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  1. We have written a letter being sent recorded delivery today, requesting the outstanding holiday pay, payslips and her P45, I'm not really worried about a claim just want to get what is rightfully hers. I'm hoping HMRC will give them enough grief to keep them busy for a while. I pressured her to finish because the conditions were disgusting, long hours some of which she wasn't getting paid for, expected to carry heavy items, usually more than is recommended in manual handling guidance although as he had no risk assessments for the work there how would he know? she frequently came home with burn
  2. Hi Calamity, she was there just under 1 year, I hope they nail him Renegade.
  3. Hi all, hope you can help, my girlfriend has just finished a job working in a cafe, after much pressure from me as the conditions there were ridiculous. She was made to work until 6.30pm-7pm even though she stopped getting paid at 5.30pm, being told that it was staff responsibility to clean up at the end of the day. She never was given any form of contract and despite me asking on many occasions never provided pay slips. When I confronted the owner regarding tax and N.I. payments he told me she was only contracted for 16 hours, I told him this was illegal and when asked what her holiday
  4. If it goes back to £50 I'll pay it and be done, I think that I have a case but it's my own fault for not being more vigilant to begin with, thanks again for the advise.
  5. Hey Tomtubby, thanks for the advise, I have contacted the magistrates court and they could not confirm wether my defense had been taken into account, so are going to re open the case, and put a hold on any bailiff action, charges etc, I will make sure I get more involved this time though.
  6. No, to be honest I didn't pay as much attention to the whole situation as I should of, work has been extremely busy for a while and taking all my attention.
  7. Hi all, a while back I posted a thread regarding a car I had with welcome finance, to cut a long story short the car was defective and I refused to continue paying for it, welcome went down the route of re-posessing the car and collected it when I was in work, my girlfriend handed over the keys and documents and they told her they would sort everything out. A while later I recieved a letter from the DVLA stating that someone had applied for a change of ownership of the car and that if I was still the owner I had to inform them, if not that I dindn't need to do any
  8. Hi all, thanks for the replies, I will try to contact the FOS today to see what they can do, the Barclaycard only ever had a limit of about £250, so it must have a huge amount of penalty charges on it, how do I go about getting them paid back.
  9. Hi all, hope someone can help, I had a Barclaycard some years ago that only had a £250 limit, after missing a couple of payments sometimes by as little as a day and getting huge charges I refused to pay anymore and left it at that, fast forward about 4-5 years and I go to the bank this morning and find out they have taken out £344 pound without my knowledge or consent, I have changed address in the last 2 years and I don't think my current Barclays bank account was ever linked to my Barclaycard account. I have spoken to them on the phone and was informed that the accont is with a company calle
  10. Hi Dibbo, it,s the flywheel that's at fault, and it's not a consumable part, its like saying the engine has worn out due to wear and tear at 93000 miles, totally unreasonable. The flywheel has no wearing part's, so any wear evident is due to a failure of that part. They don't seem able to grasp that concept, as soon as someone said the word "WEAR" they thought they had a get out. It's such a well documented problem item on all modern diesels I can't see how they can dispute it.
  11. Had the engineers report back, and a letter reminding me of the charges!!
  12. Still no reply, hopefully they are running around trying to rustle up a report!!
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