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  1. I am going to ignore the associated interest charges bit..too complicated for a blonde to even try and figure it out!!!
  2. thank you saintly 1 and michael I really appreciate your help..I'll plod on!!
  3. HELLO I went to court to get the N1 form and have put the Cap One address as 350 Euston Road is this correct as I have seen on other threads the full Nottingham address and now i am confused??! Also what is ASSOCIATED OVERDRAFT INTEREST CHARGES?? I found this on the POC - N1 updated version which shows how to fill out the N1? Should I be putting "return of bank charges" in the brief details of claim section as this is for a credit card...please help..I am getting very stressed and thinking of giving up as getting no support from other half and it;s his blooming credit card i am trying to claim back for!!!
  4. Hi I have been looking through you post and i too wasn't sent T+C for when my OH card was opened in 2002. I noticed that Dibsthefrenchie gave you some interest rates from 2004 but that your letter from Cap One states that the interest rate you used was incorrect...hubbys limit was £200 which I think Dibs is saying was 39% interest..is that what should be claimed???
  5. Thankyou so much Michael and Maroondevo, another quickie??? where can i find T + C relating 2002?? As per what seems their usual tack Cap One did not send anything through with SAR relating to these
  6. Hello all, i have done all the letters and had the standard replies of an offer for a fraction of the amount claimed and was wondering which court route to take now? Should it be MCOL or N1? Please can someone advise me? thanks H
  7. Thank you Lattie as helpful and knowledgable as ever!
  8. Ok, have been waiting patiently and 14 days are almost up so went to MCOL site to register. Then thought "hang on a mo!" best look at the step by step guide and now have a couple of questions if anyone can help me please? I looked at a thread by Jonni2bad dated October 06 and in big bold writing it stated that all MCOL claims were being stayed because of lack of particulars for the claim and to do claim via court ...is this still the same..is this current procedure? and secondly my claim is over the £5K by approx £500 should i still procede via small claims or reduce the amount i am claiming so it comes below £5K? Any help would be much appreciated
  9. Hi all, had a lovely letter, just bog standard as appears the case for everyone, but from a Mark A Loker (very nice man he returned my sons sponsorship form included in prelim in error....he could have sponsored him a quid...hee hee!!) Not what I wanted to hear however so have sent LBA yesterday...feel really guilty about harrassing them and creating paper work for them....NOT! Do you think Colin has exploded with the pressure of the claims then or what?? :rolleyes:
  10. Hi there, I work for a Housing Association and if you truly believe your daughter you must make her appeal against the decision. Any record of Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) will stay with her and she is unlikely to find any accomodation with any Social landlord. I understand she feels she has been victimised and has been tarred with the same brush so to speak which is all the more reason to stand uip and be counted.
  11. Hi Tigger, i have been reading your posts with interest and like your partner i too had a medical condition that led to our account becoming very overdrawn. At the time I just could not cope with anything financial and got more and more in the red because of this. I dreaded the rattle of teh letterbox each morning when 5 or 6 letters from the bank would regularly fall on the floor. My question is were your local branch aware of the medical condition and if so should this ever be brought to anyones attention?? Shoule this be used as a defense at any stage or is it not professional to bring up anything so personal?? My branch were most certainly aware as we went to see them and they "very kindly" sold us a equity release loan from our property to resolve the issue, however they then decided to allocate our money taking it directly from our account to pay off 2 credit cards without even asking us if they could do it, this act then put us back in the red!!! At the time I was very annoyed as we were negotiating with the credit card company for a settlement figure and the branch paid the whole sum off! We contacted them and their response was that they were allowed to do it as it was HSBC credit cards and basically "what was the problem as the debts had now been settled????"
  12. thanks lattie I am sure we will all be watching with interest!!
  13. OK! so what does this test case by the OFT mean to my claim and all others that are in the process of claiming??? Can anyone advise???? I know that the credit card comapnies have complied with a previous ruling and have dropped their charges so does anyone think that this has set a prescedent?
  14. thankyou lattie and pete, more invaluable advice given!! i will rest easy now!
  15. Please can someone advise if I have fallen at the first hurdle??? I was just looking at the complex spreadsheet and I think I became confused between the O/D interest and the 8% interest. The spreadsheet clearly states do not include 8% at the prelim stage...which I haven't but I also took that to mean the O/D interest which is quite substantial. I may have saved my neck though as on the prelim letter I stated I wished to claim recharges of xxxx EXC Interest?? Have I messed up or might I get away with it???
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