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  1. hi all update: today (as per their time scale ) i have received a letter offering me £1305. This is without admissions of liability and says nothing of without predjudice. "this is with the cost and inconvenience inherent in a further dispute in mind and is intended as a gesture of goodwill, in full and final settlement of my complaint". If i accept then funds will be in my bank within 10 working days of receipt of acceptance . it goes on to say that if i am dissatisfied with their proposal i may refer it to the financial ombudsman service. Do you think it would be worth a call to see if they up the offer or would it be a waste of time?
  2. update.... received letter y-day in response to my letter dated 1/5/07 (prelim letter). stating they will respond by 28/6/07. no mention of my LBA dated 19/5/07! what i wish to know is if i give them until this date will it harm my claim by not playing to my timescales given to them in letters (can't afford court fee this month) or will it make no difference to the courts?
  3. hi just a quick update. sent LBA off recorded delivery on sat 19th may so they should have received it 2day. is there anything i should be doing to prepare for next stage or do i just wait for the 14 days to be up? thinking that they are not going to responed to my LBA i would like to be prepared in advance if possible. thanks all.
  4. standard reply. it's identical to the one they sent me just different name at bottom. mine was signed by andrew kerr. i sent mine on the 30th april recorded delivery so will be sending LBA off tomorrow. remember it's your money and your deadlines not theirs.
  5. hi all. just received barclays response to prelim, got the standard 'looking into it but can't be sure it will be within your timescale outlined in your letter. full report will be available in 8 weeks'. so now as the 14 days are up on the 16th i will be preparing my next stage of LBA to send on the 16th. by the way my letter was signed by andrew kerr (sure i've seen his name somewhere on this site!). so any suggestions will be greatly received. will keep posting updates as and when they happen. good luck to all.
  6. hi gizitbak didn't notice mistake in name anyway when did you send you prelim off? mines only been a week so at least another week 2 go. so you just received the standard fob off then? will post again when my letter comes through but expecting the same reply as you and evry1 else got.
  7. hi all sent my prelim letter by recorded delivery y-day asking for my money back (without interest at this stage) . so just got to sit and wait now for their reply (which i expect to be a miserly offer). is there anything i could be doing to prepare for future action at this stage? i have copies of spreadsheets and letters sent.
  8. so the first calculation of 2009.21 is correct then and not total + 8 % which is the lower one. thanx.
  9. hi all redone my spreadsheets to include a column stating reason (i.e paid referral). just printed my prelim letter requesting they repay all charges as i do not believe they reflect the true cost to barclays for my account going overdrawn. got one question for you all the 8% interest that you can add at a later date is that your total charge + 8% or is that 8% from the date each charge was placed? my claim is for 1740.00 and on the spreadsheets +interest it worked out to 2009.21. yet if it is total + 8% then it works out to1879.20. which way is the interest calculated?
  10. hi all. sorry but links to your spreadsheets weren't working for me. i have printed of a spreadsheet with 2 columns one charge value and the other date applied. is that correct or do i need to state paid refferal and unpaids out?
  11. hi all thanks 4 the info. i have now filled in the spreadsheets from moneyexpert.com (they work out interest automatically) copy and pasted both with and without interest schedules. so do i now send lba along with copy of schedule without interest? soz but bit of a novice although read loads on this site still need a bit of reassurance....still scary!
  12. hi i've used the spreadsheets from moneyexpert.com you just put in your charges and dates and interest is done automatically.
  13. hi i have 2day recieved my statements just 2 days short of 40 day deadline! i did e-mail them last week asking why they had not even acknowledged my request and got a reply saying " sorry to hear you have cause to complain" asked me to confrim name and said i would hear from them in 5 working days regarding complaint via post due to security. it mite b worth giving them a nudge it certainly worked for me. now for the tricky bit of adding up all those unlawful fee's!
  14. hi all. good news statements arrived in the post 2day . 2 days short of 40 day deadline! and just happen 2 be dated 18th april the day i e-mailed them 2 ask why they not replied to my request. done a quick scan and would like 2 no if i can claim "unpaids out" as there are 3 on my statements and not sure what they are.
  15. hi just a quick update.... still no response to my sar....not even an acknowledgement!!! so e-mailed with query as to my request and got reply stating 'sorry you have cause to complain and matter will be looked into'. didn't complain just query as to why i have had no response. one week to go to 40 day deadline and counting1
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