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  1. Thanks Texel, your advice is most appreciated and thanks for the prompt reply Regards Batman
  2. Just a thought for everyone out there who are claiming charges from the banks, The FSA are on the war path about financial institutions "Treating Customers Fairly". This is a major exercise by the FSA at the moment and most financial companies are running scared of it. I am thinking that to up the anti a liitle with my claims to Nationwide & HSBC, of informing both of them that I will in addition to my court claim, be reporting them both to the FSA for failing to treat me fairly in relation to the excessive bank charges. Finally one little bit of inside info that maybe useful to all of you is that each complaint to the FSA cost the companies a £500 complaint fee payable to the FSA. !!!
  3. I sent my prelim letter to nationwide with my schedule - no reply after 14 days. I then sent my LBA then supprise, supprise two standard letters that were exacly the same came within 3 days of each other. The advice I need is that both letters tell me to sod off and refer to the Financial Ombudsman. Should I continue with court action or should I first exhaust the Financial Ombudsman route.
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    Hi everybody, I've just joined the Action Group, I am commencing battle with HSBC, MBNA, Nationwide and RBS - wish me luck DC
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