read the facts and threads properly. Many will now have regrets about it now. YOU are doing OK so far....read the threads and ask questions yourself and you'll do just fine:grin::grin::grin:
  11. The rule of 78 was designed to compensate lenders for "Loss of earnings" due to early settlement's. 1...At the start of a loan repayments are all interest. 2...They charge an early settlement fee. 3...They have often charged a setup fee. 4... Rule of 78 applied at ££££ So...What loss of earnings are they reffering to..It seems to me its all one sided... OFT and FOS take to long . We need to find the key to this can of worms
  12. can you post assurance given to OFT... Any more info on FSA ruling regarding the rule of 78... This could be the key we have been looking for:):)
  13. I am having the same prob with First Plus....Has anyone got any links to the OFT ruling or the FSA ruling...ALL help needed. I was charged .....Interest...then settlement interest....then settlement Fee.. then rule of 78 interest...FOUR SEPERATE CHARGES FOR EARLY SETTLEMENT
  14. Hi anonoman.... as you can see you have disturbed a hornets nest.Please do us all a favor.. Follow Nattie's advice..then join with all other banking staff on CAG giving sound advice.To the benefit of us all!!!!
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