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  1. What are the positives and negatives of the respondent conceding this issue prior to hearing?
  2. (Hearing this Monday)I have just discovered a document that I consider to be admiissible evidence.This was not in the Bundle supplied by the respondent.If possible I want to put it forward.Is their a process to follow,to enable the document to be viewed and used as evidence?
  3. Thanks for replies so far Have loads of paperwork + bundle ect.Just thinking that if I have to refer to Equality Act which is 200 pages would I be able to refer to computer for reference if its downloaded to a file.Computer is a lap top that can convert to ipad if required.Don,t want to turn up with it if its not permissable.
  4. Can somebody advise on the rules regarding use of a computer for reference purposes during a Tribunal Hearing Thanx in advance
  5. just to update, Cap 1 admitted that the credit agreement was not ticked, I also have other paperwork to support my claim, made an offer to refund PPI fee,s totalling approx £500 but refused to pay interest @ 39% that I have been charged + 8% which I am claiming. Account was opened in 2005 .Have now gone down court route and awaiting date.
  6. Just to bring briefly you upto date with my complaint, issued court proceedings against Capital 1. They have now offered a defence. They admit that PPI was not ticked for on the Credit Agreement and therefore not requested, but I agreed to the PPI when I phoned to acivate my card that they had supplied. Prior to them entering a defence they offered to refund my premiums + minimal interest which was turned down by myself. Case is now proceeding.
  7. My original application was made over the internet. As stated originally I did not choose to have PPI attached to the account. The credit agreement confirms this. FOS have stated that I must have agreed to take PPI out when I contacted Cap1 to activate my card. Cap 1 have no recording of the telephone conversation that allegedly took place. They have put forward an alleged telephone script to support their claim. Therefore there is no evidence that I agreed to have it added. I believe FOS have based there conclusion on assumptions. Please advise
  8. Correct,recieved 2 pages of Spiel earlier today,ia court the next option?
  9. I have a copy of the original credit agreement and I was required to tick a box and enter my signature if I required the insurance.On the agreement the box remains unticked and has no signature next to it.Therefore I did not agree to it.FOS were advised of this fact when I took my complaint to them.Please advise.
  10. Hi just to update have just recieved a final response from Fos and my complaint against cap One has not been overturned even on appeal .Is the next step the court route. Please advise. As stated earlier my complaint was based on the original paperwork being unticked in the PPi section and also my employment benefits. Fos have stated that I must have agreed to the PPI when Cap One were contacted to activate my card ,and the company uses the usual scrip ect. However there is no concrete evidence that it was requested by myself. The reply from FOS seems to have been based on assumptions rather than facts .I have not agreed with FOS to accept this as their final answer ,ref letter they enclosed with their final response .Will FOS contact me again or is it down to myself to pursue further. Thanks in avance for any advise.
  11. Hi, had a claim for mis-selling ROP against Vanquis. It has been turned down by the FOS. The basis of my claim was based on the fact that I received full pay for sickness for 6 months and half pay for a further 6 months. Also redundancy pay. I work for a large public sector company. I was never asked for this info when I took out the card and have stated in my claim that the policy was of no use to me. However the FOS have come down on the side of Vanquis. I received this info earlier today. Do I draw a line under this and move on or is it worth pursuing further
  12. Hi , I have been chasing a claim against Cap 1 for about 18 months. It was submitted to FOS It was forwarded to them approx 6 months ago. it has been turned down by FOS and I have now taken appealed to the Ombudsman. My original claim for mis-selling was (1)based on the fact that the original credit agreement had an option for PPI which required a signature and a tick. I can confirm that this part of the agreement was never ticked or signed , however PPI was added to the account. (2)Being in full time employment for the past 16 years I would recieve 6 months full pay and 6 months half pay if I was ever long term sick. Based on the information so far what are the chances if any of having this overturned.
  13. Ive had 3 loans with Black Horse Ltd as follows 2002 £1000 @30% 2004 £1500 @19.9% 2006 £2500 @19.9% PPI was added to each loan with a one off payment at the start and interest was charged at the appropriate figure.Each loan was rolled into the following one a couple of months before the original loan had been paid off.I have recieved SAR and have completed Questionaires.Do I have to submit a claim for each loan or combine them all together.Also what would be the best way to come up with a satisfactory claims figure or figures to submit. Roughly what total am I looking at.Thanks for any advise
  14. Hi I have read the instructions that come with the spread sheet,can you clarify the actual figure that must be entered ref No 5(add up the expenditure for the month including charges,interest and ppi) does this also include the balance on the card in question,though I had better check as I am not so sure Thank You.
  15. Hi again just checked it out I have used the following interestcals.xls were I have entered the annual APR of 29%
  16. Hi thanks for your help so far,a little more advise please I have completed the relevent spreadsheet and come up with a figure based on the APR I have been charged throughout i.e approx 29%.If my claim is successful will I receive 8% interest on top as compensation
  17. Hi need some advise.I am claiming against Barclaycard for PPI for an account opened in 2003.They have supplied a copy of the original credt agreement plus statements going back to 2005.I have he completed the relevent questionaire plus a cover letter and also done the claim spread sheet,however I can only come up with a figure based on the statements they have forwarded.How do I come up with a figure for the period 2003/2005
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