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  1. Hey sea-sidelady, So is it right that we can try and claim back the charges from june 2001 back the way to say june 1995 or even go back longer ?? we were with the Halifax fo 24 years plus. Oh by the way they have closed our accounts with the Halifax we can put money in as we owe then now ?? as I have already said ?? If there is any money there we can bring a passport etc to take the money out but under chances they will not give us any type of bank account ever ever ??? how sad but never mind, Its not the last they have heard from me >> So whats the next stage do I wait until the money is in the account as I will never see any of it do I hit them with another letter asking for these statements of charges from June 2001 back the way ?? Or do I wait. Kind regards, Andrew
  2. Hi Everyone, Well its all hit the Fan now, The Halifax states that the money will go into your old but its been closed ?? And now it looks like we owe more than they are giving in this goodwill gesture An old credit card has came up and we owe then money which belongs to the Halifax and it seems now that we owe then £ 300.00 to clear the card ?? all a waste of time well I suppose that its money that we never had so in one hand out in the other, Andrew:sad:
  3. Hey kennythecelt, Dusary, Moneyhelp, Thank you for all your kind and very helpfull words, its all scary things I hate banks and Building societies they all think they are better than us ?? Any way The Halifax Plc, Have made us a "GESTURE of GOODWILL" of "FULL and FINAL SETTLEMENT" offer ?? From :- 01 / 06 / 2001 to 01 / 06 / 2007 These dates are as they received the complanits letter Halifax States "that these dates are within the 6 year period !!" "£ 2,652.00" Goodwill gesture.paid into your account?? As you all told me that we will wait until payment is in the bank and then we will hit them for 6 years back from 01 / 06 / 2001 01 / 06 /1995 is that right or do we ask for a full list of bank charges?? Thank you to all I don`t feel like I / we have won Really ?? It feels like they have won yet again. Andrew:sad:
  4. Hi kennythecelt, The Halifax gave us a single sheet A4 paper what we thought was six years as we asked for ?? with 58 charges from 01 / 02 / 2000. up to 14 / 04 / 2007. We phoned the direct number what we given and the person said at the Halifax office, "you do know that you can nly go back six years??" We said yes we know that why ?? Halifax said " you can only go back to March 2001 ??" The thing is, that from 01 / 02 / 2000 to 01 / 02 / 2001 the total charges in that period is £ 1, 687.00 that we can not claim back ?? But the other thing is that we received the letter making the offer as a goodwill gesture of £ 1,326.00 has doubled over night ?? to £ 2,652.00 ?? We have reworked out the figures and its now a total of £ 2,932.00 that they owe us but I feel like a right idiot as we sent letter for the orignal figure of £ 4,619.00 as this is the figure the Halifax sent to us when we asked for the six years breakdown. We have to phone back tomorrow and speak to Rachel ?? about this offer? this is really hard what do you do eh!!, :confused: :confused:
  5. Hi Everyone, It looks like I got it wrong The Halifax sent us a single sheet of dates and figures with the dates from 01/ 01 / 2000 to 14 / 04 / 2007 it seems I have misscalculated the figure well that`s really so as they had a grand total with the amounts being with those dates and was £ 4,619.00? I never gave it a thought as I was just thinking that was six years of the money or charges they took Its I never worked it out seemingly it was just single sheet A4 paper with the dates above and what charges they took ?? So I am the Dum one now ??
  6. Hi Everyone, Whats the point any more as the Halifax are now saying we have Our figures wrong ??,its only £ 2,932.00 Here`s the Big But ?? the Halifax say we are over drawing on the said account that we had they want the £ 1.146.00 back ?? £ 2,932.00 £ 1,146.00- £ 1,786.00 total ?? The Halifax gave us seven years fee`s that they charge and I never noticed ?? so they are we are wrong,they might as well keep the lot. Andrew:(
  7. Hi Everyone, Well I sent of an email direct to the Halifax head office and rejecting thier offere of £ 1.326.00 yesterday and we just of the phone to the Halifax direct number and now they said we will double the offer ?? The Halifax is now offering us £ 2,652.00 ?? The Halifax took in six years £ 4, 619.00 ?? I dont think we are going to win:(
  8. Hi Everyone, Thank you all for your kind words of help it really helps me As I am really stuck with all this the two parts the Halifax Plc said is :- Halifax:-" Finally,I would like to explain what accepting my offer means to you, This offer is a goodwill gesture and is in full and final settlement of your complaint against The Halifax Plc". Halifax said " To accept this payment yo do not need to take any further action as payment will be credited to your account within the next 14 days". Would it be better using letter No 4 sorry wrong Number?? Re: Rejection of settlement offer, Sorry is it letter No 2 I all mixed up here really hard all this Many thanks for all your help. Andrew
  9. Hi everyone, Can I get some help please I just received a letter from the Halifax they state within the letter, Halifax said " As explained in our previous letter, When you opened your account, you agreed to our terms and conditions which explained that charges would be applied if you did not keep to the terms of the account. Furthermore, we apply these charges because when customers have insufficeint funds in their account to cover a payment they have asked us to make, This means iadditional work for us. As a result, we feel it is reasonable to charge for this service". :?: The Halifax went on to say :- "I have reviewed your account carefully, and I am satisfied that the charges were correctly applied. However, we value our relationship with you so I am pleased to tell you that on this occasion as a gesture of goodwill, I am arranging for a payment of £ 1,326.00 to be made to you. Please note this dos not mean that we believe we are under any legal obligation to do so". :?: What do we do now we have sent the last letter before taking legal action as we told the Halifax that if we did not receive the full repayment plus interest we would use MCOL so what do we do ?? They have made a gesture of goodwill of £ 1,326.00 The Halifax took £ 4,619.00 in six years ?? What do we do can any one help?? :confused: Andrew
  10. Hello, why is it we as Scots always get the bum deals as the Halifax is taking well you know what I am saying as the law here in Scotland states in the small claims court we can only claim up to £ 750.00 ?? the Halifax owes me £ 4.619.00 ?? so what do I do ?? :confused: as its well not fair your Bank accounts in England and we have to use Scottish Law to claim I just got a letter from the Halifax stating that the bank charges leived from my account was "just and fair" I don`t think so, So what do I do now ?? can anyone help please. Many thanks, itswasmethen:)
  11. Hello, Can anyone help me as we received a letter from the Halifax stating that the bank charges they lieved from our accounts were just and fair and they will not refund the £ 4,619.00 plus interest at 8% back to us the only letter we have to issue is court action But ? the MOCL dose`nt let you make the claim here in Scotland can anyone help is there a online claiming site for Scotland ?? Many thanks,
  12. Hello, I am a new member and I have just got the statements back from the Halifax it took them, as I sent the first letter with the fee of £10.00 pounds, and gave them the 40 day limit and it took the Halifax 55 days ?? The thing is do I ask for the interest on the 6 years or do I go for the money that they have been charged us
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