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  1. Hi, I just wondered if anyone had looked into getting early repayment fees refunded for mortgages and how you go about doing it if it's possible?? Thanks Kerry
  2. Just a couple of quick questions.. 1. Im just sending the second letter, it asks for the court in which the claim will be made, is that Northampton? 2. Im also just filling out the HMCS claim online in prep for next week. What do I put in the "Particulars of Claim" bit?? THANKS IN ADVANCE AGAIN!!
  3. Cool, that's what Ive done, just didn't know what it stood for! Thank You!!
  4. Can someone please tell me what an LBA is exactly??
  5. but isn't it £5000 before the interest is added?? If so I'll scrap the £200 odd pound!
  6. ok another one.....just reading the letter, is it only unauthorised overdraft fees that I can claim back or is it all charges...unpaid direct debits/cleared transactions etc too??
  7. ok me again...sorry!! Just worked it all out and I have £5281 since April 2001. That comes out at £6084.87 with interest. Can I still go to small claims court with that amount??
  8. ok one more question I promise.... what's to stop me from beginning court proceedings now before I send the letter? That way it'll all coma about at the same time wont it??
  9. Sorry, one more question...whats the address in Milton Keynes to semd first letter to?? I found it last night but can't see it today!!
  10. Excellent! I am happy to pay them back but it would just defeat the object paying some of this money back to my overdraft...thay'd have won again!! It's not a huge one so I'd be more than happy to make regular payments on it!! Thanks for that!!
  11. ooooh 14 minutes to go...Im excited for you and Im very new to all this!!
  12. That's excellent, thank you very much indeedy!!
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