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  1. I will Till, getting back to my claims, do we send the same letters and stick to the same time scales?
  2. Hi Kenny, Thats good advice but cant I just tell the Information Commissioner about it and send the statements to the lady they belong to?
  3. I will, ive finally got some time off work this weekend so ill crack on with them:D do we still send the same letters and stick to the same time scales??
  4. Havnt started them yet, just havnt had time and I must admit all this court case stuff has put me off a bit. Little un is doing fine!!!
  5. Evening Till, how are you doing? Couldnt believe it when I saw what they had done and I bet its not the first time either!
  6. After having been paid out on the 24th July, I received a parcel through the post today containing all my statements that I had requested months ago and had already received, not only were there my bank statements but also 18 pages of somebody elses!!!! What do I do?? Do I send them to the lady that they belong to or should I notify the Halifax of their enormous c**k up????
  7. Ok will do, 2 prelims being sent tomorrow x
  8. Hi Till, Want to start two new claims, one for me against the Halifax again cos they took some charges off me after I filed my 1st claim with the court and the other claim is for my hubby with the BOS, is it still ok to do this? Not been on for a bit and got loads of catching up to do x
  9. Hi Miz, How are you? Enjoying your money I hope, isnt it great!!! Not been around much lately, short staffed at work so snowed under but I will keep popping in, dying to see WON next to overflows thread xx
  10. Hi Overflow, Was hoping to see WON next to your thread, not been on for a bit due to my win and then being snowed under at work. You'll get there and when you do, its WONDERFUL xx
  11. Sorry its a bit late Benny, but a big congratulations to you
  12. Hi Overflow, Sorry ive not been around much for the last couple of days, just caught up with your thread, I hope its not gonna be too long for you now, they sure do like dragging things out, but hopefully you will be in the money very soon xx
  13. Im off to get some Just remember we are all thinking about you and willing you on And we are all hoping for some fandabidozi news really soon xxx
  14. Thankyou to everybody for all your lovely comments, you really are a great bunch of people and I truly wouldnt have seen this through without all your support.
  15. Just caught up with your thread, chuffed youve got your papers back, feels good dosnt it?!
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