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  1. Cheers for that, have never been much good at holding my breath though.
  2. Has anybody heard how the oft case is going have been trying to keep an eye out but seen or heard nothing?
  3. Bodmin County Court issued a stay will have to wait and see what happens with OFT case.
  4. Recieved yb defence today with Allocation Questionnaire been reading up on AQs but still quite confused. Once sent with draft order of directions the paper work to follow is that what would make up the court bundle? Any help on this would be great thank you.
  5. Just got word back from county court yb have aknowledged action and intend to submit defence.
  6. Hi all, been away so got a little bogged down but trying to get back on track sent all information with cheque to the court this morning so will wait and see what happens.
  7. No reply from yb LBA sent recorded delivery this morning now starting to worry a little what do i have to start getting ready for the court bundle? Cheers cookie.
  8. Request for repayment ready to go first thing tomorrow will wait to be told to go away.
  9. Recieved the rest of my bank statments today in two very large heavy envelopes hope it cost a packet to post. Must start doing some serious reading. Cookie.
  10. Cheers Zoot phoned Wendy Melvin yb code compliance officer she is going to look into it. I will not hold my breath.
  11. Recieved statments today from July 05 till present funny old world rest need to come from different part of bank.
  12. Recieved statements from July 05 till present today funnily enough the others have to come from different part of bank.
  13. Do i send all three copies of the N1A to the county court. cheers
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